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year 2050

From the beginning, we are facing changes in our lives. Transformations have happened from living a life hunting in forests with no shelters to becoming well-developed human beings living with technologies. In the 1990s, people who lived with fewer communication facilities would have never thought that they might be using smartphones or would log in to Facebook or Twitter or search in Google to find out what is happening around the world, and communicate easily with long-distance friends.  So much has changed but have you ever thought about what will the world look like in 2050? 

Many have predicted the future with the wars and advanced technology. And there are also some pretending to be time travelers from the future. Apart from them, what will happen in the future? 

The world in the year 2050

Wars will decrease

A number of wars have taken place in the past and present but the countries involved in internal armed conflicts will be reduced by 50%. Because in the past there was no communication between countries but in the present, countries have started to communicate and negotiate. Education plays a major role in the declination of wars and it is expensive to do war. 

Underground tunnel roads

The best transportation is through roads. And so in the future, it is expected to transform the roads into underground tunnels to reduce the traffic congestion in major cities. The tunnel will allow the roads with underground trolley systems to lower vehicles underground and transport them at high speeds. This is an idea of Elon Musk the Tesla founder. 

Underground tunnel roads

There is also a chance of creating air taxis in-flight enabling people to travel from one bustling urban city to another. The idea is to travel between two nearby cities and will take up to 30 minutes compared to driving it in a couple of hours. And some experts believe that air taxis will be a reality in 5 years or less. 

Artificial sun 

Night and day have always been a natural part of our life. We work at day and rest at night. We use electric lights and lamps to produce visible lights from electric power forming artificial lighting for buildings, exterior light for evening and nighttime activities. But instead of electric life, in 2050 it is expected to have the artificial sun to duplicate the process of nuclear fusion which is similar to the power of the sun.

China is already working on it and it is said that the fusion is safer with no nuclear fusion while providing clean energy. So the world in 2050, is expected to have the artificial sun at night producing light for the whole place to look like day time. 

House robots

House robots

In the past, we never thought machines would perform our domestic works but presently machines are becoming a part of our lives, and they are slowly taking the place of humans. And now house robots are predicted to hit stores around the world within 10 to 20 years. Instead of using workers at home, people will use robots to do their household work. 90% of common household tasks are estimated to be done by robots. They will help in folding laundry, moving furniture, dusting, cleaning dishes, changing bed sheets, and various other household works. 

Internet everywhere

Internet will be everywhere and by 2050, it is expected to be accessed by 90%. Network coverage will increase and wireless networks will act as the primary access point of most devices. Currently, there are about 40% of the globe has internet access with 78% of users in developed countries and 32% in developing countries, which is 2.85 billion people. But by 2050, more than 8 billion people go online which is 97.5% of the population then. 

Drone delivery

Automated drone deliveries for faster deliveries and lower costs. They are small, light, more powerful, and fast to charge. They carry small parcels over a relatively short distance from a delivery truck or a local distribution center. Many are automatic, using GPS, satellites, and internal sensors to deliver parcels to a designated location. Amazon, Alibaba, Google, and UPS are some companies that are developing drones and in the future, it is possible to completely make it in use. 

Gaming in 2050

Gaming in 2050

Video games are rising steadily in popularity for years and this trend is accelerating and gaming is now a bigger industry. Virtual Reality devices are already on the market and by 2050, it is expected to see a gaming world almost completely dominated by VR technology where you’ll find reimagined in VR format.

In the future, we would more likely visit specialized gaming hubs and you will be familiar with steam with an online platform by which you can buy and play games, connect with other gamers and watch videos on community and social channels. 

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