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‘Titanic ship’, how many of you have heard this word? Obviously, the majority knows about this ship as it was a massive disaster that occurred in 1912. We know that the most luxurious and largest ship crashed into an iceberg on its maiden voyage en route to New York City from Southampton, England killing 1500 to its 2200, to the bottom of the sea in the North Atlantic Ocean.  This tragedy became famous in modern history and inspired many stories and films.

So we know the story and the cause of why the ship sank. But do you know that there are various mysteries involved behind the sinking of the Titanic ship? Let’s see them in this section and keep reading to know them.

Titanic ship

Immediately after the disaster happened, investigations were done by two governments and they agreed it was because of the iceberg. The blame was also made on captain E.J. Smith and was condemned to race at 22 knots through the ice field. And so they closed the case.

But the real mystery is Titanic is known for its unsinkable characteristic, but what made the unsinkable ship sink in the sea?

Unrevealed secrets of Titanic ship

Was it Titanic that sank?

The first doubted question that rises is, whether it is actually the ship titanic?

Some said that the ship that sank was not titanic, but the R.M. Olympic which is nearly identical to Titanic. The ship Olympic had been damaged in an accident the year before the incident and this caused a huge problem for the owners of the ship to take it out of service while they repair it and it meant that the titanic ship had to be put back from the 20th March to April 10th.

It was said that the Olympic was severely damaged to make profits and so in the intention to score a bigger insurance payoff, the owners switched the Olympic ship with titanic to purposely sank the ship.

Why was the captain speeding the ship?

For a long time, it was believed that captain Smith was speeding the ship through the iceberg heavy waters to cross the Atlantic faster than Titanic’s sister ship Olympic. But in 2004, it was claimed that the Titanic ship got already damaged by a coal fire that continued for three weeks before the ship sailed. And the reason for the captain to speed up was to burn coal as soon as possible to control the coal fire.

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Did the ship hit an iceberg?

The fact that is still believed as the cause of the sinking of the ship is an iceberg. But it was claimed that, if the Titanic hit the iceberg, it would have gone down in a few minutes. And so it was believed that the ship might have hit sheets of ice floating that made its way from the Arctic Ocean to the Atlantic.

why didn’t they take the warning serious?

Titanic had time to change the way before the collision if someone had warned the crew. An hour before the collision happened, the nearby ship named S.S. Californian communicated to say that it had stopped the field of ice. But the Titanic’s radio operator didn’t convey the warning to Captain Smith. It is believed by some that the message was conveyed as not urgent. But still, the reality is unknown as the operator sunk with the ship.

Was it a plan by J.P. Morgan?

It is believed by some that J.P. Morgan, the owner of both Titanic and Olympic planned the whole plot. He was the wealthiest person and was considered as powerful. The reason to doubt him for planning the incident is that he didn’t show up on the ship at the last minute. And his entire family did not get into the ship. The doubt is whether it is because he knew it was going to happen. Another controversy is that J.P. Morgan would have planned this to kill his rivals rather than his insurance but none were proved.

Why weren’t there enough lifeboats?

There were a lot of passengers on the ship, and they could have been saved if there were enough lifeboats. The ship only had 20 lifeboats in the luxurious liner. The ship owners ignored the recommendation of carrying 50% of the lifeboat. These things make us wonder why. Is it because of the murder plot to kill the rivals or for the cost-cutting?

These are still mysteries that are not solved and it is hard for anyone to prove them right.

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