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37 murders by a single person, held more than 50 years ago. The zodiac killer. Young couples were killed during the years 1968 to 1969 which terrified the whole country making people scared to step out.  Even after 50 years, it is still the talk of the town, because the mystery is still unsolved. Is he dead or still alive? There are chances for him to stay alive but still, it is a mystery. The reason for his murders? Still unknown. What did really happen? What happened to the victims? Let’s see them today in our mystery Friday. 

The beginning of Zodiac killer

In a remote area north of San Francisco, a teenage couple was shot to death near the car. After a year, another couple was attacked but the male victim Mike who was 19 years old survived. After the second attack, the police received a call from the killer, alerting them about the 2nd murder that happened in 1969, and said that he is also responsible for the murder that took place in 1968.  When investigating, Michael, said about the specific features of the killer.

Letters from the killer

After the incident, in August, the bay area newspapers received 3 identical newspapers and then they printed the letters on the first page of the newspaper. The killer had given a code and it was mentioned that if the code is cracked then his identity can be found. And after some days, a couple in Salinas, California decoded it and found the puzzle. And they found the code said that he loves to kill people and it is fun. 

Zodiac killer

Later San Francisco Chronicle received a letter with a new puzzle that contained 340 characters. Professional cryptographers were made to find the puzzle and cracked the codes, and it said that the slaves’ afterlife and that the killer is not afraid of death because he has enough slaves to work. The killers taunting letters to the police and newspapers included a sign or symbol that resembled crosshairs of gunsight and the phrases began as “this is Zodiac speaking”. And it seems that the killer enjoys publicity and ensures to keep his messages are shared widely. 

The identification of Zodiac Killer

A month later, a couple called Cecilia and Bryan went on a trip to Lake Berryessa. And there when they were enjoying themselves together, they noticed a man watching them behind a tree, and then the man started coming towards the couple, fully covered with a cross-line symbol on him, holding a gun, knife and rope. He tied them with a rope and stabbed them. Cecilia died but Bryan survived. When he was inquired about the killer, the identification said by him, matched the identifications of what the victim Mike said. 

A taxi driver called Paul Stein was killed by the Zodiac killer and a portion of his shirt was taken away. And this murder was seen by some witnesses in that place. They said that the man looked white around 25 to 30 years old with a crew cut and glasses. When investigating the murder on the scene, a man appeared in front of the police matching the descriptions of the killer, but as they received the wrong information that the killer was a black person, the man was allowed to go. 

Is Zodiac killer still alive? 

Door of Bryan Hartnells car

And later the Zodiac killer sent a letter with the attached bloodstain shirt portion to the police saying that he was the one who killed the taxi driver. The police managed to get a sketch of the man with the help of the witnesses and the police officers who saw the killer. But they were not able to find the killer, because of the mismatching of DNA, handwriting, and features. 

The zodiac killer was responsible for 37 deaths, but after 1974, no zodiac victims were found and it was suspected whether the killer stopped killing.  There were so many assumptions on why the killer stopped murdering. They reported that maybe he took a safe path, after the murder of the taxi driver, and some claimed that his desire of killing came to an end. 

Over 2500 suspects were inquired, but no definite evidence was obtained. And so the killer was never found. Although presently, technology has advanced to have definite identification of DNA, the evidence was mishandled in the years of 1969 and 1970s. So it is still a mystery whether he is dead or still alive.

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