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Disclaimer: This content is to make you aware of the type of serial killers in society and the importance of giving attention to your children. 

A Netflix documentary was made based on the events of 1985, in Southern California, where at least 13 people were killed and some were raped. It was said that a man would break into the houses, kill the men in sight, and rape women. And then finally steal the things and leave. He was called the Night stalker. When investigated they found Richard Ramirez, the man behind the name of the night stalker. So, really, is Richard Ramirez the killer? 

Is Richard Ramirez the killer? - The Nightstalker terror.

The story of Richard Ramirez would make us feel how the Southern California residents would have lived through the terror of the traumatic Richard Ramirez serial killer for many years. He was known by many names. The Los Angeles’ KNBC called him the Walk-In killer and some called him the valley intruder, but the media and Richard Ramirez named himself the Night Stalker. Along with 13 murders, he had committed at least 11 sexual assaults. His crimes were cruel and heartless, and so he earned 19 death penalties. So who was he really? Is Richard Ramirez the killer, and the night stalker? How did they find him? 

The day Richard Ramirez serial killer got caught

It was on August 31st, 1985, that Richard Ramirez serial killer walked into a convenience store in Los Angeles. He went inside as an ordinary shopper, but then noticed his own face published on the cover of a newspaper. The authorities had released his name and picture to the public while he was traveling back to Los Angeles. When he ran out of the store, the residents pointed him to the authorities and Ramirez had only a little chance to getaway.  He was caught by an angry mob of bystanders and they began to beat him. But at that time, the police arrived. And that was when he got arrested. 

Why is Richard Ramirez the killer? 

Ramirez’s first murder took place on June 28, 1984. He killed 79-year-old Jennie Vincow, by stabbing, sexually assaulting, and slashing her throat. On March 17, 1985, Ramirez’s assaulted Maria Hernandez in her home, but she, however, managed to escape but her roommate Dayle Okazaki became a victim of his murder. The same night, he shot and killed another victim called Tsai-Lian Yu. A week later, Ramirez murdered a 64-year-old Vincent Zazzara and his 44-year-old wife, Maxine, where he gouged out her eyes. 

Why is Richard Ramirez the killer? 

His signature style of attacking was to shoot and kill the husband and then assault and stab the wife. Ramirez continued to stalk and murder more victims in California, and people in Southern California lived in fear. 

Whoever crossed the paths of Ramirez was killed. Although at first, he was attacking people near Los Angeles, later he attacked a couple of victims near San Francisco as well. Most of his crimes happened during the night, and so he was named the Night Stalker.  

Richard Ramirez childhood 

He was born on February 29th, 1960, and was raised in El Paso, Texas. At an early age, he had to sustain multiple head injuries because of his father’s physical abuse. One of the injuries was so severe that it caused him to have epileptic seizures. To be away from his father, Ramirez spent a lot of time with his older cousin, a Vietnam veteran called Miguel. 

But Miguel, in Vietnam had raped, tortured, and even dismembered several women and he had a little photographic evidence. Miguel use to show these photos to the little Ramirez. At the age of 13, Ramirez saw his cousin shooting his own wife. These made Ramirez transform into a rough and sullen man. 

Under the influence of his cousin, he developed an interest in Satanism and got addicted to drugs. He developed an obsession with the same kind of sexual and physical as Miguel. He started to burglarize homes in his areas, and so his early crimes in the late 1970s and early 1980s were related to theft and drugs.

The Night stalker terror

The Night stalker terror

His attack included a satanic element, where he would carve pentagrams into the bodies of his victims, and walls written with lipsticks. And he was a copycat of Charles Manson. Sometimes he would force the victims to swear their love for Satan, instead of god. No one in California was truly safe, since he broke into and attacked the home randomly. 

The crime that made him caught

On August 24, 1985, Robert Ramirez was traveling to mission Viejo. There he broke into the home of Bill Carns and Inez Erickson. There he killed Carns and raped Erickson and left. But Erickson managed to find him leaving in an orange Toyota station wagon. She reported it to the police. Ramirez had left his footprint. 

The police tracked the vehicle and were able to find enough fingerprints to make a match. And they received the tips that someone with the last name Ramirez should be involved. They were able to identify Richard Ramirez through fingerprints and criminal records. One of Ramirez’s surviving victims came forward to detail the description that matched the photos. And so they released the picture of him. 

Ramirez was found guilty of 13 murders, along with several rapes, and assaults. He was sentenced to death in the gas chamber and he responded, “I am beyond good and evil. I will be avenged. Lucifer dwells in us all. That’s it.”

The crime that made him caught

For the rest of his life, he was held in San Quentin state prison. His case was complicated and included a 50,000-page trial record and the state’s supreme court was not able to hear his appeal until 2006. So that he was not put to death. 

During the delay, he met a girl named Doreen Lioy, and in 1996, he married her. 

He spent over two decades waiting for his execution but in 2013, he died of complications from B-cell lymphoma, which is a cancer of the lymphatic system at the age of 53. 

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