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Denver is the capital city and the largest city in the state of Colorado, it is known for its collection of world-class museums, first-rate breweries, and historical landmarks. But other than that do you know about the Haunted Houses Denver where there might be the presence of spirits haunting this popular landmark? 

Haunted Houses Denver

Denver is really home to a lot of terrifying stories that will keep you up all night long. What exactly makes those haunted houses? Did someone die there? Or is something bad happened? 

We have come up with a few of the most haunted places in Denver, all of them having their own creepy story. Read on if you are not scared of ghosts. 

Haunted Houses Denver

Lumber Baron Inn


The Lumber Baron Inn & Gardens is an unofficial Northside landmark that was once a single-family home. It was built in 1890. By the year 1991, it was purchased by Walter and Julie Keller and then they turned it into a bed-and-breakfast/reception hall.

Like many historic buildings, through the decades the mansion passed through a number of hands until it finally was nothing more than a run-down tenement building. It was during this time that a terrible event occurred, the murder of two young women.

The murder of two girls 

In the year 1970, a 17-year-old runaway girl was living in the building. But she was raped and strangled to death. Shortly afterward, her friend 18-year-old friend came, and then the killer shot the girl. The murder remains unsolved and after the deaths of the girls, a lot of paranormal activities took place.  

It is built by the act of violence, caused by the sheer terror of the victims caused by them to stick in the place where they were murdered. In 1991, it was restored, but still, the mansion has at least two guests who never leave and they are the two murdered girls.

On the staircase, the ghost of a young girl is often seen here as well. Paranormal groups claim to have heard and recorded the two young women communicating with them through electronic voice phenomena. 

Paranormal activity is a weekly occurrence in this place with many strange voices. People have reported seeing windows closing and finding cold spots. A woman in a flapper-style dress holding champagne has been reported to be seen.

Croke-Patterson Mansion

Croke-Patterson Mansion haunted


The Denver Capitol Hill was once known as the Millionaire’s Row where the elites and socialites living in Denver built Estates and one of them was the Patterson Inn.  The story of this estate contains dark Forces that are beyond normal understanding, and this makes the Patterson Inn and the neighborhood a ground for the Paranormal.

This was built in 1891 by Thomas Patterson Croke, who was a merchant, an experimental plant breeder, and a state senator.  He was already a U.S. congressman and would go on to serve in the US Senate. He died in 1916. His daughter Margaret got married and the couple lived with the  Patterson family until 1924 and then sold the home. 

Then the property was changed from a number of hands and roles. And then it became the Joe Mann  School of Orchestra, then a radio station, and an apartment complex in 1930.  It served until 2011 and now it is converted to Patterson Inn. 

Many claims that the house was cursed and Thomas had never felt comfortable leaving in it.  A number of hauntings have been experienced by the Neighbourhood. Throughout the years,  it had shared disturbing paranormal incidents and many have been recorded. 

Paranormal activities in the apartment 

When it was an apartment complex,  there was a pregnant woman living with her family.  One night she was having difficulty positioning herself in the bed.  A strange appearance of a woman came before her moving her gently and completely disappearing.  Before she left she whispered her name Kate,  and many say that it was Kate Patterson the wife of the man who purchased it. 

The woman and her family continue to be surrounded by paranormal events and her call-husband experiences activities like desk drawers opening unexpectedly.  The family brought a priest to bless the apartment but once he entered the plaster by the fireplace started the peel, sending a gust of wind flying out.

From the second floor,  the sound of barking dogs comes despite there being no dogs.  It is claimed that the canine spirits are that of a pair of Dobermans who were trapped on the second floor and forced to jump out of the window. Unfortunately, these poor met their end in the fall. And their spirits continued to live for many years. 

In the basement, a sound of a mother and child, both crying out from the dark was heard by the neighbors. They say, that a baby had once died in the home and the mother buried it deep beneath the basement. After all these complaints the owners could barely keep the rooms rented. 

Even the current owners of the Patterson Inn have reported strange incidents like figures of small children, whispered voices are experienced especially when renovating.

Cheeseman Park


Cheesman Park is one of the most desirable neighborhoods in Denver with tree-lined streets, bungalows, and lavish brick mansions. This is a small, densely populated area. On weekends and warm evenings, they are crowded with joggers, dog walkers, and cyclists along with picnic blankets, volleyball nets, and yoga mats. 

So why do they call it a haunted place in Denver? 

In the year 1859, on 160 acres of land in the brand-new city of Denver, the Mount Prospect Cemetery opened. It was founded on the highest point in the vicinity with sweeping views of the land around it. At that time cemeteries were like parks where people would go on walks or have weekend picnics and it was desirable spot. 

