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There are many paintings that involve some mystery in them, whereas even the painting Monalisa consists of some mysteries that are still not solved. Apart from these paintings, The painting The Last Supper is considered to be the most mysterious painting that has so many hidden and secret messages. This is one of the famous artworks by Leonardo Da Vinci and it was done during the period between 1495 to 1498. This was drawn as a visual interpretation of an event where one of the followers of Jesus will betray him. But apart from this why is The Last Supper painting so mysterious? Continue reading to know the hidden mystery of the Last supper.

The Last Supper

This painting depicts an event before Christ was betrayed by one of his followers. He gathered them all to eat and while they ate, he gave instructions to them on how to eat and drink in remembrance of him. More specifically, Leonardo wants to capture the instant when Jesus reveals that he will be betrayed by one of his followers and the members in the painting seem to be in completer reactions of shock and rage.

Originally, it is a painting of 15 feet by 29 feet located permanently in the convent in Milan, Italy. Leonardo painted it directly on the dining wall of the convent of Santa Maria Delle Grazie. He rejected the traditional techniques of painting it as a fresco instead he invented his own technique using Tempera Paints on stone,  priming the wall with material to accept the temper and protect the paint against moisture.

Hidden secrets in The Last Supper

Is it John or Mary Magdalene?

In the painting, some biblical scholars say that the person who is at the right hand of Jesus is John. but there is another perspective where many art and biblical scholars say that it is a woman sitting and it is most likely to be Mary Magdalene, the only person wearing a pendant or necklace. The woman is sitting at the right side which is a preferred and honored place. It is believed that the medieval Christian leaders made a conscious effort to call the figure John. 

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The appearance has made many people depict that it was not john, but Mary Magdalene. But still, there are reasons to say that it is not Mary Magdalene because she wasn’t there at the last supper. Although she was present at the event, she was not listed among the people at the table, and according to the biblical accounts, she had a minor supporting role. 

There was a controversy on Leonardo to be gay or not. Even if he wasn’t through his paintings we could see his devoted attention to male anatomy and beautiful males more than he did to female anatomy and females. But on the other hand, it is believed that The last supper is key evidence covering up the true identity of christ by the Roman Catholic church. But it is still a mystery what it is actually. 

Who was Judas? 

The bible offers a few details about the background of Judas that he is one among the 12 closest disciples of Jesus, and he is the only one whom the bible identifies by the town of his origin. His surname is Iscariot which is linked by some scholars to Queriot a town located south of Jerusalem in Judea. He is one with dark skin and a crooked nose and is said to be an outsider.

But it is not sure whether Judas was from the south or was a Sicarii, but it was always doubt on why he tried to betray Jesus. In the painting, he is seen with a bag of money placed in front of him and it is believed that he was paid thirty pieces of silver to betray Jesus. Instead of wine, Judas is drinking milk, so this depicts that if Judas had been drinking wine, which Jesus indicates is his blood he would have been forgiven, but Leonardo reflects Judas as an outsider and unforgiven.

There is a secret number 

In the cultures of the Middle East, they use a bowl that contains sauce, and everyone dips their bread into it in their turn. It is believed that Jesus said that the one who dips his hand into the bowl would be the betrayer. To do this, different sitting arrangements are needed like being in a circle with a dipping pot in the center.  But Leonardo has interpreted the arrangement of sitting in the wrong way, which may be done with an intention to give a clear clue. 

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They wait to dip until they get their turn, but when one dips their bread when there is already someone dipping, it is considered to be a disrespectful act. According to the bible, Judas shows these signs where he lacks table manners and spills salt that brings bad luck. Other than that, the grouping of apostles is to be 3,3,1,3,3. And this can be a clue. 

Music revealed in the painting

An Italian musician uncovered musical notes encoded in the last supper doubting it to be the true hidden message. He took the elements that have symbolic value in the painting and interpreted them as musical clues. He revealed it to be the rhythm of composing and duration of each note. 

The man with the knife

The man holding the knife is said to be peter. He is a disciple in purple leaning over to talk to Mary/john. But why is he holding a knife in his hand? Historically, peter would have had it in a later scene when the guard comes to take Jesus away. So Peter wanted to defend Jesus using the knife. 


Última Cena Juan de Juanes

Before Leonardo da Vinci’s version of the painting The Last Supper, there are versions that showed Jesus and his followers with halos that portray them as saints. But Leonardo’s version doesn’t have a halo around his head, indicating that disciples were common people and Jesus was a mortal. A Milan-based inventor and expert, Mario Taddei say that Leonardo has omitted the Halos to convey a message. According to him, the people shown are not saints but simple men. He wanted us to tell that they are common men and so there are no supernatural or any extraterrestrial objects inside. 

Leonardo was a professional. He believes in experimenting, questioning, and searching to represent the real world in his paintings. But as it was difficult for him to draw something which he doesn’t believe, he would have neglected to draw those halos over those saints.

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