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Welcome to our Mystery Friday, where we share interesting mystery stories happening around the world. The mystery is known as something that is hard to understand and cannot be clearly explained because of unknown reasons. We would like to share a variety of mystery stories for our readers to enjoy. 

Superstitious is a custom practice or belief that is caused by fear or devotion and blindly accepted by certain people. Thailand’s people are really superstitious and their culture includes traditions and beliefs of supernaturals. Mainly they have so much belief in ghosts such as haunting sounds, dolls, houses, and spirits embodying souls. Here are such mystery horrifying ghosts believed by Thailand.

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Phi Am in Thailand

Many cases have been reported about being paralyzed in their sleep having feelings like some weight on their chest, and difficulties in moving. This only sounds hilarious for people who have never experienced but still when there are so many such stories reported, it is still a mystery for many people, which cannot be explained.  

People in Thailand believe Phi Am, which is a spirit and is said to cause discomfort while sleeping. People feel hard to move even after they wake up from their sleep. The Phi Am ghost sits on their chest and this causes an uncomfortable feeling for them. This sometimes even leads to death while they sleep.  They also believe that it doesn’t attack women instead troubles the men. Some men will even wear lipsticks to trick Phi Am pretending to be females so that it wouldn’t attack.

Scientifically this is known as sleep paralysis, but Thais believe that this happens due to the haunting of ghosts. This might also be a disorder, as science proves that sleep paralysis is experienced by many people in the world, and it is caused due to sleeping on the back, lack of sleep or irregular sleeping schedules, or stress. When it occurs people might hear sounds of opening doorknob and footsteps, feel a threatening presence, pressure on the chest, floating or flying. These can also be hallucinations that lead to horrifying experiences.

Mae Nak mystery in Thailand

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Mae Nak is one of the ghosts believed by the Thailand people, and she was said to be a beautiful girl who was truly in love with her husband. When she was pregnant, her husband was called up to fight in a battle and so she was left alone to look after herself and her unborn baby. While giving birth, she died in pain along with the child. As she died before her husband’s arrival and her yearning for him to return safely from the battle, didn’t allow her soul to rest.

Because of her pain and suffering, she haunts by singing lullabies. The villagers claimed that they will hear the sounds of the crying baby along with Mae Nak’s lullaby, and sometimes with great sadness, she would call her husband Mak These haunting sounds fear the whole village, where they are scared of coming out from the house.

Later when the husband Mak returned from the battle, he found and realized that his wife and child are no more and the villagers informed him that she is now a ghost and how her activities are haunting the village. So that Mak along with the villagers seek help from the monks in the temple, and they confined Mae Nak into a pot by conducting rituals related to exorcism and threw it into a river.

But it is believed that the pot was opened accidentally and she caused damage to the village. And so a skilled monk put her soul to rest permanently by digging her body by reciting ancient spells. Although this is a belief in Thailand it is a mystery for the people around the world, on the ghost of Mae Nak because these incidents happened whether they are real or not.

There is a shrine built for Mae Nak in her burial place, and the Thailand people visit to wish for luck and fortune. She is specially known to be a patron deity for people who attend military service. But expectant mothers are said to avoid her, as she is has no specialty in pregnancy.

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