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Welcome to mystery Friday. And today we have come up with a strange and unbelievable true mystery story that took place in England. Have you heard about the religious and philosophical concept of reincarnation? Some religions believe and some don’t. In Christianity, the idea of a dead person being born again is not accepted. But in the 1950s there is a real mystery of the reincarnation of two dead girls who died in a car accident. Let’s look into what really happened.  

The mystery of the Pollock twins

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John and Florence are devout Catholics and they loved each other and got married in the 1940s and became the newly wedded couple. In 1946, Florence gave birth to her first daughter and named her Joanna. They moved to Hexham in England and got their second child who is 5 years younger than Joanna and they named her Jacqueline. The two sisters were really close to each other and Joanna took great care of her younger sister. Joanna was interested in the arts and enjoyed dressing up.

They had their separate toys and played together and got along well. Everyone was surprised by their intimacy and the maturity they had. John and Florence got busy with their delivery business of dairy and grocery and had less time to care for their daughters. And so the girls were brought up and were taken care of by their grandmother.

Jacqueline at the age of three fell into a bucket and got scars on her forehead and was worried about it. In 1957 when Joanna was eleven and Jacqueline was six, they went with their friend Antony to the church. On the way, a car hit them hard and the two girls died on the spot and Anthony was carried to the hospital but unfortunately, he too died.  

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When investigated the car was driven by a local woman who got divorced and her children were separated from her few days before and so she drove the car after consuming drugs with the intention of suicide but she agreed that she intentionally hit the children to death. The case was carried out and the woman was sent to a psychiatric hospital. John and Florence were in devastation and became isolated in the house and suffered depression.

John uses to spend time in the room where his beloved daughters played believing to feel their presence. Once he had dreams of heaven about his daughters coming back to him. He claimed to Florence that he believed in reincarnation where he read a book about it when he was nine years old. And he hoped that his daughters will reborn.

Florence who had no belief in rebirth ended up in severe arguments each day with John where they went to the extreme of getting divorced.

But one year later in 1958, everything changed when Florence got pregnant again. The doctor said it was a single baby and assured it to be healthy. But surprisingly she gave birth to twin girls on October 4th. Although they were in joy they wondered how it happens because it was the first twins in the family. And they named the identical twins Gillian and Jennifer. They didn’t want the twin girls to know about their dead daughters and so they moved to Whitley bay and raised their twin girls there.

They noticed birthmarks of Jennifer similar to Jacqueline and she had one on her forehead where Jacqueline got her wounded scar. And both the girls’ activities were the same as Joanna and Jacqueline’s, they were very close and Gillian was matured enough and took care of her sister Jennifer. They asked for the toys and when Florence gave them the toys of Joanna and Jacqueline.

Gillian took the toys that belonged to Joanna and Jennifer played with the toys of Jacqueline and they even named the toys the same as their deceased sisters did. They also loved the same food and games as Joanna and Jacqueline. Although the girls didn’t grow up in Hexham, they knew every detail of the town.

When they revisited the Hexham they recognized the school where Joanna and Jacqueline attended and they showed the way of going to the playground. It was shocking but still, Florence was not ready to believe her husband saying it is because of the reincarnation.

But one day she realized that the twins were scared of the cars, where they use to yell and clung to each other when the cars horns or pass them. And once Florence heard the conversation of the twins talking about the accident, where Gillian touched the head of Jennifer and told her that it is the place the car hit Jennifer. And john claimed that they often spoke about the experience.

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The daughters were taken to Dr. Stevenson who studied about reincarnation and wrote a book based on many stories on reincarnation and the Pollock twins were one of them. After the age of five, the twins started forgetting their past and started living normal life. Some think this to be reincarnation but some believe that the twins would have heard the conversations of their parents about their deceased daughters or got knowledge from their other family members and started reacting to that. And therefore this is still a mystery on whether it is truly a reincarnation or not.   

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