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We have explored many things in the world, but still, the earth consists of a lot of mysterious things that are hard to find out. And one of them is the mysterious islands. Obviously, nature is full of mysterious things and it never fails to put humans in shock. 

Islands are pieces of land that are located in the middle of the water bodies like seas and oceans. And most of these Islands are explored well and their secrets are learned many years ago, but still,, there are a few remaining to be mysterious. So in this section, we will be exploring a few mysterious islands that would be strange to hear about. 

There are Islands that are shown on the map for centuries but would have suddenly appeared to vanish. Some remote Islands are described to be dangerous, and filled with secrets about how they have been destroyed and abandoned. 

Some Islands can be mysterious with haunting memories and it would be disturbing for those who wanted to visit them, while some islands remain unexplainable for those who study them. They can be mysterious due to their origin or fate. 

Mysterious Islands to explore

Sandy Island 

Sandy Island is a strange strip of land in New Caledonia in the south Pacific.  This Island has remained mysterious for many years.  This Island was included on many maps and on Google for at least a decade, and it became a subject that increased the curiosity and interest find the island in 2012. When the scientist went to the area to find the sandy Island,  they were shocked to find nothing and there were only blue waves from the sea. 

They found ocean depths to be more than 4,300 feet and they suggested that there was no chance of anything to be lurking beneath the water. The navigation charts on board the ship showed a water depth of 1,400 meters in that area, which is very deep. 

It is confusing because an island that is nowhere, in reality, was found on the maps for decades. No official explanation was given as to why several sightings of Sandy Island have been seen for so many years. But experts believe that the remains of the Island may be floating on some submerged volcano. 

Palmyra Atoll

Palmyra beach

When you view Palmyra, it looks like an archetypal image of a tropical island paradise. It is in fact a ring-shaped scattering of small islets made of coral and overgrown with dense rainforest vegetation. This is located about 1000 miles southeast of the Hawaiian Islands. The place is with untouched nature, reefs, and lagoons. This Mysterious Island attracts people like a magnet or a powerful drug, and so people will find it interesting to visit. 

But this island is said to be filled with paranormal incidents and believed to be haunted. History on this Island is filled with tragic events.  People who tried to swim to the island were found to be drowned or eaten by sharks.  The people who miraculously escaped said that they would not return to this land under any circumstances. In 1798, an American ship Betsy was heading from America to Asia, but it ran into reefs near this island.  During the two months of their stay, out of 10 people, only three remained. And survivors said that everyone was killed by the island. 

In 1870,  an American ship called Angel disappeared off the coast of palmyra.  And later the corpses of the team members were found on this Island.  Everyone was killed by a violent death,  but it was unknown who killed them. Palmyra is said to be a Mysterious Island because they believe that it is a  cursed place.  It is described as strong undeniably black.  

Isla Bermeja

This dates back to the maps from the 1700s and was shown off the Yucatan Peninsula’s coast. It is claimed to be at a greater distance than any other island in Mexico.  And it was the Island the country needed to extend the claim on Offshore oil and stop the United States’ intrusion in the interest of Mexico in that department.  The island was supposed to be 55 nautical miles farther than Mexico’s 200-nautical-mile  territorial limit. So by claiming it,  Mexico thought to extend its oil claim into the middle of the gulf. 

But it became a problem when in 2009,  the national autonomous university of Mexico concluded that there is no existence of such an Island.  They used underwater sensing devices and the search team to find the island anywhere in the area in which the maps indicated it should be.  Still, they plan to continue the search of the country hoping it to be somewhere else.  But they were not able to find it. 

The Island was first reported to be missing in 1997 when the Navy fishing expedition was unable to find it. 

Island of the dolls

Mysterious island of the dolls

The Island of the dolls is just outside Mexico City, and it is known as the most bizarre place. This is considered to be a mysterious island because it has decaying dolls hanging from the branches of the trees. 

This is a small island known to the locals of Mexico City as Isla de las Muñecas, and the Island of the dolls is a mysterious Island with a crazy and strange past. It is said to be haunted by the ghosts of dead children. It is covered with dolls possessed by spirits of dead children. People who visit the Island have said to have heard strange noises and seen dolls moving on their own. 

There is a story behind the island of the dolls. At first, this island was created to become a tourist attraction. But one day, they found a dead body of a girl on the island. These girls drowned under mysterious circumstances. There was a caretaker of the Island called Don Julian Santana Barrera and he was rarely seen by others. He was the one who found the drowned girl and he said that he tried his best to save her but failed. 

