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We are glad in receiving you at our Mystery Friday. Do you believe in ghosts? Exorcism? Heard about the Satanic Cult? Some of you don’t believe and some do. Today we are here to share about a strange mystery that happened in the United States in 2009 and still, it is a case that is not yet found, where a family mysteriously disappeared and found their dead bodies after many years but the reason is still not found and the questions are unanswered with only unsure assumptions of being a murder, suicide or captured by cults. To learn about the story keep on reading.

Story of Jamison family

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Bobby Jamison and Sherilynn Jamison along with their 6-year child Madyson who lived in Eufaula, Oklahoma. It is said that they had a disturbed lifestyle, where bobby had back pain after an accident he met in 2003. And Sherilynn was struggling with bipolar disorder. Although she was prescribed medications she missed to take them and as a result, she was going through severe depression.

And their marriage was not happy. Because of this, they might want to start a new life in a new place, and so decided to purchase land. They visited in the thought of purchasing a 40-acre land on October 8, 2009, near red Oak in Oklahoma but disappeared afterward and was never found alive.

When investigated further about the incidents the police learned that Bobby and Sherilynn were so religious and believed in spirituality. They believed that their house is invaded by spirits and once Bobby had requested a pastor about purchasing a special bullet saying that he wanted to shoot all the spirits that are residing on his rooftop. And Sherilynn has noticed her 6-year child Madyson talking to an imaginary friend called Emily.

One of Sherilynn’s friends claimed that she mostly felt a haunted feeling whenever she visited their house and was not able to stay for long. And also some said that Sherilynn conducted séance with her friend and she wrote that her cat was killed by her neighbor by poisoning and the witches didn’t like cats being killed.

Meanwhile, Bobby had a copy of a satanic bible and used it to perform an exorcism to send out the evil spirits. They found CCTV footage of Bobby and Sherilynn walking to the truck and house many times where they were loading their bags and other kinds of stuff to the truck. They were really weird and didn’t talk to each other and sometimes they stopped and stood looking at each other in a freezing way.

No one was alarmed about the disappearance of the Jamison Family and because of them shifting to her new place, Madyson was left from the school and so the school did not concern. Eight days after their disappearance, hunters identified an abandoned vehicle and informed the police, and found it to be the truck of Jamison family. The vehicle was locked and all their possessions like cellphones and bags were inside without being stolen along with their dog alive and weak, which didn’t eat for a number of days.

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The police used Serilyn’s cell phone GPS to find out the movement of the family and ended up identifying a footprint of a child and confirmed it to be Madyson’s footprint. And they found a photo of Madyson taken before their disappearance in one of the cellphones and it wasn’t clear about the expression of Madyson. The police believed that the family had gone for a short walk but has disappeared after that. They conducted a massive search and only found a bag containing cash and a letter written by Sherilynn to Bobby complaining about his behavior of not caring for the family. But the police were not able to find really what happened to the family.

Four years after the incident in 2013 November 16th, 3 miles away from the location of the truck, some hunters have discovered three decomposed dead bodies that belong to two adults and a child, and they were confirmed in belonging to the Jamison’s. As it was really decomposed the cause of the death was not identified and but found a big hole in the skull of Bobby and predicted to be caused by a gunshot.

Myatery of Jamison family

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There are so many theories to be a murder, suicide, and various other assumptions. Sherilynn carries a pistol with her and she could have killed bobby and suicide but the pistol was not found anywhere near the bodies. Another theory is Bobby was involved with drugs and gang activity and he and his wife were threatened by Bobby’s father that made Bobby file a protective file against his father.

But when this incident took place Bobby’s father was in a nursing house. They also were assumed to be on the list of a satanic cult and when they were about to join the cult maybe they became the victims of the rituals of cults. But all of these were only theories and assumptions but still, the real cause is still not found.

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