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mysterious disappearances

There are lots of famous mysterious disappearances that are unexplainable. You probably might have heard about incidents like the Titanic, the Bermuda Triangle, missing trains, time-traveling planes, and strange black holes.

But with some critical thinking and understanding, you can somewhat get to know what is going on in such incidents. But in this article, we are going to see about the mysterious disappearances of people that are almost impossible to solve. 

There are no leads, no clues, and no theories that make any sense of it. Read to know the most popular cases of mysterious disappearances that had no real explanation. 

Mysterious disappearances of Martha Wright

It was in 1975, a man named Jackson Wright was driving with his wife Martha Wright from New Jersey to New York City. It was a bit hot in the cabin, so Jackson turned on his ac. The road leads them into Lincoln Tunnel. 

After a few minutes, Jackson started to wipe the windshield holding his hand on the wheel to get off the condensation on the glass due to the unstable conditioner. 

The rear window is also slightly fogged, so Jackson slowed down and stopped the car. His wife Martha went to clean off the back window so they could more readily go on with their trip. Jackson was wiping the front window for a few seconds and when he turned back, he couldn’t find Martha.

He neither heard nor saw anything unusual take place. She vanished but all the doors were closed and it was the only car in the tunnel. Jackson first thought, that it could be a Joke, and carefully looked everywhere, but he didn’t find her. 

Jackson contacted the police and the investigation began. People who passed by the tunnel that day were interviewed by the detectives. All the streets and nearest basements were carefully studied. 

Martha wright mysterious disappearance inside Lincoln tunnel

At first, it was said that the real reason for Martha’s mysterious disappearance is her husband and he made up the whole story as an excuse. But there was no conclusive evidence. It seemed like Martha wright did not exist at all.  Jackson couldn’t get over the fact that no one could explain the disappearance of his wife.  Jackson drove through that tunnel many times hoping that one day his missing wife would appear. 

The assumption is that there could be corridors that connect the lincoln tunnel to the sewer system or the subway. So someone could have taken Martha wright out of her car.  They believe it to be the mole people who live in the underground labyrinths of the New York Subway. 

There are rumors about them saying that the mole people refuse to live like ordinary citizens of the city and prefer to live underground.  They have no contact with sunlight and can see in the dark.  It is said that their diet consists of rats and trash and they crawl on all fours and climb walls. 

They have developed a sense of smell and could sense an uninvited Guest from afar.  Sometimes they get out of the tunnel to get Provisions or food. So it is said that the mole people could have crept up to the car and could have grabbed Martha. 

But on the other hand, all the stories are said to be fictional.  It is said that all those people who live in underground tunnel systems do not look like moles and eat normal food. 

The interesting part comes when you look at the story from a different angle. Where both Jackson and Martha are coming from? where were they exactly going,? and their friends, and relatives.  If you consider these things,  you could find no information about this couple on the internet.

Even if you check out phone directories and database marriage registrations, you won’t find Martha and Jackson or their friends or relatives. 

But the strange thing is the mysterious disappearance of Martha Wright is famous after all those big newspapers wrote about it. Even some covered on the tv.  If you search in Google books, it describes a mystical tale with no evidence. 

Vanishing of Emanuela Orlandi in the Vatican

In June 1983, on a summer evening, Emanuela Orlandi disappeared from the Vatican City in central Rome.  She was the daughter of a prominent Vatican employee, who enjoyed the religious centers and often ran into Pope John Paul II. 

Orlandi’s disappearance on June 22nd came up with kaleidoscopic conspiracy theories including Vatican Satanists, sacrifice, the Italian mafia, and more. 

The incident took place after she attended her routine music lessons.  After music class, Orlandi called her sister to tell her that a representative from Avon Cosmetics had offered her a job.  But Olarndi fail to return home the following day.  And her mysterious disappearance was declared a missing-person case.

Emanuela Orlandi disappearance

A witness reported seeing the girl entering a green BMW near the music school on the night of her disappearance. Shortly after this surfaced, the Orlandis received an ominous phone call promising to return the girl if the Vatican released Mehmet Ali Agca, a Turkish National who was languishing in prison for having attempted to assassinate the Pope. But the proof was fruitless. 

There were suggestions that the Rome-based crime syndicate Banda Della Magliana kidnapped Orlandi to force the Vatican to pay them back for an outstanding loan. 

Some theories claim that the Vatican, local police, and high-profile lawmakers kidnapped her and forced her into sexual servitude.  

In 2019, a tip suggested that Orlandi had been buried in a Vatican tomb but this tip too yielded no results. Her family has organized demonstrations in recent years, hoping to spur a renewed investigation into her unsolved disappearance, but to no avail.

James Tetford 

During the 1940s, James Tetford, a 56-year-old war veteran resided in the small, quiet town of Fletcher Town, in Franklin, Vermont. His life was quiet and contented with his much younger wife 28-year-old Pearl Tedford. 

