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In the 1930s, a pilot named Francisco Sarabia was flying over a zone of desert land in Mexico. He noticed his instruments started acting oddly when he passed over them. His radio equipment was failing and he felt confused and unable to think about what was happening. So he immediately took an emergency land in the middle and little did he know that it was the zone of silence Mexico which is considered one of the most mysterious places on earth. What is the zone of silence? And what is the mystery behind it? 

This place is filled with mysteries and myths, especially when a NASA rocket ship fell in the area. So let us discover them in this section. 

You might have heard about Bermuda Triangle. The mystery behind the Bermuda triangle is still unsolved. Many experts have failed to explain exactly the theory of Bermuda. Similarly, the zone of silence remains a mystery, where you will find some strange incidents happen. So it is called the Northern Mexicos Bermuda Triangle. 

What is the zone of Silence? 


Zone of Silence Mexico


It is in the area known as the Mapimi patch, which is 25 miles (40km) away from Ceballos, Mexico, and 400 miles (650km) to the south of El Paso, Texas. It is a closed basin sheltering ancient lagoons in the desert of Chihuahua in Northern Mexico. 

This is also known as la Zona del Silencio. According to urban myths, this piece of land is called a Zone of Silence because no radio signals or telecommunication signals can be received. 

This is the spot where compasses spin out of control and radion and satellite signals do not operate. This place is a desert with high deposits of Uranium and Magnetite deposits, along with many strange rocks and fossils. 

In 1966, they found the place comprised of dirt roads and shacks. It was barely on the map. The roads are still combined with dirt, dust, and mud. During the monsoon season, the ground turns to a slippery paste and dry arroyos are filled with torrential flood waters. After the sun drops below the horizon, the daytime temperature hits 120F and plummets to freezing. 

The Nopal cactus grow in abundance and in the zone edges they have typical green coloring. Then it changes to pink and purple as one travels deep into the region. The specimens of purple and pink are interspersed with green cactus plants. 

There is a tail-less Mapimi tortoise that is native to the area. The centipedes are foot-long with purple heads and tails. The albino reptiles and snakes are frequently sighted. 

What is the mystery behind the zone of silence? 

This zone is said to have a lot of paranormal activities. It is also believed to have experienced aliens, asteroids, and galactic stones. Meteorites that are older than our galaxy and solar system are said to be found. 

In the 1970s, a malfunctioning American missile was launched from the White Sands Missile Base in New Mexico. It was pulled into the area, where the zone has drawn attention to the location. 

Investigators from the United States Air Force were permitted by the Mexican government to investigate the incident. The zone is with local magnetic fields that generate a black zone, with no transmissions of any kind like satellite and radio signals, which are not able to enter the area. And this is why the zone of silence Mexico became a popular name. 

Research is being conducted in the Zone of silence and the Mexican government has built a research center to investigate the region’s unique ecology and wildlife. And it is believed by many theorists that there are several abnormalities to investigate. 

The strange happenings in the zone of silence Mexico

strange happenings of zone of silence

Harry de la Peña 

In 1964, an Engineer Harry de la Peña was sent by the State-owned company PEMEX to explore the desert in the region. He intended to figure out if it was possible to construct an oil pipeline running to Jiménez, Chihuahua, in the north of Mexico. 

But this is not the result as expected, as the main reason was that the radio abnormalities affected every signal radio in the tea, and it simply would not function as it does. Harry de la Peña was the first to give the name, the  Zone of silence. 

He found out the dead radio zones that could not be mapped as they seem to wander all over the place. This phenomenon was unexplainable. They were not able to communicate via walkie-talkies. Tv signals were not able to be received even today in Ceballos or the neighboring ranches, and so they believed that there is a magnetic force that overpowers the radio waves. 

Ernesto and Josefina Diaz

On October 13th, 1975 both Ernesto and Josefina Diaz went to the Zone of Silence Mexico to collect strange rocks and fossils. But after a few minutes, they noticed a thunderstorm heading their way. So in fear, they packed up and dove away as fast as they could. But unfortunately, the vehicle got stuck in the slushy desert sands and they failed to escape the thunderstorm and were caught up in the storm as they were not able to get their vehicle out of the mud. 

Suddenly from nowhere, they found two men tall and well-built wearing identical bright yellow caps and raincoats who approached them and pushed their vehicle out. Ernesto and Josefina Diaz got down to thank them for their help, but they were nowhere to be found and were like they disappeared into the thin air. 

The strange object

strange object

On the evening of September 1976, the people living in Ceballos were surprised to see a large object hovering in the mid-air. They were shocked to find a light surrounding the object and along with that, they heard a deep humming sound from the object.

