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You might have heard about an old story of an entire city lost to the city and a culture that has gone overnight. This tale has been told a lot of times, but is it just a tale or a real story? 

The city is said to be Atlantis city, and there is always a question of ‘is the lost city of Atlantis found?’ as it remains a mystery for many years. 

To solve this age-old mystery, a U.S research team analyzed the satellite images of the suspected submerged city which is north of Cadiz, Spain. A vast marshland of the Dona Ann Park was buried and it is believed that they have found the ancient mystery of Atlantis. 

If you are interested in knowing about this lost city, read to know the real mystery, the discovery, and the lost city of Atlantis found.

The mystery of Atlantis city

More than the land, the ocean seems strange as it holds many myths, legends, and mysteries. Although scientists have explained many mysteries, there are a few mysteries found to be unexplained to date. And one of them is the lost city of Atlantis.

lost city Atlantis underwater

The mystery of the lost city of Atlantis dates back more than 2000 years ago. The Greek philosopher Plato was the first to write about the city, and according to him,  Atlantis was a paradise.  He mentioned that the island was very rich and the people who lived there were very powerful.  Many parts of Western Europe in Africa were taken by them.  

The people who lived there were half human and half god and they created the Utopian civilization and became a great naval power. 

The state possessed Advanced Technologies, 10,000 chariots,  a huge number of elephants and bulls along with complex canals. It contained gold, silver, and other precious metals and supported the abundance of exotic wildlife. In the center of the island, lay the great capital city. He also mentioned that people in the city became greedy and that led to their downfall. 

There was only one clue given by him of the city’s location,  and it was ” in front of the pillars of Hercules”. This place is a city near the  Strait of Gibraltar at the western edge of the Mediterranean Sea. He also mentioned that the island was larger than Libya and Asia together 

He also mentioned that Atlantis tried to invade Athens, Greece but failed. In a single day and night of misfortune,  the city sank into the ocean. 

The history of Atlantis

Atlantis was described as an island that consists mostly of mountains in the northern portions,  while in the south it was a Great Plain in an oblong shape that encompassed the island and was spread 555km long and 370 km wide. 

It just said outside the outer ring of water and spread across the plain covering a circle of 17km. It was a densely populated area that held a majority of the population. 

Plato about Atlantis

According to Greek literature,  the land was divided by the Gods and they distributed it among themselves.  Poseidon, the god of sea, storm, earthquakes, and horses,  was given the land of Atlantis.  

After some time, the god fell in love with a  mortal woman, Cleito. To protect her, he made this city on top of a hill, which was on an isolated island in the sea, and named it Atlantis.

The couple gave birth to five pairs of boy twins. The eldest of them was Atlas who was the rightful King of the entire Island and oceans.  While the other brothers were given the parts of the lands to look after. 

But after some time,  a great war took place between the Atlanteans and the Athenians, and the Atlanteans were defeated.  The control over the areas of Europe was broken after the war.  Before the war could continue,  the entire land was sunk to the bottom of the sea, where the people, island, and wealth, was swallowed by the ocean. 

Is the lost city of Atlantis real? 

The historians and archaeologists did not agree on whether the city of Atlantis ever truly existed or not. To support the idea that the city was real were the written records from both the ancient Egyptians and the ancient Romans.

But there was no physical evidence to support the records.  The marine archaeologist when coming across the remains of sunken settlements described them in so many ancient texts,  but none of them included the founding of the remainings of Atlantis. 

You just believe that Greek philosopher Plato is responsible for creating the modern-day concept of Atlantis as a large ancient city that was lost forever under the ocean.  It seems like Plato was writing a moralistic fable that shows the result of corruption and arrogance. 

But also Plato has mentioned that Atlantis existed about 9,000 years before his own time and the story was passed on by poets, priests, and others. 

But the lack of physical support did not stop the people from becoming fascinated by the city.  Almost every year, a discovery is made somewhere in the world, and attempts to claim that it is Atlantis.

For centuries, scholars believed the writings of  Plato on Atlantis as a tale. But an amateur scientist, Minnesota’s U.S. Rep. Ignatius Donnelly published the book on Atlantis saying it was a real place and changed the perspective of the scholars in 1882. 

Is the lost city of Atlantis found? 

The U.S.led research team assumed to have located the lost city of Atlantis, and it was believed that the land could have been swamped by a tsunami thousands of years ago in mud flats in southern Spain.   In 2009 and 2010, the archaeologist and geologist in the team used a combination of deep ground radar, underwater technology, and digital mapping to explore the site. 

Using the detailed account of Plato as a map, the searches have focused on the Mediterranean and Atlantic as the best possible sites for the location of the city. 

Is the lost city of Atlantis found?

