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Not everything in the world happens theoretically with explanations and logic. There are so many mysterious events that happen coincidently and when you hear those stories, you would think that they are just fictional. But the truth is that they are actually real.

The nurse who survived all the ship accidents, and the twin’s life, novels written about future real incidents, and a few other incidents that can make you feel unbelievable. 

Sometimes you might have heard about a few people’s birthdays and death day would be the same. Why is it?  What really makes it happen? They are known to be just coincidences. But there are a few mysterious events that happened coincidently without a proper explanation. 

Mysterious events that happened coincidently

Three survivors named Hugh Williams 

hugh william survivors

The Island of Anglesey is an Island off the northwest coast of Wales forming an area the Isle of Anglesey. It is at 260 square miles (673 km2) and the largest in Wales, and the seventh largest in Britain. It is separated from the North Wales mainland by the Menai Strait.

During the December period, it is dangerous for the ships to travel due to the rough sea and the ships would wreck. Each time the ships get wrecked, everyone died. So the place is known for the shipwrecks and other deadly maritime incidents that frequently occurred.

But during the years 1664, 1785, and 1820, all 3 ships perished at the same location off the coast of Wales and on the same day which is 5th December. All three ships had only one survivor. 

The shocking thing was that all three survivors had the same name “Hugh Williams”. 

In 1785, the boat carried 55 people and it ran aground on a sandbank. Only one person survived. In the year 1664, on the 5th of December, a boat on the Menai crossing that strait, with eighty-one passengers, was upset, and only one passenger named Hugh Williams, was saved. 

This story features in the Guide to North Wales stated that this is an extraordinary coincidence. By 1888, the tale appears to have gone global, and it is included in newspapers in the US.

It is said that the name Hugh Williams is fairly common and the waters off North Wales are treacherous. Almost two hundred years, it is said that it is not that unlikely that there would be three sole survivors of shipwrecks who had the same name. Two on the same day of the month is less likely, though over more than 100 years. 

Incidence during Jason and Jenny when on vacation

Jason Cairns-Lawrence and his partner Jenny used to go on holidays but whenever they go stuff happens. This couple is from the Midlands of England. Jason is a sales agent with a metal plating company in Birmingham and Jenny is a dental laboratory worker. 

It happened to be enjoying a break and went to New York on September 11, 2001. When they visited, hijackers flew into the World Trade Center. An estimated 3,000 people perished when the twin towers came tumbling down in images that defined the Bush presidency. 

attack on world trade center

Then they wondered to go on a holiday that would be safe. They went to London on July 7, 2005. But at that time,  four young British suicide bombers made a tragedy to the Underground and bus network. The death toll was 52, while 700 were injured.

Then they thought to go to Mumbai, India, and bought tickets for India. They stayed in the Colaba area. But at that time, the city was attacked by terrorists on the night of November 26 where nearly 180 people were killed. 

Jason and Jenny grabbed the attention of the media in the UK. A report in the Sunday Mercury in Birmingham has been followed up by Sky News as well as several national papers. 

The Titanic incident was predicted in the past

Morgan Robertson (1861-1915), is an American author who used to write short stories and novels. He wrote a novel that went viral and became popular. 

Morgan Robertson was born five months after the Civil War started,  in  Oswego, New Jersey.  His father Andrew was a ship captain patrolling the Great Lakes. Morgon served in the Merchant Marines From 1877 to 1886. 

Robertson began to write stories of the sea around 35 years of age. He got interested in writing when he was given stories of the sea. It was when he noticed inaccuracies in them and decided that he could write accurate ones. Robertson wrote more than 200 stories which found their way into 14 books.

In 1898, Robertson published a 69-page novella called “Futility”. He wrote a massive British passenger ocean liner named the SS Titan. He wrote about an unsinkable ship that does not carry enough lifeboats for all of its passengers and crew abroad. He wrote that on an Atlantic crossing in April, it collides with an iceberg and sinks in the North Atlantic where almost all aboard died. 

Titanic predition in the past is a mysterious events

14 years after the book was published, the Titanic ship sank on April 14, 1912. The incidence was so similar when the Titanic ship was known to be unsinkable carrying a few lifeboats because it is unsinkable. Everyone was shocked to find that the author has predicted the future 14 years before. 

When this novel was written, Titanic was not even conceptualized. There were many similarities. 

In the novel, it was the Titan ship and in reality, it is Titanic. The fictional Titan was 800 ft long, while the real Titanic was 882 ft long. 

The fictional Titan moved at 25 knots and struck an iceberg on the standard side on the night of April, at midnight in the North Atlantic, 400 nautical miles from Newfoundland. While the real Titanic moved at 22½ knots and struck an iceberg on the night of April 14, 1912, at 11:40 PM, in the North Atlantic, 400 nautical miles from Newfoundland.