Days later, he found a doll that had washed up, so he hung it on a tree to respect her spirit. He became haunted by images of the little girl in his dreams and he started to hand more dolls in the trees 

Whenever she came in her dreams, he used to hang a doll. The hundreds of dolls on the island are said to carry this poor lost girl’s soul-spirit. In 2001, he was found drowned in the exact same spot where he claimed that he found the dead girl.

Poveglia Island

Poveglia hospital

It is located in the south  Lagoon between Venice and Lido. This place is known to be a small Italian island and for centuries it remained as a place of exile and dumped ground for deceased, diseased, and dead.  It was in 421, that The Mysterious Island welcomed the first inhabitants.  For centuries this community lived a peaceful life and avoided the laws and taxes of the mainland.  By the 14th century, the population diminished and once again the Island became abandoned. 

In 1348, the Bubonic Plague arrived in Venice and Poveglia. The plague killed 1 out of 3 Europeans. Fearing the spread of the disease, Venice sent many of the citizens who had symptoms of the disease to this Island, as a death sentence. In the center of the island, the dead and those who were too sick were burnt on giant pyres. Once again when the black death again swept the city in 1630, they did this again. 

In the late 1800s, the mentally ill resided in an asylum in Poveglia. Rather than rehabilitation, this place was used as a place of exile. It was rumored that in the 1930s, a doctor performed strange experiments on patients and he went mad and threw himself from a tall bell tower. The locals claim to hear echoes from the lonely island. 

Today the entire island is closed and it is prohibited for the locals and the tourists to visit the island. In recent years, the Italian construction crews attempted to restore the former hospital but stopped it suddenly without any explanation. 

Socotra Island 

Socotra mysterious island

Socotra Island in Yemen is considered to have a land of mystery. It lies in the Indian Ocean between the Arabian Peninsula and the Horn of Africa and is located some 240km east of Cape Guardafui and some 380km south of Ras Furtak. This looks like an alien planet and looks unique due to the arid conditions, isolation, and temperature extremes of the remote locations. 

70 percent of the island is being set aside as a national park, and a third of its plant life can be found nowhere else on earth. The plants look like planted upside down. There is a tree called dragon’s blood tree which is devoid of leaves making it look as though the branches are the tree’s roots, and the tree is growing upside down. This is used for medicinal value as well as to produce fabric dye, incense, and stained wood.  The Bottle Tree of the island is adapted to store water in a dry climate.  It has a thick trunk with few limbs and gives rise to clusters of much thinner branches ending in thick clumps. 

It is surrounded by turquoise water and features huge Limestone caves.  The only mammal that is native to Socotra is the bats.  In the cave walls, you can find messages carved in a variety of languages. The people who are residing on this mysterious Island also look unique.  They have a DNA haplogroup that is possessed by no other people on earth.

Floating eye Island

This is a small and mysterious island located in the delta of the Parana river between Buenos Aires and Campana, Argentina. This island is a perfect circle of 120 meters with a thin strip of land. This rotates on itself. 

This is also considered unique because it floats between the clear and frozen waters of the pool and this unusual phenomenon is simply perfect but seems to be fake. It continuously rotates around its axis and the scientists say that this strange movement is due to the presence of large natural wells that create the streams of water and makes it capable of moving the island. 

The rotating island seems to collide with the surrounding earth, by giving the push it needs and causing detachment of the muddy portion. But apart from the science, some believe that the rotation is no natural phenomenon by a supernatural one that is linked to alien life.  

Snake island

Snake island

In the first place, it is difficult to go into this place, moreover, if you get in, it is impossible to come out alive. It is spread with 2000 to 4000 golden lancehead vipers, which is one of the deadliest snakes in the entire world.

This is called Ilha da Queimada Grande and it is a small island that lies off the coast of the southeastern portion of brazil. 

They kill a person in under an hour. A fisherman landed on the island in search of bananas, but days later, he was discovered in his boat, dead in blood with snake bites. 

From 1909 to 1920, a few people lived on the island to run a lighthouse, but the lighthouse keeper along with his entire family died when a cadre of snakes came into his home through the windows. 

They claim that the snakes were put in the place by the pirates to protect their gold. But in reality, the population of snakes evolved over thousands of years without the intervention of humans. 

The Brazilian government has closed off access to this island to protect humans and snakes. But the Brazilian Navy goes to the lighthouse to make repairs every year. A few researchers are allowed to go to the island with specific approval and they should have a certified doctor to accompany them. 

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