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In the mid-1990s,  Baltimore was a city that was filled with drugs and violence.  There was a man called Joe Metheny,  tall and  450 Pound in weight.  He ran a  pork and beef stand on the weekends and it was popular among the people and they stay in the queue to taste his burgers. 

But 2 years later they found that the burgers they ate were dead people. It was Joe Metheny, one of the serial killers who decided to sell the victim’s body to his customers in the food.  It is believed that has killed several women,  dismembered the bodies, and sealed them in his bbq pit stand. What made him do so? Why did he change his customers into unintentional cannibals

Who is Joe Metheny? 

When Joe Metheny was arrested he said his childhood was not that happy,  because his alcoholic father left the family and his mother had to do double shifts to look after her 6 children. He didn’t see his brothers and sisters for many years and that is mom died. 

Joe Metheny photos

But in reality, it was not true.  His mom was found and said that he pushed the family away a long time ago and his family life was not that bad.  He had a homicidal rage that made him commit crimes and enjoys it.   He spent his early years taking drugs like Heroin and crack cocaine.  Things went wrong when his father crashed his car and died,  and it was when his mother worked all day as a waitress, barmaid, and canteen truck driver.

He was a bright kid,  but he joined the Army.  He served in Germany and then was sent to Vietnam.  There he was introduced to heroin. 

Why did he become a serial killer? 

Joe metheny Serial killer

In 1994, he lived with his girlfriend and his 6-year-old son in South Baltimore. There he worked as a truck driver and went for long work.  When he came back home he realized that his girlfriend had left him and taken his child.  His girlfriend is a drug addict and she began to live on the streets. 

He found her that she was moved to the other side of the town with the person who was selling her drugs.  He went to find them but couldn’t so in anger he ran into two homeless men and killed them both with an ax, chopping them into pieces and leaving their bodies. 

He got panicked and tossed the bodies into the river to hide the evidence.  He was arrested for the murders and spent one and half years in the country jail.  

What is his intention? 

Shortly after being released,  in 1995  he was driving a Forklift for a company and was living in a small trial located near. There a prostitute called Kimberly Spicer was working and Metheny brought her to his trailer and killed her. Rather than bury or hide his victims, he dismembered her body stored the parts in the freezer, and buried the unusable parts in a truck.

He mixed them with beef and pork, forming them into little burgers, and sold them out of a small barbecue stand which he opened on the side of the road. For weeks, he sold bits of human flesh, and it became a spot to hide the bodies. 

No one didn’t notice the extra thing that was added to the burgers, because the taste was similar to pork. He killed 10 people and added the special meat to the burger. 

Joe Metheny serial killer got caught 

Joe Metheny killer

He found another woman for his meat to make Joe Metheny human burgers and started to rip her clothes. She was screaming and Joe kept on laughing at her. He turned around for a split second and the woman ran out the door.

She jumped the fence and ran down to the main road and some guys in the pickup truck took her to the nearby gas station and called the cops. 

He gathered her clothing grabbed the keys to the gate, went out, and opened it. Soon as he entered the cops came and pulled out their guns and told him to get to the ground. They took him down and the woman told him that he was trying to kill her. 

During the investigation, he confessed to the murders. Joe Metheny gave details about the murder including the murder of a fisherman several years before. He said that he killed 10 people but authorities say that it is hard to believe that he stopped there. They found out the truth behind the murders and he was found guilty and was sentenced to death. It was overturned in 2000 and changed to two life sentences.

He said that the only thing he felt bad is that he didn’t get to murder the two people he was really chasing after. And they were his ex and the drug guy she went with. 

In 2017, Joe Metheny, the Baltimore serial killer was found unresponsive at about 3 p.m. and they pronounce him dead.

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