Both the Titan and the Titanic were described as “unsinkable.” Also, they were described as the largest craft afloat and the greatest of the works of men. There were also dissimilarities in the traveling route, sinking time, and sea conditions. 

Cannibalism at the sea

One of the extremely strange coincidences is the tale of Richard Parker. An Author named Edgar Allan Poe wrote an 1838 short story where a character named Richard Parker is eaten by a fellow stranded sailor who was in hunger. 

The story he wrote was 4 men struck in the sea after a ship accident and survived using a lifeboat. They did not have food for days and in hunger 3 of the men ate the other man named Richard Parker. 

There was an English Yacht Midnonette that set sail for Sydney, Australia from Southampton, England in 1884. The Mignonette sank leaving for Shipmates in a Lifeboat. For days, they were struggling without food and water and the crew resolved to avoid drinking seawater as it was known to cause extreme dehydration which could lead to hallucinations, convulsions, and painful death. 

But one of the boys, dying of thirst fell into a coma after drinking seawater. 

The crew thought he was going to die anyway and they killed the boy to drink his blood and ate him so that they could survive. This boy who was eaten by his shipmates was called Richard Parker. 

Only four days later, on the 29th of July, another ship was sighted, the German sailing boat Montezuma picked up the survivors and returned them to Falmouth, Cornwall on the 6th of September. 

This cannibalism was a mystery event where a short story written in 1838 happened in reality in the year 1884. The strange thing is the victim in the novel and the real victim had the same name, Richard Parker. 

Richard Parker Tombstone

Bruce Lee’s film predicted his son’s death

Mysterious events of coincidence have also happened in the life of Bruce Lee. 

Bruce Lee remains the greatest icon of martial arts cinema and a key figure in modern popular media. Bruce Lee was a revered martial artist, actor, and filmmaker known for movies like ‘Fists of Fury’ and ‘Enter the Dragon,’. 

In 1973 Bruce Lee died while making Game of Death, a film about a retired champion martial artist who must fight his way to the top of a pagoda to save his brother and sister. In the film, Bruce lee, the hero dies when he has shot accidentally with a prop gun. 

The coincidence is that in 1993, 15 years after Game of Death was released, Lee’s son Brandon Lee was killed in real after he was accidentally shot with a prop gun while filming The Crow. 

The similarity is Game of Death was the 5th movie by Bruce Lee and The Crow was the 5th movie by Brandon Lee

Mystery event of violet Jessop’s survival

Violet Constance Jessop was a 24-year-old stewardess onboard the Titanic. Her career at sea started in 1908 aboard Royal Mail carriers but in 1910 she joined the White Star Line to work on passenger liners.

In 1908, she was hired by the White Star Line to serve aboard the Majestic. 

In 1910 she worked aboard the Olympics. One year later, the Olympics collided with HMS Hawke, a ship designed to sink ships by ramming them. Although both ships had considerable damage, the ship did not sink and made it back to port. Violet survived without any harm. 

Violet Jesop escaped in lifeboat

A couple of years later, violet took a job on board the unsinkable ship the Titanic. Violet Jessop was ordered to get into the boat to show some women it was safe. In the lifeboat, Violet was handed a baby to care for. When they were rescued by the Carpathia, the baby’s mother trapped the baby out of Violet’s arms and ran off. So she was able to survive that tragedy. 

These mystery events of coincidence continued. Then Violet decided to serve as a nurse on board the Britannic that was operating in the Aegean sea just before World War I. This sustained damage and started sinking after running into a mine that had been planted by a German U-boat. 

Violet Jessop found it unable to reach a lifeboat and so she jumped overboard. She leaped into the water but was sucked under the ship’s keel which struck her head. But she escaped. 

Even after facing such disasters on the ship, she was able to survive all three making it to be one of the mysterious events. 

Twins named Jim

A pair of identical twin brothers were separated at Birth in 1940 and were put up for adoption. they were separated at 4 weeks old and for 37 years and they hardly know each other’s existence as they lived a mere 40 miles from each other  When they met at the age of 39 they were surprised because both the boys had been named Jim by the adoptive parents.

The more surprising thing was everything that was in your life was exactly similar. 

The first twin Jim Lewis had a brother Larry and a dog called Toy.  He was interested in mathematics and woodwork but was not interested in spelling.   He was working as a security guard. He married a woman named Linda but divorced after a number of years together. He married his second wife Betty and had a son called James Alan.  He was a chain smoker and was suffering from migraines and drove a Chevrolet. 

While if you see the life of Jim Springer, the other twin, he had a brother called Larry and a dog Toy.  He enjoyed mathematics and woodwork and disliked spelling.  He worked as a Deputy Sheriff.  He also married a woman named Linda and got divorced after a number of years. He then remarried his second wife, Betty, and had a son called James Allan.  He was a chain smoker, suffering from migraines, and drove a Chevrolet. 

It sounds like it is almost made up,  and these circumstances are extraordinary where their lives co-existed in parallel lines of one another.

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