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mystery village

Do you know about a mystery village where baby boys were not born for 10 years? There is also a mystery village where people sleep for days. Shocking right?

If you are curious to know about them, then you are in the right place. There are also many other villages with different mystery events happening. But right now, let us see about the two villages mentioned above. 

Where it is, why it is happening, and how? Read to know. 

Mystery village

A village with no Boys born for 10 Years

Miejsce Odrzańskie in village

A small village in Poland had something happening strange.  Explodes tried solving the mystery that was going on for 10 long years.  It was a demographic puzzle that began with a regional contest for little firefighters. 

There was an old, cozy Village in the south of Poland called Miejsce Odrzanskie. There were little over 300 people living there with many of them having daughters.  The Village was just like the rest of the world but there was something strange.

Not a single boy has been born there in nearly a decade. And they thought that if the situation continues, men could one day vanish from the area. 

There have always been more women in the older Generations in  Poland as they live longer than men.   And the couples who wanted to have a baby daughter from other villagers will move here to see the magic works for them. 

One factor for the absence of males all over the country was that they head overseas for work. 

The girls in the village

A village with no Boys born for 10 Years

The surprising part was in Miejsce Odrzanskie, the mayor is a woman, and all young firefighters are women. There were also women tractor drivers across the fields.  The few couples who remain in the mystery village have had just 12 baby girls in the past decade and not a single boy.

Since 2013 the girls have been learning to help neighbors with difficult tasks that are usually done by boys. Children are the ones who insisted to create a youth fire brigade and during practice they have fire drills, putting on flames and assisting the injured. 

When there’s a competition coming up they train even harder at least every other day after school.  It is the girls’ team that brings medals from the Mets National contest for the past 6 years.  It seems like they have mastered many spheres that have been considered to be a man’s job. 

They drive tractors to harvest corn and wheat and as the head of the village, they run affairs.  The fire department has 24 women and just 8 men. 

The problem in the village

Although the villagers were happy about having girls, there was a problem with having more women than men.  The thing was that it was steadily losing its population. 

Many people were moving to big cities and emigrating to other European countries.  Each Family living in the village has at least one relative residing abroad. 

This mystery Village remains chiefly an agricultural community where a big part of its territory is covered up by crop fields and farms that take a lot of time and energy to manage. 

The steadily shrinking and aging population makes people concerned about not having baby boys in the Village.

Some people claim that they wanted to have a son in their family,  but they believe that it naturally cannot happen in this Village.  Even the head of the junior fire brigade who is a  dad of two daughters says that women just don’t give birth to boys here. 

The case went viral and doctors from all over Poland shared their advice.  They recommended the woman try to conceive by eating more food rich in calcium.

Some Polish Highlanders recommended old tips like keeping an axe under the bed of the couple. 

The reward for the boy

Rajmund Frischko,  the mayor of the municipality in the village revealed that there has been much pressure concerning this matter. They even seriously thought about naming a street after the lucky newborn baby boy. 

And he promised that kid’s parents will receive a present and they will even plant a tree in his honor.  In any case, if this boy borns, he will definitely get special treatment and would surely be an exceptional member of the firefighting team.

The mystery

It was confusing what caused this extraordinary anomaly and whether the place had a unique microclimate.  The experts also wondered whether is there any genetic link that the mothers share in the area.  Or maybe it would be something more mysterious. 

But there was no way to answer any of these questions. Professor Rafał Płoski, from the Medical University of Warsaw, had already explained that to solve this puzzle, experts need not only analyze the historical data but also look into the couples who only have girls to find any connections between them. 

The enlightenment was another Factor that was about to consider to get a complete picture of both children and parents living in the village. 

This seems like a lot of work but many scientists expressed their willingness to get the truth.

They conducted interviews with the villages and went through statistics.  

In other parts of the country surprisingly newborns are more likely to be boys. It’s about 1 .06 boys for every girl born in Poland.  This is the case for almost every corner of the Earth.  In some regions like India or China, the Gap is even bigger because they desire sons more than daughters. 

But in most countries, approximately 105 male children for every 100 female ones come into the world, and that is how demographics have worked for several centuries. From this point, Miejsce Odrzanskie is a rare phenomenon.

A mysterious village where everyone sleeps for days

In the summer of 2014, a person called Viktor Kazachenko was riding his motorcycle across the steppe of Northern Kazakhstan. He was headed to a nearby town to run some errands, but then he never arrived.

A mysterious village where everyone sleeps for days

He got black-out and fall asleep while riding and he woke up 4 days later in the hospital with no memory of what happened. 

It was the mystery village of Kalachi, in Kazakhstan, which has been struck by a true medical enigma that causes people to fall asleep for days at a time.

When they come out of it, they have no recollection of what happened. 

