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The world consists of so many beautiful places. But there are some mystery places built in ancient times and consists of mysteries that have so many secrets and are not revealed yet. These are created and theorized with myths and phenomena that are unexplained. You can visit some places but there are horrible mysterious places that are not allowed to visit. Let’s look at some interesting places that you won’t believe.

Mystery places in the world

The Skirrid Mountain Inn

mystery places

This is located in Wales and is known to be the most haunted place in the United Kingdom. This is a place that has a long history of more than 900 years and is consisted of violence in this place during the conquest of Norman. It is believed as the point of gathering by the rebel fighters against the rule of Henry IV and some say that it is a courthouse where more than 180 criminals were hung.

This place is filled with ghosts and spirits where there are so many supernatural happenings and paranormal activities are taking place. It has given horrifying experiences for people and they say that they would hear sounds of slamming doors, whispering voices, and footsteps.

Tomb of Qin Shi Huang

Tomb of Qin Shi Huang

This is in China and the government doesn’t allow people to visit this mysterious place. This place is built as a tomb for the king and emperor Qin Shi Huang who is recognized as the 1st emperor of China. He created the first unified nation in china by conquering six warring states and he died in 210 BC. It is said that he thought of living forever and took mercury pills and so it made him die.

And to bury him, they constructed a complex tomb the size of a city underground and filled with everything that the king needs afterlife. They made clay productions of the people and terracotta soldiers and buried them. In the year 1974, the life-size terracotta soldiers were found and for four decades they are excavating the place and found about 2000 soldiers. The place consists of traps and mercury and so when digging it deeper they die of the disease.

The Colossus of the Apennines

This is located in Italy and was built in the 1500s. This is a sculpture of Apennines and is 35 feet tall and was created by Giambologna. It is believed that there are more than 100 rooms inside the sculpture and there is gold hidden under the statue. The people who went to take those gold disappeared and were not shown. There is a rumor that the space in the head of the sculpture was made for the place of fire and when it is lit, the smoke is blown out of his nostrils.

Area 51 in the United States


This area is famous for the mysterious events of aliens for decades.  The conspiracy of aliens is surrounded in the place and it is active. It is located in the Nevada desert and in the 50s the site was kept as a secret by the government of the United States since the development of the reconnaissance and spy planes. The public is not allowed and there are warning signs, guards, and electronic surveillance. Some have claimed that in and near the site there have seen UFOs and some say that the place is captured by the aliens.

Eternal Flame Falls

Eternal flame falls 7252

This is located in the United States in a place of New York. The place is unique because of the burning flame under the waterfall. This is still a mystery and there is no scientific proof for the burning flame. But some have assumptions like the flame is there due to the ancient rocks that are extremely hot that leads to flame but contrastingly some researchers say that it is not hot and it cannot produce a reaction.

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