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Have you heard about Oak Island? The island with pirate gold is buried in the Money pit on the Nova Scotia Isle. Is the Oak island mystery solved? 

It is a small island off the southern shore of Nova Scotia, Canada. If you see the island, there is nothing special, but if you dig deeper you’ll find more than 50 books written about it. These books have raised the interest in important historical figures. 

For more than 200 years, treasure hunters have gone in search of gold. Some people who have gone in search have lost their lives. So is there really gold in Oak Island? Or is Oak Island cursed? Is the Oak Island mystery solved? 

What is Oak Island mystery? 

the oak island mystery

The story goes for hundreds of years ago, believing that someone buried treasure on Oak Island. No one is sure or maybe there is no treasure at all. But the treasure hunters have not stopped seeking the treasure. 

People believe that Oak Island contains something more than treasure or contains a pirate curse. Everyone who went in search of the gold returned empty-handed. 

It is a tiny Island fashioned like a question mark.  The treasure hunters poured $1.5 million into the Money Pit, but no one has reached the bottom even after more than 20 attempts. 

When digging they noticed water surging into the shaft whenever they seem close to success.  It is known that The Money Pit is protected by a man-made system of flood tunnels, and the sea is believed to be the watchdog.

There is a connection between Shakespeare and Oak Island. Marie Antoinette, Captain Kidd, and Franklin D. Roosevelt are linked with this money pit and endless materials with various speculations, theories, and hope. 

Where is it located? 

Oak island mystery solved

This Island is located on the south shore of the Atlantic coast of Nova Scotia, Canada. It is one of the islands that make up Mahone Bay. This is a 140-acre-forest area. 

How did the oak island mystery start to spread? 

200 years ago, a 16-year-old Daniel McGinnis from Chester, Nova Scotia went to the uninhabited oak during his fishing expedition. 

There he notices things to be odd. There were scars on the old oak tree, and he saw a depression in the ground. He figured that the scars on the tree were from a rope and tackle system that was used to lower something to the ground. 

He has heard the story of sailors from the crew of the infamous Scottish pirate, Captain Kidd, who supposedly buried treasure from the looting in the surrounding area. 

The next day he came back with two other boys, Anthony Vaughan and John Smith. And started to dig with their help of them. They hit the platform  3 meters down of the aged oak logs. Then they dig for 6 meters and again at 9 meters.  They could see the marks of pickaxes in the flinty clay walls of the shaft.  

But they felt really hard because the pit contained flat stones and logs. So the boys were not able to dig it further as they had only picks and shovels. So they thought of getting help.  But no one wanted to go near Oak Island because it was said to be haunted by ghosts when two fishermen vanished in 1720.  To the boys gave up temporarily. 

In 1803,  after getting to know about the three boys, a wealthy Nova Scotian called Simeon Lynds joined them to form a treasured company.  They uncovered layers of tropical coconut fiber, ship’s putty, and charcoal along with a stone cut with curious symbols. 

When they reached 28 meters,  the diggers drove a crowbar 1.5 meters deep and they got struck by a solid mass. 

The next morning they were shocked to find 18 meters of water in the pit.  And it remained constant for days.  So in the next year, Lynds hired miners. When they were digging,  gallons of water burst, and the shaft quickly filled to the same depth. 

Beaten and broke, Lynds gave up, McGinnis died. 

They found a stone inscribed with symbols but the explorers were not able to read it. But then in 1865, a professor named James Liechti translated the stone as it read “Forty feet below two million pounds are buried”. 

What is the curse of the island? 

The treasure hunters will say about Oak Island. There is a historic legend asserts that seven people need to die before the island’s treasure can be found. 

Until this date, 6 people have lost their lives in search of the treasure, over a period of nearly 100 years.  From time to time random coin artifacts have been found and so it proves that the island truly holds a big price. 

Even when there is no evil ward lies over the island, there is a real curse leading to multiple deaths where the last four deaths happened at the same time. Oak island is believed to suffer from a supernatural spell. 

Is the Oak island mystery solved?

