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We find many mystery cases that remain unsolved, while on the other hand, there are solved mysteries with many twists and turns. When a murder is solved, it brings a resolution. We might have waited with answers that we doubt, but it would end up being something that we never expected. 

According to the United states department of justice, there are about 250,000 unsolved murders and it is increasing by 6,000 unsolved homicides. 

So let us see such solved mysteries that gave unexpected answers. 

Solved mysteries with twists 

Fawn Cox mystery 

Fawn Cox was a sixteen-year-old girl and a junior at Northeast High School and work as a cashier at Worlds of Fun in Kansas City. 

On July 26th, 1989, Fawn Cox, came home late after finishing work. She used to work until 11 p.m. And so it was not unusual for the family to not hear from her,  as she uses to go directly to bed. 

So similarly, on that day, the family thought that she would have come home and gone to bed.  But the next morning, Felisa, the little sister of Fawn heard the alarm going off in her room, and noticed that Fawn is not waking up to turn it off. 

Felisa went to wake up her sister and shake her awake, but fawn did not.  Her mother came into the room and thought that Fawn was sleeping. And they found that she was dead. 

fawn cox solved mysteries

Then they informed the police, and they came to check. They found that Fawn was assaulted and then strangled and was then left in the bedroom for her family to be found.  The family noted that they did not hear anything because the air conditioners were on and they were loud.  But they remembered the dog barking that night, but they thought that was because the animal was pregnant. 

Police were sure that the attack was targeted and the murderer knew Fawn well because they knew the exact window and were able to remain undetected.  They collected DNA evidence from the scene but the lack of technology made it hard for her to find the killer. 

Initially three teenagers a suspected to be responsible for the death of Fawn Cox.  But that was not enough evidence at that time.  One of the teens spent eight months in jail,  but as the case fell apart, all three of them were released. 

A huge billboard with the face of Fawn was put up along with a $10,000 reward for any tips that would lead to the arrest.  Even the police department felt disturbed. 

For 31 years the killer of Fawn was never found but the family never gave up,  because her death of her haunted them for decades.  The family was sure that one day, the killer would be found.  They hosted fundraisers to gain support for the case and receive advanced DNA testing. 

Finally, it became one of the solved mysteries in 2020 through the partnership of the FBI and Kansas City Police. The DNA test was too expensive for the police department and it was the FBI who paid for it. 

The answers came out, and the family discovered it to be completely unexpected and it shook them to the core.  The test reveals that the killer was Fawn’s own cousin, Donald Cox Jr. He died from an overdose in 2006. 

At first, the police did not want to release the name as he was no more, and cannot be charged.  But the family came to the public with the news.  They spoke openly about it and the painful feeling. And they said that it is a relief that there is closure. 

Mark and John 

On June 29th, 2003 two boys 14-year-old John and 16-year-old Mark walked together through an alleyway called Goose Green in the small town of Altrincham, England.  But these two names are not true as false identity was given to them to keep their true identities secret. 

When they were passing, John was attacked by stabbing in the stomach and in the chest. 20 minutes after the incident, Mark called for an ambulance saying that a Madman attacked his friend.  He described the attacker to be in his early 20s dressed in a black hoodie, and black jeans. 

John was rushed to the Wythenshawe Hospital and he had to give his gallbladder removed after one of the stab wounds had pierced both his kidney and the liver. 

Mark and John  case

While he was being operated on, he died on two occasions,  as the blood was built up in the chest and it resulted in it hard for him to breathe. But, however, survived the attack. The area was with a low crime rate and it was quiet and peaceful.

But the case was too shocking when police realized that Mark had been lying about the attacker. 

The area where he said the stabber ran off ended in a 40-foot drop. They reviewed a closed-circuit camera but never found any evidence. It was Mark who was arrested but the attempted murder. The police received multiple stories, John said that it was Mark who stabbed him.

He said that he was kneeling on his stomach and said ‘trust me,  by holding a knife to his stomach.  And so Mark was arrested.  

The case did not end. Four months after the stabbing,  John was also arrested and charged with murder.  Months before the attack,  John spent hours on chat forums creating different identities and building captivating stories.

It was through these characters he has spoken to Mark.  He did not have any idea that all the different people he spoke to were the same person and it was John.  He was using different names and emails to speak. He had initially befriended mark through his first fake character Rachel,  who claimed that the real John was her brother. 

Mark developed a crush on the girl and with her urging,  Mark became friends with her brother in real life.  With six chatroom characters, John built a shocking world where Mark was dating Rachel. There were kidnappers,  secret agents, and murderers. And Mark was a part of it.

Mark believed it and was surrounded by a world that was part real and part fiction.  John made sure to mention the real people in Mark’s life. He believed all the lies of John and he communicated with fake characters of John so much. And the police had to go over 133 gigabytes of data. 