The discovery in central Spain was built in the image of Atlantis by the refugees after the city was destroyed by a tsunami.  And this added confidence for the researchers.  They said that the residents of Atlantis who did not die in the tsunami fled inland and built new cities. 

So is the lost city of Atlantis found? Although it was hard to confirm it to be the city of Atlantis,  the finding of the city was buried in mud flats as mentioned in the description by Plato. 

But the twist is, that one archaeologist said that the ruins belong to another ancient culture.

Atlantis was said to be a large island in the Atlantic Ocean surrounding the continents and was thought to be in the mid-Atlantic.  It was said to have colonized much of the world and the sinking of the city left only a few scattered Islands. 

And some believe it to be ‘the Sahara‘,  and most specifically the Tassili and Ahaggar mountains in southern Algeria, Tunisia, or both.  According to an Egyptian priest, when the prince colonized North Africa they discovered that the lost world existed in southern Algeria and the ancient Harbor of Carthage was an exact miniature of the capital of Atlantis. 

There is a place called Malta that has huge ancient structures that are dated to be 9000 years old, and they are said to be the oldest ruins in the world. It is now a small rocky island but the evidence shows that it had elephants and the place has been destroyed in a huge cataclysmic wave. 

The island is far too small to have been Atlantis, but Malta shows that the Mediterranean was a very different place 12,000 years ago. 

One of the Ocean Explorers Robert Ballard says that the legend of  Atlantis is logical due to similar events that took place. About 3,600 years ago, a massive volcanic eruption occurred destroying the island of Santorini in the Aegean Sea near Greece where a highly advanced society of Minoans was living.  Suddenly the civilization disappeared at the same time as the volcanic eruption. 

But Santorini is not Atlantis because the time of eruption that happened on the island does not coincide with the Atlantis destruction mentioned by Plato. 

Other facts about Atlantis

The legend of the story is about people who lived in highly Advanced civilizations who became greedy and morally bankrupt.  The gods became angry because the people lost their way and as a punishment, God sent earthquakes and terrible fire that caused Atlantis to sink into the sea. 

The Romm believes that Plato created this story to convey some of his philosophical theories. Plato was dealing with several issues, that ran throughout his work and he had ideas about divine versus human nature along with the gradual corruption of human society.  And in many of the works, these ideas can be seen.  So that it is believed that Atlantis was something that you created to expose his favorite theme. 

Size of the lost city

lost city of Atlantis found

Plato described the size of the island to be larger than Libya and Asia together.  The travelers could cross from it to the other islands and from those islands the whole of the continent.  An early Christian author named Tertullian believed that Atlantis existed in the Atlantic Ocean and said it would have been bigger than today’s Libya and Asia combined. 

The narration came out scaling the size of the city to Crete, Greece’s largest island.  After the era of Plato,  the stories described Atlantis as a giant City. 

Rich city 

Atlantis was a fertile and beautiful city and it is believed to have been a self-sufficient region where people grew their food and reared animals.  The farmers used to grow the crops in the total planes on the outskirts with the help of a well-maintained irrigation system. 

Even there were beautiful buildings and other architecture built from materials of black and red stones. The city even had access to rare metals and even alloys. They use crystals for leisure and experimental purposes. 

The sons of Poseidon built a huge temple for their father with a giant statue of Poseidon riding a chariot carried by the winged horses. It was completely built-in gold and placed in the temple with the spiral roof so high up that the clouds drifted through the spirals of the temple. 

Extra-terrestrial connection. 

The story is based on Antalis city’s underwater claim that the people who lived there are believed to be of extra-terrestrial origin. 

They were taller and fairer than today’s average human being and their average life span of them is believed to have been  800 years.  This makes them the strong prototype of the existent human race. 

Ancient written records of Atlantis

Some believe that the lost city of Atlantis was on Mars, or it would have been a colony of an alien civilization. Because the people who lived in Atlantis City are believed to have exceptional powers like modifying volcanic eruptions and controlling the weather. 

Some accounts mention that they had a sort of device that allowed them to channel the energy from time and space.  But some say that it is just a mythical representation of a barbaric fashion of life.

Final thoughts 

The extent of the truth of the Atlantis story is a mystery.  And questions like where Atlantis is located, whether is Atlantis real, is the lost city of Atlantis city found, are still unanswered.  But until the truth is revealed,  the world will continue to speculate about the existence of the greatest City of all time. 

A few researchers claim that the Utopian Kingdom was a real continent that was located off the Bahamas and was swallowed up by Bermuda Triangle.  While another group says that current Antarctica is what the new version of Atlantis is.

But another belief is that Plato himself created the story to convey his philosophical theories. And so if asked on Is the lost city of Atlantis found? It is not known definitely. 

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