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Some of the most chilling and outrageous of all strange phenomena are “Shadow people”. 

In the middle of the night, when you are sound asleep, suddenly you open your eyes. You look around your room. Nothing. And then see a shadow in the corner. It was something that was not there before. Although you can’t quite make it out, it looks human. 

It is so dark that you can’t tell what it is exactly. Is it just a weird shadow or is your brain playing tricks on you?

You then close your eyes and you know when you open them it will be gone. Then when you open your eyes and find it gone, but no. It looks like staring right at you. You are so scared but you can’t scream. Your heartbeat increases, and then at the time you hit the switch on the lamp and see…

It is your coat rack. 

terrifying mystery of shadow people

In the dark, it does look like a person. Or maybe your eyes saw just lights reflecting in from the street outside.

This isn’t happening only for you, but for many people around the world. Sightings of them continue to be reported around the world and appear to be increasing. But the fact is that no one appears to know exactly what they are, why they appear, and where they come from. 

Who or what are shadow people? 

If you get on the internet to find out who are the shadow people and click through the results you will learn that you are definitely not alone. A lot of people report seeing these things and the reports are not new either.  People have been talking about Shadow People for hundreds of years these mysterious creatures appear in countless religions, legends, and belief systems. 

One of the strangest elements of shadow people is how closely one person’s description matches that of others. They are almost all the same.

There are a lot of different theories and people having scared of them for a very long time.

Not many mainstream media outlets have talked about them or the possibility that they are real. They usually dismiss it as urban legends.  The shadow people came into the mainstream in 2001 on the conspiracy theory-centered radio show Coast to Coast AM. They decided to spice up the show by inviting listeners to submit their own Shadow People experiences. 

They were shocked when they found hundreds of people’s writings and drawings of the  Supernatural Shadows that had supposedly encountered in their lives. 

shadow people in the dark

A paranormal investigator Heidi Hollis published her first book on Shadow People. when people were saying that they were neutral entities, she went further and argued that they were hostile alien entities that were stalking us.  She also claimed that they could flicker in and out of peripheral vision,  getting close enough to jump on people’s chests and choke them. 

Some people say that they feel strong hostile energy and believed that they could be angry spirits from Beyond the Grave while others think that they may be psychic remnants of inhabitants from another Dimension. 

The internet is full of stories of people recounting experiences with shadow people and a paranormal investigator Chad Stambaugh claims to have captured video footage of shadow people but it was blurry and inconclusive. 

Real-life Stories based on Shadow people 

Dark faceless figure

There was a story shared by a person about shadow people. After a poor night of sleep, the person laid down midday to take a nap. Then he recalls a strange feeling in his head and thought that it might be a side effect of sleep deprivation.

From the corner of the room, he heard South Park as if there was a television sitting right beside their bed, although there isn’t. In the chorus, a ringing and high-pitched whooshing sound joined. He tried hard to lift his arms or head but could not. He heard a knock at the window. Behind the glass, there was a dark, faceless figure. A second figure of identical stature entered through the bedroom door and sat at the edge of the bed.

The shadow person said “I would be afraid too. This is what nightmares are made from.” The person was sure that it was a dream but it seemed inescapable. The room faded in and out, then the user woke. 

Study conducted at the Camden college

A sleep study GR16 was supposedly conducted in 1971 at Camden College. It was a brief clip that claims to be from the study and shows a group of people who said they were haunted by shadow people in their dreams.

The experiment intended to track their brain patterns. But something went horribly wrong and the shadow people killed the subjects. But no records of this study exist. The more you look into the Shadow people the more you will be left with questions and no answers.

Toddling small child figure

Shadow people in woods

A girl in the 6th grade attended a barbeque at a local park. After a day of playing with their classmates, it was time to head home. The girl and the other older kids were asked to collect the younger kids and get them ready to leave. The park was not that big, so finding all the kids proved easy. 

But then, things took a turn toward the paranormal. Halfway across the park, they saw a dark figure of what appeared to be a toddling small child. They thought that it was one of the kids they were looking for, and the user and their friend ran after the shadow, yelling at it to stop. 

When the figure reached the edge of the park, it turned white, dropped to all fours, ran up the tree like a cat, and leaped over the wall. 

The girl and her friend ran away terrified, unsure of exactly what they saw.

Man on the wall

A girl and her sister at a very young age were playing at their grandparents’ house. They were walking their dolls across the hallway into one of the bedrooms and back. When it was her sister’s turn, she walked through the hallway, entered the bedroom, and suddenly remembered her starting to scream and cry. 