58000 lines of texts were taken as evidence.  John worked tirelessly.  He nurtured up the world from 4 p.m. To 7 in the morning. It was through John’s fake character of a British agent named Janet Dobinson that he convinced mark to kill him. 

This character told Mark that everyone around him was a possible secret agent who worked for the British government and that he was being selected to join their ranks.  Mark was said to prove himself worthy.  The best way to do this was to kill John because he was dying from a  terminal brain tumor and the British secret service needed him to be dead earlier because he was worth  568 billion pounds which he kept in a huge, safe place that contained the world’s wealthiest jewels. 

Mark was quickly convinced and stabbed John.  The reality was believed to be that John was an isolated and depressed teen who wanted attention.  He felt trapped by the internet.  Some concluded that John chose to plan his own murder to take his own life by Mark.  While others see him as a Wicked and Evil manipulating another person here is one more bizarre aspect.

chat forums in mark and john case

Over the chats, Mark seemed to be convinced by the secret agent, Janet that Mark would be released for killing John. He never once asked for her nor told anyone about the government conspiracy that had convinced him to kill his friend. 

Even though he should’ve believed it would free him. When he confessed to the stabbing he told that he heard voices telling him to do it. And this showed how much of the fantasy that John created did Mark actually believe.

Even John thinks that Mark knew the characters weren’t real. This brings us to a conclusion, that both wanted to end the lies between them and Mark was willing to kill John to make it stop. Both the boys pleaded guilty to their charges.

And so this became one of the solved mysteries to find out that John is likely one of the first people in the world to be convicted of inciting their own murder.

Carla Jan Walker

The shocking death of Carla Jan Walker was left unsolved for 46 years.  It was on February 16th, 1974 the tragic incident took place. Carla Walker, the 17-year-old girl was a  popular cheerleader. She was getting ready for the Valentine’s Day dance at the high school in Fort Worth, Texas.

Her family was excited to see her off with her date, her boyfriend Rodney who was a year older than Carla. He was the football team’s quarterback, and the two of them made the perfect high school couple. 

The dance was supervised and the couple reportedly managed to sneak a few sips from a flask and each smoked what was to be a small amount of pot. They left the dance early to get food with their friends. And later they left him for some alone time and went to the well-known Hangout for local teens. 

Instead of going inside, they sat in the back of their vehicle in the mostly empty parking lot. They were talking and laughing in the backseat before they started kissing. The angle at which Carla was sitting made her back against the car door.  As they were occupied with each other,  they did not notice a stranger approaching them.

They did not lock the Car doors,  and when the stranger pulled the door,  it opened easily and she tumbled outside onto the ground. Rodney tried to grab her, but the stranger pulled out the gun and pointed it at Rodney threatening to kill him. 

Carla screamed, and Rodney heard the gunfire and got panic.  He realized the gun wasn’t loaded and before he had time to think further he was struck in the head repeatedly and knocked unconscious.  When he woke up he was still in the car but Carla was missing. The last thing that he remembered was Carla shouting “go get my dad”. 

Rodney rushed to Carla’s house covered in blood and told her parents what happened.  They called the police and her father went back to the bowling alley.  The police met him there and found a magazine for a 22 caliber Ruger pistol.

They used horse packs and helicopters to find out about her.  And Rodney describes the man to be a Caucasian and slender, clean-cut with short wavy hair.  He was been wearing a shiny green sleeveless vest and white cowboy hat. 

Carla Jan Walker case

At first, the police suspected Rodney. After three days of searching, her body was found in a ditch near Lake Benbrook.  Through her autopsy,  they found that she had died 24 to  36 hours after she was taken.  It was revealed that she had been injected with morphine.  And the death was believed to be caused by strangulation. 

The police visited the case of Carla and found leads but they did not result in finding the Killer. But they were sure that one day the case would be solved as they have collected DNA evidence from the body of Carla and her clothing. 

Technology was a problem to sequence DNA samples accurately in the 1970s.  The case became interested in 2019 when a letter related to the death was discovered and shared on social media.  The DNA found on Carla’s clothing was sent to Othram  Incorporated.  They created a full DNA profile of the suspect. It came up with a narrowed search to three brothers with the last name McCurley. 

On July 7th, 2020, investigators took the bin from outside 77-year-old Glenn Samuel McCurley’s house.  Items from the bin were examined and the DNA was collected.  On September 4th, 2020,  the DNA matched McCurley and Carla.

A few days later, the police approached McCurley and spoke to him and his wife. He told them the exact same story and said that he hadn’t killed anyone and he never knew Carla Walker.  He was finally arrested and charged with capital murder.

The case took a dramatic turn when McCurley spoke from prison.  He said that he had saved her. He said that he had been heavily drinking the night he randomly came across Carla and her boyfriend in the parking lot of the Bowling Alley.  He said that the boyfriend was hitting on her.  He pulled Carla to his car where they talked until she calm down.

And she thanked him for getting her boyfriend off. The case did not have a clear conclusion at first, but then his life sentence begin. 

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