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 Watts family murder

The watts family murder is really a sad thing to hear, where the happy family including the pregnant mother and two children were murdered mysteriously.

33 years old Chris Watt and his wife Shan’ann me through social media and got married on November 3rd, 201 in Charlotte, North Carolina. Chris was working as an operator at Anadarko Petroleum and Shan’ann was working for a nutrition supplement company Le-Vel, and goes out for frequent business travel. They got their first child, a daughter named Bella Marie Watts in Colorado and they gave birth to their 2nd daughter in 2015.

Shan’ann was a happy mother and a wife and she was grateful for her happy family and used to update their life events on Facebook from time to time. In 2018, she surprised Chris with news of her pregnancy. They were really happy with life and Shan’ann felt proud to have Chris in her life. But summer 2018, would have been the joyous days for the Watt family and their happiness came to an end after the brutal murders of Shan’ann and her two daughters.

Mystery of Watts family murder

What really happens to Watts family?

On August 13, 2018, Shan’ann had a doctor’s appointment as she was pregnant. But she failed to show up on that day. She was reported to be missing at around 1.40 pm, by her friend Atkinson. The friend called the police to do a welfare check and found that the keys, phone, and the purse Shan’ann were in the house. And when Chris was inquired about her disappearance, he said that his wife was saying that she wanted to go to a friend’s house with the kids and he added that he left for work early in the morning after an emotional conversation with Shan’ann.

On August 14, still, the members of Watt’s family were missing and so he gave an interview and pleaded for his family to return home saying that he misses them and wanted someone to bring them back. The search of the missing mother and daughter was conducted by the Police department and the FBI too joined them. The next day after the interview, Chris went through a polygraph test and failed it. So that he was accused and got arrested.

He admitted that he killed his wife and claimed the reason for the murder that Shan’onn smothering of the daughters.

On August 16, there were 3 dead bodies found at the worksite of Chris and they were identified to be the bodies of Shan’ann and the daughters. Chris claimed that he was not responsible for the death of the daughters and the only thing he did was to dump their dead bodies into the oil tanks and buried his wife nearby.

Who is the real killer?

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In the month of July, Chris had a meeting with one of his co-workers Nichol Kessinger out of his office and after 4 to 5 times of meetings, he got engaged in a physical relationship with her. He lied to her that he got divorced. According to the reports and the phone call recordings it was found that while his wife and daughters were out of town in North Carolina, Kessinger goes to Chris’s house, and also they had been going out for many dates.

When Chris joined his family in North Carolina, there were troubles between the couple and Shan’ann was not on good terms with Chris’ parents. On August 9, Shan’ann texted her friend, Atkinson, about her troubles and said that they had their best talk yet. She also said that she is going on a trip.

While Shan’ann was on the trip, Chris got a babysitter and goes out with Kessinger. And then after the trip, Shan’ann returned from the trip at 1.48 am. In the morning Chris woke her up getting ready to go for work and said that he wants to talk about the marriage and future. He said her about his affair and that their marriage won’t last. And so Shan’ann said that she won’t allow him to see his kids again. And this made him strangle her to death.

He wrapped her in a blanket and carried her to the truck and put the two children in the backseat and drove to his worksite. He smothered Celeste and Bella in the backseat and put her body in the oil tank.

Chris was sentenced to life imprisonment for killing the kids and the pregnant wife. This was considered a most inhumane and vicious crime. He was given five life sentences without the possibility of parole for the murder with 48 years of unlawful termination of Shan’ann’s pregnancy and 36 years for disposing of the bodies of family.

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