People who have experienced

Forty-six-year-old Taisiya, from Kalachi, experienced this sleepy hollow 3 times in just a few years. The first time was in 2012 when she was going through her regular routine at work. All of a sudden, she felt light-headed.

Once she got home, she blacked out and woke up a few days later in the hospital. A neighbor of hers had rushed to help her, but while they were driving back home, her friend fell asleep as well.

The second time this happened was in March 2014. She was getting ready to go to a concert, but then suddenly she started feeling dizzy. She sat down on the chair and fell asleep. She woke up after 5 days in the hospital. 

Then for the third time, it was in February 2015, where she had another sleep attack. It was on her feet where her legs got paralyzed and it made her hard to walk properly. It lasted for 3 days and even though she wasn’t asleep she was walking around and talking as if she was under anesthesia. 

Also, she couldn’t remember any of it. This epidemic was spreading across the village and nobody knew what caused it. In 2013, Taisiya’s partner also fell asleep while he was fishing. He got blacked out in the boat and his buddies drove him to the hospital. 

Taisiya rushed to his side and they were able to have small talk. But his speech was disoriented and many things he was saying didn’t make sense. When he finally woke up, he was fine but did not have any recollection of what happened. 

Within three years, more than 100 people were affected by this mysterious illness in Kalachi.

Both adults and children had been through sleepy spells that lasted days.

How it feels to experience it

a village where everyone sleeps

The thing is some of them are completely immune to this disease, while some experience it many times. 

The people who have experienced the blackout have described how heat affects them.  It all starts with lightheadedness and they feel like their legs are too heavy to walk. 

They get stuck and fall asleep within minutes.  They might hallucinate about random things until they are out of it.  The witnesses who had been around the people experiencing this mysterious illness have noticed them to be listening but they can’t open their eyes or move their mouths.

It seems like they are in a  sleep paralysis. The patient’s speech also becomes slurred and it makes it difficult for them to understand what they’re saying. After they open their eyes,  apart from the memory loss they will also have difficulty speaking.  They struggle to stay awake.

They feel like they have just woken up from the surgery and once you stop talking to them, they instantly fall asleep.

Reports also say that this disease has affected an animal as well. It was a cat named Marquis. The owner of the cat claimed that the cat was acting weirdly and unpredictably. She was meowing constantly and then started attacking everything from walls to furniture.

That evening she went to sleep and she was snoring like a real person.

The Kazakh authorities offered all the village residents the chance to relocate to other areas of the surrounding regions due to this re-occurring phenomenon. Due to this illness, more than 55 families moved out of the village, and approximately 100 more are planning to shift. while some people refuse to live as they don’t believe that this sleeping illness is actually dangerous. 

What would be the cause?

After the outbreak, extensive research was done by doctors and scientists to find out what the cause could be. At first, they thought that this was some sort of intolerance to a specific drink, but it was later disproven when the kids too started to get affected. 

Then they thought it is due to encephalopathy, which is a form of brain malfunction. but there was no basis.  Doctors and scientists started doing lab tests as well by conducting approximately 7,000 tests on water, soil, air, and the patient’s blood, hair, and nails, but unfortunately, they found nothing.

lab test to find the cause of sleeping in Kalachi

To single out the problem, they started to eliminate utilities by ceasing the underground gas supply and turning off the local phone towers.  They checked for high radiation levels, heavy metals, and radon gas.  Even though bacteria and viruses in the water supply of the area were considered.  But all the attempts were fruitless. 

Scientists began to suspect an abandoned uranium mine 2 miles away from the mystery village of Kalachi.  Some believe that the radon gas from the mine was seeping through the ground causing oxygen deprivation to people. But everything was found to be normal.

It claims that people were suffering from some sort of mass hysteria, and they wanted to leave the village, but they didn’t have the means to do it. But it couldn’t be the case since some of the residents who were affected stubbornly refused to leave.

The real cause

 Uranium is a non-ferrous metal that is usually found in mountainous areas. The Uranium mine near Kalachi village was also in a mountainous area. It had inclined entrances that allowed people to go as deep as 2,100 feet.

After the mine was closed, it stopped pumping water out. so for more than 20 years, the voids had been filling up with water. Since the mine was abandoned, all supporting wood they used while digging was left there.

As the water level rose, the wood began to oxidize. The mine was also 2,100 feet deep, and a pressure of 63 atmospheres was created. A chemical reaction occurred and the water turned into a light gas. If a person passes by and inhales the air, then the carbon monoxide enters their bloodstream and they lose consciousness.

Scientists started researching Kryukov’s theory and he was proven right. The concentration levels of carbon monoxide in the underground air were at their maximum permissible, whereas the oxygen was below normal levels.

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