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Is there a life after death? What happens after death? These questions would surely have crossed your mind but this remains a mystery. During our childhood, we would have heard that when someone dies, they used to say that they have reached god, and they have a concept of hell and heaven. But what perspective has science on the concept of after death? Anything that is born should die one day, but no one knows what happens after death. This is researched for years, and experiments are done based on them. 

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Experiments on after death

There was an experiment conducted on 154 people, who were near to experience death in Spain. Among them, 87% saw spirits around them, and the remaining saw flashlights and felt peace while replaying the memories. 

There was an experiment conducted by Dr. Duncan Macdougall in 1907, placing dying patients placed on a sensitive balance. He was trying to weigh the human soul. He placed six dying patients on a specially constructed balance and said that at the moment of death there was a loss of weight around 3 quarters or 21 grams, and said that therefore the weight of the soul is 21 grams. He controlled for weight loss due to urine and fecal eliminations and said that they could not account for the change in weight. After weighing his six patients he went to check on 15 dogs, and he found no weight loss at the moment they expired. 

Facts about after death

There were some other facts that were found to happen after death. 

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Most of them, who have experienced near-death, have said that they saw a flashlight far away. But when someone dies, what is its thought process? Will the brain work? How is it possible for them to be conscious even after death?

When death happens, the heart will stop pumping and there will only be a clinical death. But the brain will still be active and electric signals are found in the brain. It will remain active for 8 to 10 minutes. And that is why they use to pump the heart when someone heart’s stops. 

After the clinical death occurred, the pulse and pupils will stop but still the patient experiences the same kind of brain waves that happens during deep sleep. The brain will stop after 8 to 10 minutes and then happens the biological death. 

After the biological death, the body cleanses by releasing the waste matter like what is eaten before the day of death. This is due to the relaxation of muscles and so it releases the waste in the form of urine from the bladder, saliva from the mouth, and stool from the rectum. 

Then happens the creation of smell of the body. A dead body releases around 30 different compounds along with various gases. Several compounds have recognizable odors and produce a smell like rotting flesh. This is due to the presence of bacteria while the body decomposes. 

Then the body rapidly cools down until reaches room temperature and the gas builds up inside the body, making the muscles expand, eyes get pushed out and the tongue gets out of the mouth. The dead body of the men will sometimes be erect. 

After death, the gas will try to go out in some way, and that is why when a pregnant mother dies during delivery, the gas comes out of the body by pushing the baby out. 

The soft skins in the body will start getting into liquid. 

When a dead body is kept in an open environment it will take 2 months to be a skeleton due to rain, hotness, and climates. But when the body is buried inside, it takes 8 years to become a skeleton. 

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