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Do you believe in the existence of mermaids? Maybe some would say yes and some would say no because mermaids are believed to exist based on their belief. But some have claimed to have seen them in the oceans. How come people from different parts of the world, describe the seeing of the exact same thing in the oceans? Scientists and historians are more interested in finding the reality for years. Is it real or a myth? Is the mystery of mermaids proven to exist? So let’s see them in today’s topic. 

The belief of mermaid existence. 

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Mermaids are mostly believed to be a mythological fact, with a unique feature of the human body and fishtail. This same appearance is described by many around the world, from the ancient period of time, where communication was never taken place between the countries. The Asians, Syrians, Africans, and Europeans believed them and their civilizations consisted of the stories of a mermaid, where it was the ancient goddess of the sea according to Syrians who provide fertility, protection, and well-being for those who worship her.

The Mesopotamian god of water symbolizing wisdom, creation, and magic is a merman and was found in the Babylonian myth. It also has crossed many other cultures and is found in Japanese folklore, and Russian folklore.

Mermaid characters are brought into books, cartoons, comics, and movies. Is this because they have seen them in real? 

Can you believe that even Christopher Columbus, the explorer said that he have seen mermaids? Also, the pirate Blackbeard have reported about the existence of the mermaid and warned of not moving to their place of existence. Even in the 21st century, it was reported to have found a mermaid near Zimbabwe. 

Are there real mermaids?

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Although many reported having seen them, none of them had proof. And so according to science, the presence of mermaids is always rejected.

The mermaids are said to believe by some as bad luck and so no one ever tried going near them or tried speaking to them. 

In 1842, P.T. Barnum created a fake mermaid whereby sewing the head of a monkey and tail of fish and called it a Feejee mermaid caught near Feejee Island. The truth is that no one has actually seen, met, or caught a mermaid. 

The Christopher Columbus reporting of his sighting on the creature is debunked by many experts. As he described them as not so beautiful and faces had some masculine traits. So what has he actually witnessed?

It is found that he has seen a manatee, which is old species that has a length of 33 feet and is also called a sea cow. How can Columbus make such a big mistake by considering manatees as mermaids? Manatees are seen similar to the size of a man when seen from far. Their front flippers resemble an arm from the distance and their round heads and nose would have been seen as a man with a mustache. Even the experts who have studied manatees agree about this and reported that with a right light and angle manatees can be seen as a person. 

The mermaid skeleton discovered was brought to investigate and it was found as the dugong, which is the species of manatees and this was published in 1830. 

Can a mermaid function with such a body?


The human body is created in a way where it cannot withstand life in the cold oceanic water. Also, the human and fish are branched out into two entirely different species and so mermaids can’t have the best of both worlds. It can be complicated in reproduction as humans feed milk, while fish lay eggs. And also their digestive system is not made to suit both organisms. 

Is the mystery of mermaids solved?

Even after so many experiments and researchers, although they say mermaids don’t exist, it is found that 80% of the ocean is still unmapped and unexplored. So maybe mermaids exist and we have not yet found the existence of mermaids. Platypus is a mammal, and mammals give birth and feed milk. But platypus, although was said to be a mammal, lays eggs and feeds milk. The existence of platypus was once rejected by science but after so many proofs it was accepted. And similarly, although science rejects the existence of mermaids, there are probabilities of finding them in the future and accepting it. Until that, the existence of mermaids and mermen will remain a mystery.  

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