Their grandmother also heard her and both of them rushed to her to see what had happened. Her sister entered the room and saw the shadow of a man on the wall. At first, she thought it was their grandfather but then she saw that he was sleeping in the room next door, and there was no other male in the house.

Maybe it was because she was young at the time and simply it was her imagination. But even at the age of 21 is still adamant about what she saw and still fears being in a dark room alone. Even the girl felt there was something strange about her grandparents’ house and she would get the creeps whenever she walk down that hallway. 

Several months after her sister saw the figure, both of her grandparents died and it was not sure if the shadow was an omen of their death or merely a coincidence. 

The mystery behind the shadow people 

Shadow people are exactly what their name describes. It is a human-shaped shadow people often see. It is usually seen by them from the corner of their eye for a brief second. They then disappear again as quickly as they were noticed.

They are often seen for a period of several days or weeks before incidents usually begin to escalate. This sometimes results in the shadow person rushing toward them before disappearing at the last moment. In extreme cases, a person might wake to find the shadow person sitting or pressing on their chest. Some people claimed that these shadowy entities choked them. 

To most of us, shadow people are perhaps the thing of urban legend. But one day, there might be a rational explanation for the strange creatures. Although they remain a complete mystery, there are several explanations for what the shadow people might be. 

Theories and assumptions about shadow people

They are ghosts

shadow people mystery

This is the most obvious explanation that would be given by many people. Alongside a whole host of other paranormal activities occurs many sightings of shadow people. These mysterious entities being ghosts are perhaps most credible than we might think. 

Anything that is unexplained and mysterious often falls into the category of “ghosts.” So, it should not surprise us that the connection to such entities from the other side is made.

Shadow people are somewhat different than ghost phenomena. Because ghost apparitions are almost always a misty white vapor-like or decidedly an appearance of humans. But shadow beings are much darker and more shadow-like. 

Although the shadow people often do have a human outline or shape. It is because they are dark and the details of their appearance are lacking. This is in contrast to many ghost sightings in which the witness can describe the ghost’s facial features, style of clothing, and other details. 

Sleep paralysis

The sightings of the shadow people get the most rational explanation to be simply hypnagogia. 

This is when a person wakes up, but the body and brain remain asleep often resulting in seeing imagined sightings. 

In this position of sleep paralysis, a person can’t move. Indeed people feel completely paralyzed for several seconds. Some people believe they can see things that are not there. Perhaps, these are created purely in a person’s panicked mind. 

In the Middle Ages, they often spoke of demonic entities. These demons are described to sit upon a person’s chest and wake them in the middle of the night. It is true that belief in the existence of such demons is particularly common during these times. 

In the modern days, it is also noted that many people who suffer from drug addiction might see shadow people. This is the case with drugs which essentially keep them awake. This explanation comes down to exhaustion. 

Perhaps the simplest explanation for this is that people confuse shadows for figures. For example, let’s imagine someone lying in bed in the dark. This makes the shadows in the room quickly take on a different form than they would in the light.

Interdimensional beings

Mainstream science itself has fairly convinced that there are dimensions other than the three we know. If these other dimensions really exist, who or what inhabits them?

According to some theorists, these dimensions exist parallel and very close to our own, although invisible. If there are inhabitants in these other dimensions there are chances that they have found a way to intrude on our dimension and be at least partially visible. 

It has long been held by psychics and other sensitives that beings on other planes of existence are of different vibrations. The reality is being looked at by science on a quantum level in the same way. 

Some theorize, that the vibrations of our existence are beginning to mesh with those of another dimension, which accounts for the increase in such phenomena as ghosts, shadow people, and possibly aliens.


aliens using advanced cloaking technology and shows shadow people

The shadow people are aliens according to some researchers. To do this they are using some type of advanced cloaking technology to make them invisible. Many people find the idea of aliens to be silly. 

In the weeks leading up to or after the abduction, many often recall seeing the strange shadowy creatures. These shadowy entities have even been captured on video on some occasions. The notion of making oneself invisible is the stuff of science fiction to most people. 

If invisibility was something that could be achieved, the results would likely be similar to the descriptions of shadow people from around the world.

It is just simply a mystery

The theories mentioned above have no ways to prove or disprove the phenomenon that is so mysterious. This is something that happens so quickly and without a warning. Even science finds it virtually impossible to study such phenomena in a methodical way. 

The only thing we can do is document personal experiences and try to piece together what the shadow people phenomenon might be. Although it is an old mystery, it is becoming more recognizable and presents a doorway to finding out different existence or simply it is just a shadow. 

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