In 1976, a person who was visiting the Zone of Silence took a photo of a UFO landing near the magnetic hill. The photo consists of a shiny silver object hovering in the air. The person was able to take more pictures when the object was rising to the sky. 

The zone of silence is known as the patch of desert where meteorites come crashing down on an eerily regular basis. In 1938 and 1954, they found meteorites miraculously falling in the same spot. In 1969, one man Benjamin Palacious who use to live on the edge of the Mapimi silent zone, woke up at night to find the sky bright, just like the daytime. He found the light miles away and it was accompanied by a tremendous noise. 

It was so loud that the windows were breaking in the nearby houses and the meteorite exploded into thousands of pieces and it creating one of the biggest strewn fields known. 

Ruben Lopez

This man was driving to visit a relative of his who stayed in Ceballos through the zone of silence. While he was driving, he noticed that his engine began to get obstructed. Suddenly he saw five small figures standing along the roadside some distance away. 

He found them wearing silver suits and helmets. They approached his van of Lopez, and then he switched his engine to neutral. As soon as he switched his engine, he found the strange figures to disappear into the desert. And the engine started to function properly and he was able to drive his vehicle. 

On July 11, 1970, the US launched an ATHENA rocket from the Air Force base in Green River, Utah. The intention was to collect data on how vehicles behaved when they reentered the upper atmosphere. The rocket was launched and was supposed to land somewhere in the area of White Sands in New Mexico. Instead, it went off course as it was being pulled by some external force, and the rocket crashed right into the heart of the Zone of Silence.

The US authorities asked for permission from the Mexican government to grant access to the site to retrieve the rocket debris, and after they were allowed, the search party carried out their process and found that something was tampering with all the communications. So they found it incredibly difficult to coordinate the work. 

Some theorists even supposed a so-called dark zone for modern technologies has somehow been created by the strong magnetic fields in the area. 

What explanation is has given for the zone of silence? 

Scientists worldwide visit this zone to explore the strange happenings of this area, hoping to find a solution to this mystery.

So far the most reasonable conclusion they have drawn is the influence of minerals that are deposited deep underground. Some scientists claimed that there are high levels of magnetite and uranium in the area and these are what are responsible for the lack of radio signals. 

The zone of silence is found to be covered with debris from the fallen meteorites and they are usually rich in iron and other metals. It is believed that these are the reasons for the zone’s signal anomalies. 

But it is disagreed by some experts that the Zone of Silence Mexico attracts more meteorites than any other place on earth. The experts also state that there is not enough evidence to prove that something paranormal or unusual is happening there in the place, as they believe that all the rumors about the abnormal nature of the area are said to be exaggerated and ridiculous. 

But the true fact is that it cannot be denied that the cases reported of radio communication loss and weird signal tampering.  

The phenomenon in the zone of silence has another rational explanation. The zone is surrounded by a mountain range that can easily cause interference. Experts say that the mysterious friendly people strolling through the desert are nothing by urban legend created to make curiosity and develop local tourism. 

flora zone of silence

The zone is nothing short of marvelous because the environment of the area is genuinely unique, with its different kinds of flora and fauna species. There are about 31 kinds of plants that only grow in this region and cannot be found anywhere else, as well as 75 species of protected animals, including the desert tortoise, which has a vulnerable status in the present day. The place is swarming with fossils, which can shed light on the history of the region.

Related to aliens 

When finding such types of mysterious places, that cannot be explained, there will always emerge some conspiracy theories. Aliens are unexplainable, and so the conspiracy theories related to the Zone of Silence are also related to alien activities. People who have visited and the ones who have got lost have been reported to have found large, blonde, human-looking creatures. 

They have reported that those figures ask for water and when they are asked about where they come from, the answer would be ‘above’. Once they try to interact with the figures, they disappear into the thin air without so much as a footprint.

The local people living in the area, call the people who go to the zone to find the aliens “silencios” and “zoneros”. Some people who were driving in the car stopped a local on the road and asked him where to find the zone of silence. He responded to drive ahead and look for a place where Martians would jump from one side of a road to another. They thanked him and continued on their way. 

The best time to visit the Mapimi silent zone is between the months of November and May. This would be a dry season in the area, and you will surely get that desert experience. A lot of people have tried to visit to find out about aliens and paranormal experiences in the zone. So many people are interested to explore the area and as a result, different tourist opportunities have cropped up over the year. The rumors about the area have made people have curiosity and interest to explore the area and find out the truth, and they’ve tried to maximize the opportunities.

If you visit there you have to deal with a lack of communication and it will make most of the construction tasks impossible. Recently the name of this zone has been changed to Mars de Tetys (Sea of Tetys) because it is believed that it was located under the bottom of the ocean millions of years ago.

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