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Earlier when we get bored, we use the internet but now when we get bored with Facebook, we move to Instagram, and if it is boring we move to YouTube. This is the practice, most of us follow. To us, simply what is Internet?

Internet is social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, information gathering websites, online games, online stores, and channels. But this is not the complete reality of the Internet. We only know about the general things that exist on the internet but the truth is, there are things beyond them that most of us are not aware of.

Let’s see about the unknown side of the popular internet.

Mystery of the internet

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The Internet can be categorized into 3 types.

The first type is the surface web that we all know and use. On the internet, every time hundreds and thousands of posts are being uploaded, millions of people are watching videos and many are searching for information and a lot of people are doing business and these activities are down on the surface web.

But there is the second type, where there are activities held identifying how much cash is saved in a person’s bank account, what the person has purchased, with whom has the person made conversations, and the issues he or she has. All the data saved and stored with the protection of passwords are found using this type called the deep web.  Have you heard news like the data belonging to one of the famous companies has been hacked by someone? How do they do it? The answer is by using the deep web.

When we enter a Facebook password to log in, it checks and compares with the original password that is already being stored the first time you entered, and then identifies whether it is right. The place where these passwords are stored in the deep web.

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Then there is the third and last type, where people who don’t like revealing themselves and their origin exists. Here people are exposed only in numbers and they are completely anonymous. And this is called the dark web.

When someone engages in any illegal activity they get easily caught, but the same illegal activity can be done with freedom on the dark web because it is not that possible to find who it is. When you are threatened by someone over a phone or device, you can trace them through their IMEI and IP addresses and then find them using their bills, connections of WIFI routers, or through their operating SIMs. But when that person threatens you from the dark web, then tracing is impossible.

Why is it? Why is the dark web so complex and secured?

When you want to search for something, you use Google. But to enter the dark web you should use the TOR browser which is known as the onion router. The reason for calling it an onion router is, when you cut an onion, you see multiple layers, and when you peel each of the layers, and finally get nothing. Similarly, the Dark web is with layers, and no matter how much you search you get no information.

For example, when you want to send a document through the dark web, it would reach at least 5 people and then will reach the destination and person who actually need it. When the 1st person receives it, there will only be the data on whom the document should be sent next instead of the data on where it was received from and this continues to each person until it reaches the actual person. Even if the document is found, they can only read it but the person who sent it will not be found. And this is why no one gets caught in the dark web.

Why do we need such an unsafe internet? Why the government is not doing anything to stop this? 

The actual truth is that the dark web was found for the purpose of sharing secret information by the secret agents. So in order to keep the agents and the information secret, it came into action but then when someone hacks it, it can be easily identified that the information is related to the government and the information sent and received will be by government officials and so they opened it to be public. But then they would have not imagined that this would bring such serious issues and will be uncontrollable.

Fake passports, fake licenses, and the illegal purchases of guns, drugs, and various other things are done and then this became the underworld of the Internet.

Maybe you will think whether these are true?

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But in 2013, there was an illegal sale of drugs in the name of Silk Road on the dark web. And they found that the person had earned billions of money and that is how they realized how large the dark web is.

The way they arrested the person is not revealed because they thought that it will alert all the other culprits engaged in illegal activities. As the person had earned billions, they got to that exchange of money has happened and if there is an exchange of money, it is easy to identify the person, but the truth is there was no exchange of physical money.

Then comes Bitcoin, the virtual money used on the Internet. When you exchange bitcoin, you will never identify the sender and receiver as they will only be exposed in numbers. Purchasing of guns, drugs, watching videos, hacking laptops and phones are all done on the dark web with the help of bitcoin. They would hack your phone and they will be able to see you and your activities through the front camera and when they get a point they’ll start threatening for money. Even the deal and purchase of organs like heart and kidneys are taken place where the seller is always anonymous.

And now you would have got to know the dark side of the Internet and so make sure to always check whether your internet is safe.

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