The treasure hunting show

the oak island show

Brothers Rick and Marty Lagina, with their team of treasure hunters have been digging the Niva Scotian island for over 8 years on the popular History Channel show “The Curse of Oak Island”. With nine seasons, they are in a constant search for treasure.

The latest excavators have brought its mysterious allure to millions of viewers worldwide with their documentary show on the History Channel and the 220-year Oak Island mystery solved.

They spent many years toiling hard to uncover the island’s secret and in the latest treasure hunting expedition, they have taken a productive turn.  They have made some serious discoveries on Oak Island. 

The two brothers are strongly interested in the hidden and mysterious Island from the very beginning.  Rick made his first discovery at the age of 10 into the world of buried treasure and thought of getting a carrier in treasure hunting. 

In 2006,  the brothers decided to pursue treasure hunting full-time. They researched the Oak Island Legend and made several expeditions did the island.  They purchased 50% of the Oak Island Tour company and the right to any treasure found in it. 

The major discoveries

After years of excavation, the brothers made the first major discovery, which is a Spanish copper coin that is believed to be dated to the 17th century.  Since finding one coin means that there are more to be found. 

In season 3,  the brothers and the crew drained a large hole and discovered several old antique artifacts. And in one of the episodes,  they presented something which appears to be a Roman sword. This proves that the Roman had actually touched the soil thousands of years ago.  And it is believed that the treasure is far older and more valuable. 

The Lagina Brothers, Marty, and Rick set out to find the treasure with the friend’s Dan and David Blankenship and Craig Tester.  After nearly two centuries of excavations, it seems that they have made the most headway out of all the Treasure Hunters. 

Dan Blankenship spent half a century drilling, digging,  and discovering the secrets of Oak Island. They use new technology improvements and top-of-the-line tools that help to show that a wood line shaft had been built in the pit by the early excavators. You just believed to be constructed in 1805 by the people who initially found The Money pit and attempted to dig. 

They found a small piece of material, believed to be a piece of book and Rick believed. They didn’t know what was the significance of the treasure that is supposedly hidden. Although it is unclear, Rick believed it was an essential part of the island’s mystery. 

Some of their findings include a 500-year-old Garnet brooch and a lead cross meet between 1200 and 1600 AD.  In the sixth season, they found another brooch that contained a trace of gold. 

They are absolutely convinced that the recent findings are meaningful and they have proven something significant and extraordinary happened on the island many years ago.

The theories of the Oak Island Mystery

treasure hunters

It is believed that the Oak Island treasure exists. So if it really exists then who buried it there? What is the treasure they have left? Some treasure hunters have developed theories. 

What are the other things found by the treasure hunters?

In 1802, the company called the Onslow Company traveled to Oak Island. They found more platforms and a large granite stone measuring 60cm long, 38 cm wide, and weighing 76kg. They stopped digging because of the constant flooding but there is no official record of the company involved in the activities of Oak Island. 

A six-year hunt was conducted by Robert Restall for the Oak Island treasure. He was checking on an eight-meter-shaft and was overcome by fumes and topples to the water-filled bottom. Along with the helpers, Robert’s son Bobbie dashes into the pit to help. But all of them lose consciousness and drown. They were dead because of the carbon monoxide from gasoline water pumps. 

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt is one of the treasure hunters. He got the interest in his boyhood years. He was digging for a chest that was supposed to be buried by Captain Kidd but found an old plank that had carvings of the initials “W.K”

Final thoughts

It is still doubted the exact theory behind the Oak Island mystery. The one familiar with the history channel series The Curse of Oak Island will know about the mystery well.

Is the Oak Island mystery solved? It is in Nova Scotia and the mystery is whether there is a big treasure buried there? Explorers have tried to loot the treasure and some interesting artifacts have been discovered. But the main treasure is not yet found. There are many theories and those are that the island could be home to a massive pirate treasure, Shakespeare’s manuscripts, or the jewels hidden by Marie Antoinette. 

The island is also believed to be cursed where and legends say that seven men have to die to get the treasure. 

The Lagina brothers have found many things that are meaningful and have proven that something significant had happened on the island. 

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