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silent twins

Most of the questions in the world have answers for them, but there are also mysteries that are unanswered and never can be answered. And such an unanswered question is the story of the silent twins, which is still a mystery that is hard to solve. The bond between twins is said to be special but it is not the same for the silent twins and had a strange lifestyle. It was believed by them that one has to sacrifice themselves for the other twin to be happy. Keep reading to know the story of the silent twins.

The Mystery of the silent twins

In their own world

Aubrey and Gloria Gibbons were married and moved to Britain from Barbados in the years of 1960s. On April 11th, 1963 born the twin girls of the couple in the British colony of Aden. The couple was really happy to see their cute and adorable children and named them June and Jennifer. The twins were silent and didn’t talk even at their right age, and it was considered natural and thought that they might be late talkers. Late the family noted them having communications only between them and they didn’t prefer talking to anyone else.

Even the school teachers said that they are really silent speaking only with each other and with their dolls. This was considered natural until when they started having a deeper bond between them and started speaking in a secret language that no one could understand. They faced bullying and taunting by their schoolmates for their nature and it was a tough thing for them. And so they started excluding everyone including their parents from their silent world. They remained in their rooms most of the time and they had habits of writing things like diaries and poems. The silent twins sometimes called their sister rose to their room and played with her.

Things went worse

The girls were taken to be given therapy by a psychiatrist and their language was recorded and found to be a mixture of Barbadian slang and English and because of their fastest communication and accents, it was hard to identify what they are speaking. These therapies didn’t work for them instead they became more isolated in life. So the doctor suggested separating them, and when they did that, it became worse and impacted the twin’s psychological health. They were suspected to be controlling, where one is controlled by another but it was not that clear on who is controlling whom. And so they were put back together and stayed in their rooms.

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The silent twins had a habit of writing and when they became adults they took it as their profession to write novels and their stories were related to criminal topics. But their novels didn’t gain much popularity. When their writings failed, they diverted themselves to theft and even destroyed properties that were belonging to others. They also set fire to a building, and so they were arrested.

Instead of putting them in jail, they were sent to a psychiatric hospital with tight security after being identified to have psychological disorders. And they underwent rehabilitation for almost 14 years, and both June and Jenifer had two different rooms, and they acted completely strange where on the first day one would eat and the other would avoid eating and the next day both will do it oppositely. After so many years they started talking little to the staff there.

One has to die

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One day, a journalist called Marjorie Wallace came to interview the doctors on the case of the twins, and then Jennifer told her that she was going to die and said that they have already decided on that. And so after few days, Jennifer started behaving strangely and she was taken to the hospital where she died after a sudden inflammation in her heart. And in the autopsy, there was no poison or drugs in her body and the doctors believed it to be heart failure.

After the death of Jennifer, June started to rebuild her life and it was said that they believed that in order for one to live the life happily, the other has to sacrifice their life. And June was back to normal life and was well prepared for talking and during an interview, she said that Jenifer decided to die, so that June would live her life. She spoke clearly about the grief of losing her sister and the freedom that Jennifer has given to her.

Jennifer was buried under a headstone engraved with a poem of June saying that,

We were once two,

We two made one,

We no more two,

Through life be one,

Rest in peace.

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