They would have led a normal life, but things began to get strange when World War II came. Tedford went off for a second tour of duty. When he left, things between him and Pearl were good with no known problems between the two.

When Tedford returned, he found his wife to be normal at first but shortly after coming back home he returned one day to find the house empty and Pearl nowhere to be seen, even though she was supposed to be there.

He found the house to be completed in order and there was even a meal that was out that she had been preparing. James assumed that she had stepped out for a moment and thought nothing of it at first. But in the late evening, Pearl still had not arrived home. Tedford began to worry. He spoke to neighbors and locals and found that she had been seen that day on her way to an Amoco store in town and that she had seemed completely normal.

She was in good spirits and didn’t exhibit any signs of distress or any problems. Police were notified when she had still not returned by the following day but they could not find any trace of her. The idea was that she had run off and it was confusing that she was seen in completely normal spirits and she did not leave a note behind and half prepared meal. 

No one had a clue, and Pearl Tedford would never be seen again.

The sudden vanishing of his beloved wife left Tedford in utter shambles. He fell into a deep depression. He was barely ever seen leaving his house and would sit alone and stare at the wall. He eventually moved into the Soldier’s Retirement Home in Bennington, Vermont in 1947, and had no friends. 

Some relatives lived in St. Albans, Vermont, which was about an 8-hour bus ride over Route 7 and through the rugged Green Mountain wilderness area. It was a trip he took on occasion to visit them. In December 1949,  he went to see them for a few days. After visiting he went to the bus station to take the journey back to his retirement home. It seems that somewhere along this trip, James Tedford would evaporate into thin air.

James Tetford mysterious disappearance in the bus

Efforts were made to find out where he had gone. The 15 passengers who had been on the same bus told authorities that Tedford had gotten onto the bus, and his luggage, cash, and all of his belongings were left stowed and abandoned on the bus. 

Tedford had last been seen sleeping soundly in his seat, but no one reportedly paid much attention to him. The bus had made no stops along the way and there was seemingly no way for him to get off a moving bus without anyone noticing. Tedford has never been heard from again. 

The disappearance of Dennis Martin

In June 1969, Dennis Lloyd Martin walked off to play a prank on his dad and never returned. On June 13, 1969, Dennis Martin and his brother went on a camping trip with his father William Martin. 

It was Father’s Day weekend, so the family planned to hike through the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. It was their family tradition. The first day went smoothly where the Six-year-old Dennis managed to keep up with the hikers and on the second day Martins met up with family friends. 

They hiked in the highland meadow in the western Smokies popular for its views. As the adults gazed, the boys snuck off to pull a prank on the parents. During the prank, the older boys jumped out, laughing but Dennis was no longer with them. William began calling for Dennis, confident the boy would respond. But there was no answer.

The adults searched the nearby forest and looked for Dennis. William covered miles of trails, frantically calling for Dennis.  Clyde, Dennis’s grandfather, hiked nine miles to the Cades Cove ranger station for help. 

When night fell, there was a thunderstorm and the storm dropped three inches of rain washing out the trials and leaving behind no evidence of Dennis Martin, and his footprints. 

Dennis martin lost in the smoky mountains

On June 15, 1969, at 5 a.m. the National Park Service put together a crew of 30. The search party quickly swelled to 240 people, as volunteers poured in. The search party soon included park rangers, college students, firefighters, Boy Scouts, police, and 60 Green Berets. The searchers crossed the national park looking for evidence.

Even helicopters and planes took to the air to search a growing patch of the national park. On June 20th, it was Dennis’s 7th birthday. Nearly 00 people participated in the search. They included members of the Air National Guard, the U.S. Coast Guard, and the National Park Service.

Over 13,000 hours of searching yielded nothing. And as the days flew past, it became more and more clear that the boy would not be found alive.

More than half a century later, no one knows what happened to Dennis Martin the day he went missing in the Smoky Mountains. 

There were many theories from abduction to having died of exposure and being eaten by a bear or feral pigs in the park. While some people believe Dennis Martin was the victim of a more vicious attack by cannibalistic feral humans who are said to live undetected in the national park. 

And the reason nothing was ever found of his body or clothing was that they were hidden far from view in the safety of their colony.

Years after the disappearance of Dennis, a ginseng hunter found a child’s skeleton about three miles downhill from where Dennis went missing. The man waited to report the skeleton since he had illegally taken ginseng from the national park. But in 1985, the ginseng hunter contacted a park service ranger. The ranger put together a group of 30 seasoned rescuers. But they could not find the skeleton.

Dennis vanished into the woods and his family never saw him again. This child’s disappearance would launch the largest search and rescue effort in the park’s history.

Final thoughts

There are many more stories based on mysterious disappearances but no one knew what happened to them. There are many assumptions and different theories based on what would have happened to them, but there is no exact proof to confirm them. 

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