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The Mystery of Pyramids

Welcome to Mystery Friday. In this section, we have an interesting topic on the mystery. The world is consists of wonders and one of them is the Pyramid of Giza. It is built around 4500 years ago in the 1800s and is recognized as the largest pyramid in the world that fills 13 acres in the base. The pyramid is taller and is built as tombs for the Egyptian kings. But have you ever wondered what is inside it? The larger space and the purpose are all questions. The pyramids are with many mysteries and revealing the secrets involved in the pyramid is still complex.

The Mystery of Pyramids

The purpose of building.

Early Egyptians were superstitious and had various myths. And so they have constructed accordingly to their beliefs. They believed in the afterlife and made pyramids as tombs for their ancient kings. After their pharaoh’s death, they believed that a part of their spiritual needs an earthly home and to ensure its survival of it they built large pyramids which will also help for the protection of the people.

It is said that the pyramids consist of furniture, food, and various other essentials needed for the survival of the dead kings. The locations of the constructions were also built based on mythology. Most of them are built in the west of the Nile River, where their souls resided to begin their journey after death. The sunset in the west and is connected to the souls of Pharaohs to rise in the morning. And so to represent death, the pyramids were built in the west.

The Mystery of building them   

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The techniques used to construct them are one of the mysteries that is difficult to find. The pyramid of Giza is identified to be 451 feet tall and was built using 2.3 million stone blocks where each block weighs between 1.5 tons to 2.5 tons. These blocks possess a huge weight, which cannot be moved easily and so the question is how the early Egyptians did move them? There are various assumptions and theories involved and some are found to solve the mystery. One such theory was the wall painting that depicted a group of men pulling the large statue in the sled and another person stands in the front and poured water over the sand.

According to the research, the right amount of water added will make it easy to pull the weight on the sled. And the sand becomes moist and reduces the friction and makes it feasible to pull the weights. Apart from that, the big and small dippers were aligned in it in the direction of north-south and the measurements were accurate with only a margin of errors of 0.05 degrees. And this is identified to be that the Egyptians used the Astronomical records to align them. Other than these finding the techniques to build the pyramid is not found completely.

Interesting fact on them.

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The constructions are not just structures but they have the ability to tell the time. The shadow falls on the marks made on the stones and tells the hour. Along with this, the pyramid was able to signal the time and date when the sun reaches the declination by marking the long and short days, indicating the equinoxes. And this made the Egyptians define the solar system.

Who built the pyramids?

It is believed that the slaves built them and the idea was spread by Herodotus, a Greek historian. But in the later period, it was discovered that the slaves did not build the pyramids, because the burial in the tomb exposed the honor of building the pyramid. Therefore instead of slaves building it, they found it to be built by the lower-income families.

Apart from these mysteries, there are so many unanswered and unsolved mysteries involved in the pyramids.

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