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Mona Lisa mystery

Mona Lisa mystery behind her smile proves that even mysteries are involved in paintings too.

We are happy in sharing interesting facts with our readers. The world consists of many mysteries that are still hard to solve. It urges a curiosity about what really it is. In this section, such an unsolved mystery is brought to our readers. Today we are going to look at the mysteries involved in the most famous painting called ‘Monalisa’ a creation by Leonardo da Vinci. The beauty and the artistic attributes of the painting have bought universal fame to the painting.

Leonardo da Vinci is an Italian painter and a true renaissance man. He had scientific thoughts and applied the aspects of science to his painting works and it is a part of the story of humans. He did several paintings and Monalisa is one of his iconic creations. The painting Monalisa is a revolutionary painting and is known as ‘La Gioconda’ and it is drawn using oil paint in the wood.

The painting is drawn with the aerial perspective and consists of a winding road and bridge and it is a visual representation of the idea of happiness from the meaning of the Italian word ‘Gioconda’. It is 77 * 53 cm (30*20.8 inches) in size. The painting is owned by the government of France and it is situated on the wall of the Louvre in Paris. A painting is seen and viewed in many angles and perspectives along with different speculations and so Monalisa too is admired with so many speculations, opinions, and theories.

The painting is said to be more mesmerizing and addictive that one cannot take his/her eye away and many loved and wished to possess it in their place. Monalisa is a simple painting when you roughly look at it, But the specialty is the Mona Lisa mystery. The painting is created with a lot of letters, sentences, and numbers and so the painting is filled with so many speculations defining that it contains information about aliens, earth, the future of humans, and other facts. It is still a mystery of what is Da Vinci trying to say through the painting.

Mystery of Mona Lisa

Mona Lisa is said to be a real person

The first question that arises in the Mona Lisa mystery is who is Monalisa? There are many assumptions and theories behind this question.

It is believed that Monalisa is the portrait of a 24-year-old woman called Lisa Gherardini Del Giocondo who is the wife of a silk merchant in Florence. In 1503 she was 24 years, Da Vinci drew it with the admiration of her pose where her head turned forward and her body was angled from the view, which is known as the Contrapposto pose. He used his Sfumato technique, by blurring the sharp edges to create a lifelike effect. This is recognized as an awesome technical innovation.  

But some believe that Monalisa was a noblewoman while some say that they see a face of a man in the painting, where Da Vinci has drawn himself or he has drawn a man who was his assistant for his 20 years who is believed to be Leonardo’s lover Gian Giacomo Caprotti. It is also believed that the picture was a portrait of life but he created it as a concept of the vision of a feminine over the years of working on the picture.

Mona Lisa mystery behind her smile

mona lisa 690203 1920

The elusive smile of the Mona Lisa mystery is another notable thing in the painting and it seems mysterious.

Leonardo Da Vinci has created an unusual effect that the smile varies based on where we look. If we look at the mouth it doesn’t seem like she is smiling but her eyes define as smiling. This is because of the shadows in the corners of her mouth that make her smile broader, but when it is directly viewed the smile is not seen. When the viewer looks at her eyes, the mouth seems to be peripheral vision giving a black and white effect. The variability of her smile gives an authentic feel to the picture by making her seem alive. This is said to be the mystery behind her smile

Hidden letters in the painting

There are hidden letters in the painting and it is believed by some that it is the answers to the mysteries.

The letters and numbers were minute and were painted with tiny brushes and magnifying glasses and they are clues to find the person in the painting. There are so many theories and assumptions where it is said that in her right pupil there are letters like L and V, which refers to Leonardo, and S in her left pupil refers to the Sforza dynasty that ruled Milan and the numbers 7 and 2 in the bridge refer to the association of Christianity and Judaism and 2 refers to the duality of the gender. But some identified it as a bridge in Trebbia which was washed out in 1472. But the exact thing behind these initials is still a mystery.

Mona Lisa was believed to be unwell.

Another Mona Lisa mystery is that the woman in the painting is seen from many perspectives and it is said that she was probably pregnant when she posed for the painting. She was wearing a fine, thin, and transparent veil on her shoulder and it is said that women expecting a baby will wear the transparent garment. But as the painting got old, the colors became dark and it is hard to define the exact color of her dress.

Other than the swelling around her eyes and it was diagnosed that she might have excess cholesterol, and other conditions like deafness, and facial paralysis. And according to the dentists, the line of her top lip says about her missing teeth with a scar on her lip, and there are opinions that she was a victim of domestic violence.

Mona Lisa depicts an alien in the painting

Another mystery hidden in the Mona Lisa mystery painting is a depiction of an alien in the painting.

When the image is mirrored and joined, a face of a mysterious figure appears, and when the image is enhanced it appears as an alien. And some of them believe his extraordinary abilities with high intellectuals and creativity came from aliens.

As a conclusion, many of the Mona Lisa mystery is created with different theories and assumptions but they are not proved.

The theft of the Mona Lisa painting

pexels lina kivaka 3989820

in 1911, an Italian employee called Vincenzo Perugia, at the louvre stole the painting by slipping it under his clothing in the middle of the night and the location he kept it remained unknown until 1913. Perugia contacted the Italian art dealer Alfredo to bring Mona Lisa to Florence in exchange for a reward from the Italian government, believing the painting had been taken by Napoleon during his stealing of the art.

This 2 years absence of the painting made it more famous in the world. The Mona Lisa mystery behind this is where had Perugia kept the painting and why did he keep it for so long? moreover the reason for him to offer it back simply for relatively a low price is still doubted.

Attack on Monalisa painting

Several attacks were made on the painting and so from the recent attacks, the painting remains undamaged due to its bulletproof glass that shields. In 1956, acid was thrown at the lower part of the Mona Lisa painting and it damaged the painting severely in the museum of Montauban, France. And in the same year on December 30th, a Bolivian named Ugo Ungaza Villegas threw a rock at the art and there was a loss of pigment near the left elbow and it was painted again.

In 1974, a handicapped woman got upset by the policy of the museum and threw red paint at it when it was located at the Tokyo National Museum. On August 2nd, 2009 a Russian woman was disturbed of being denied French citizenship and threw a teacup at the painting in the Louvre museum. After so many attacks, they were able to protect the painting from damage.

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