Cheeseman park haunted for years

The transition of dead bodies 

By the 1880s, new cemeteries were formed and so the city wanted to turn them into a park. The transition was approved and they had to move the more than 5,000 bodies that were buried there. The families were first offered a free plot at another graveyard for those who were buried. After several years, only about 700 bodies had been moved.

An undertaker called McGovern was hired to move the rest. To make more money, he dismembered bodies and then split up body parts into different coffins. And about the park, there were body parts and discarded coffin pieces. So he was pulled off from the job and the city simply pulled out the remaining headstones. But it is estimated there are around 3,000 bodies left buried under Cheesman Park.

At Cheesman Park, during construction projects bones are still found regularly and in 2010 during irrigation work at the park, the workers uncovered four skeletons near the park’s pavilion. 

It is commonly regarded as the most haunted place and it is reported to encounter Ghosts in the park and at several of the surrounding home. 

During the nighttime hours, those who live near the park or visit it were said to hear some strange moaning and groaning noises among a host of other paranormal noises. Some have even sighted specters that appeared to have been lost, confused, and not sure what they were doing out and about. To this day, the remains of the dead are still underground.

Molly Brown House

Molly Brown haunted houses denver

Owned by the titanic survivor

While there are a lot of haunted houses Denver, one of the most well-known is the Molly Brown House Museum, which was a house existing for over a hundred years. It was originally built in the year 1882.  Margaret “Molly” Tobin Brown was the most famous house owner, the socialite who survived the sinking of the Titanic. 

As she survived from survived the sinking of the RMS Titanic ship back in 1912, she was named “Unsinkable Molly Brown” for rowing a lifeboat for over 7.5 hours to get to safety. She married a man named J.J. Brown, a mining engineer. The couple was avid philanthropists and they loved to travel the world. 

It was in 1894, they brought the house and in 1992, Brown died while Molly Brown kept living at 1340 Pennslyvania St till her death in 1932. After the death of Molly Brown, there have been many owners of the home and it has been a house for troubled girls, a private home, and an apartment building for young men. 

The scary museum 

Historic Denver had the home restored and it was added to the National Register of Historic Places and has become an education museum. 

But tourists who go to the Molly Brown House Museum are said to experience ghosts. Molly’s husband J.J. Brown loved to smoke out of his pipe, and so the employees in the museum, tourists, and guides claim to smell the smoke of a pipe.

A spirit of a woman is said to appear to be around the house in a Victorian dress and rearrange the furniture, and it is believed to be Molly Brown. They also feel cold spots in different areas and it seems that the house is occupied by the spirit of former residents. 

Brown Palace Hotel


The Brown Palace Hotel came with the rapid expansion of Denver due to the silver boom in the 1880s. The Man Behind the hotel was Henry Cordes Brown and he Commissioned the hotel in 1888 In an Italian renaissance style.  It was one of the very first hotels to incorporate a type of architecture that was designed as an atrium with eight floors wrapped around it. 

At the time of its completion, it was the tallest building in Denver with 400 rooms. The Hotel had seen notable guests like Molly Brown, John Wayne, and Harry Truman. 

But unfortunately, after an incident, this hotel became known for some negativity.  It made headlines in 1911 when Frank Henwood shot and killed Sylvester Louis Von Phul and George Copeland.  This was because Henwood and Von Phuls were rivals and to win the affection of socialite Isabel Springer, this incident happened. 

Scary appearances in the place 

Numerous odd and unexplainable incidents have been experienced throughout the hotel. Guests and staff have mentioned lights turning off and on their own and some have seen appearances crawling from underneath the carpets. From hallway to hallway in the palace, a number of strange ghostly appearances have been seen. 

They have seen a ghost that hangs about the entrance and looks like a man in a dark suit and cap. If someone approaches him, he’ll float down to the ground floor and into a corner where he’ll disappear.

In Denver, Louise Crawford Hill was a known socialite who would host parties and card games, while inviting only a select number of Denver’s wealthiest to partake. She lived in the Brown Palace in room 904 for the last fifteen and she died in 1955. But it would seem that she never left after all.

At that palace, a period of renovation was happening. and room 904 had been stripped bare of its wallpaper, furniture, lights, and telephone. But the hotel’s switchboard operator began to receive phone calls from 904. Every time she picked it up, she would only hear static.

One night, an employee heard music coming from the dining room. He rushed down to see a band of four men playing away. He informed them that they were not supposed to be in the dining room at this hour. But then one man replied that there is nothing to worry about because they live there. The apparition of a waiter by the service elevator, the sound of a baby crying in the boiler room, and the ghosts of children running around hallways, are some of the most disturbing spirits of them all.

Final thoughts

Although Denver is the capital city and the largest city in the state of Colorado with over 700,000 and sits about a mile high above sea level, there are so many more haunted houses in Denver with so many stories and history behind them

It may seem interesting to read and find out, but experiencing it lively would be something serious. 

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