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One of the interesting things to learn is about mystery. Many mysteries are happening around the world and one of the mysteries that is believed to have happened was a plane landing after 37 years. Is it because of time travel? Time travel is said to be the movements of certain things in time. So here the plane has traveled to the future. If it is actually because of time travel, what happened to all those passengers? Is it really a true incident? Continue reading to know the truth behind the story of time travel.

The mystery of Time travel

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On July 2nd, 1955 Pan America flight 914 was traveling from New York to Miami, Florida with 4  crew members and 57 passengers. The traveling time to reach the destination is 3 hours. But the aircraft didn’t show up even after 3 hours.

The plane didn’t even see in the radars of the control tower in Miami and there were no approaching of any plane. So to check, the air traffic control contact New York tower and then found that the plane disappeared from the radars in the mid-air. And so they couldn’t even contact the pilot in the plane through radio. And so it was confirmed that the DC-4 vanished in the air leaving no trace. 

The aircraft route taken was over the Atlantic ocean. Therefore the only assumption and explanation they had were that the plane vanished because it would have got crashed somewhere along the way, so they sent rescue teams and coast guards to scan the water but they failed as not even a single piece was found.

But with no other choice, they made an official statement that the plane would have got crashed. The grievances of the relatives had no further explanation, but time went by and everyone moved on from the incident. 

On September 9th, 1992 in Caracas, Venezuela the air traffic controller called Juan De Corte was handling the traffic and was giving minor comments on the planes. When he was looking at the radar, suddenly seemingly from nowhere a new dot appeared on the radar, like an aircraft popped up from nothingness. The controller checked the reading several times thinking it might be a mistake but he found that it had no mistake and everything was perfectly correct. 

In less than 10 minutes the plane showed up in the field of vision. At first, it looked like an ordinary plane but when getting closer they found it as a very old DC-4 McDonnell Douglass passenger aircraft. This aircraft had propellers that were used in the old times instead of the modern turbines. Although these planes were used, they had grown and replaced by other contemporary ones. The air traffic controller and his crew were in surprise as to what is happening. 

A few minutes later, the pilot of the mysterious plane contacted the tower and asked as to where they are. And the controller replied that they are close to the Caracas airport. The pilot confirmed that they are the Pan Am flight 914 heading from New York to Miami with a crew of 4 and 57 passengers on board. The whole team was shocked to hear that and was wondering how the plane to Miami came 1100 miles away from the destination.

And there was another reporting as that they were scheduled to land at Miami airport at 9.55 on July 2, 1955. Shocked and confused to hear the news, the controller thought of clearing the plane for landing first and then question the pilots on what really happened. The ground units were immediately called to assist the plane and passengers and so it landed and started relaxing. 

Then the controller made a mistake. He asked the pilot “ do you know that today is May 21, 1992?” and this question made the pilot be confused. And so the controller sent security guards to bring down the passengers. But as this question alert the pilot, he started the engines again and without waiting for the take-off clearance taxed the plane to the runway. It flew and was seen as a dot on the radar and suddenly vanished again. And there was no trace found on the plane ever again. And no one could explain the mystery but to assume of time travel. 

Is it really true?

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This is believed by many and they believe that this happened through time travel. But this is also said to be completely a fake story. In 1985, a tabloid called the weekly world news was the first to cover up this story. In 1992, the story was repeated twice by this newspaper in 1985, setting a date of a time-traveling plane appearing in the future with an air traffic controller called Juan de Corte.

This newspaper is said to cover fictional stories that never had happened and happened. But later due to this newspaper, the main media referred to it as a source and it changed the concept to reality.  This mistake had led many people to believe it was a true incident, and so the mystery of time travel is revealed to be fake.

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