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haunted houses in boston

New England is known for some of the most haunted houses, and here let’s look at a few Haunted houses in Boston. 

When you hear rumors saying that there is a haunted House on a route you used to walk, mostly all you do is avoid the route, or walk faster when you reach the place, and would never dare to have a look at the house. Although it is scary, it is interesting to listen to the stories of how you have experienced walking around it. 

And so the people in Boston too would have experienced the haunted feeling because some of the best-haunted houses are located just outside of Boston. And we have narrowed down the top ten scariest places around Boston. 

Haunted houses in Boston

Fort Warren

Fort warren is one of the most-visited Boston Harbor Islands. But also it is a place known for ghost stories about the lady in black. Also, the story of her death continues to mesmerize the ones who visit this island in Boston. 

She is clothed in flowing black and walks the island at night. She has been seen for generations, by soldiers and tourists. And it is recognized that she is Melanie Lanier, the Lady in Black. 

It was in 1862, Melanie Lanier was a young newlywed. She was a woman of action and courage. She found that her husband a Confederate officer had been taken, prisoner. So she went to Boston Harbor to rescue her husband. 

She earned the sympathy of some Union soldiers and alert her husband to her plan. One dark night she dressed as a man, and rowed alone, across a mile of water, armed with a pistol and pickaxe. Her husband got ready after hearing the words of an old southern song and Melanie finally found her husband. they attempt to leave the place and ran out of the cell for freedom.

Fort warren


But before they made it to the rowboat, they were discovered by Union soldiers. In the struggle to escape, the pistol went off and Melanie’s aim was poor, and the pistol misfired. when the smoke cleared, she found that her husband was dead at her own hand. 

Melanie was charged with guilt for killing her husband, and captured by the Union soldiers. she was charged as a spy and sentenced to death by hanging. As her last request, she did not want the indignity of dying in men’s clothes, so the Union soldiers could offer black robes used for theatricals.

But it was not the end. The tragic death and the guilt of killing her husband did not allow her to rest in peace.  So she continued to walk the grounds of Fort Warren and returned as the lady in Black.  The soldiers have reported leaving their posts in fear.  She even appeared to historians and researchers, police officers Army personnel, and visitors and tourists to George’s island. 

The ones who dare enter the dungeon where her dear husband was imprisoned were given terrifying experiences. 

Still riddled with guilt, and her anger at those that took her life, she feels eternally alone, and walks Fort Warren, looking for her lost love and their escape from Fort Warren

The Pilot House

Way back in 1839, the Pilot House was built. It served as an inn for pilots and captains of large boats and ships and the ones who needed a place to stay overnight. During the 19th century, making a living on the water was a popular occupation. But the job was tough, creating a need for sailors to unwind leading to a lifestyle of partying, drinking, and gambling. 

The Pilot House was chosen as the place for those who stopped in the Boston area and other inns. This led to these inns becoming more like taverns. The establishments eventually became witness to many a drunken brawl and an occasional tragedy. 

This is located on the harbor in Lewis Wharf. This building is known as one of the most haunted spots in all of Boston. From drunken sailors to a mysterious woman, the building is full of spiritual sounds and sightings.

This is recognized to be one of the haunted houses in Boston where people hear and see a variety of unusual things. Most of them see a lady in white who haunts the kitchen. Those who have seen her say she appears like a glowing figure. Others have heard the disembodied voices of men talking, laughing voices, and clinking glasses, and they have seen doors slamming when no one was around. 

The lady in white has been spotted many times in the first-floor kitchen of the property. After a few seconds of her appearance, her transparent image seems to simply dissipate into thin air. It is unknown whether the lady is a former inn employee or a mysterious wife or mistress searching for her seafaring lover. But she seems to hand out in the kitchen, cooking for the sailors passing through.

Also, heavy footsteps have also been heard stomping about, perhaps angry over a lost card game.

The Omni Parker House Hotel

In the heart of downtown Boston right along the Freedom Trail and other historic sites, you can find the Omni Parker House which makes this a perfect stay for those visiting Boston.

But this is one of the haunted houses in Boston that was originally opened up in 1855 and it became the oldest hotel in the country. The place although had gone through a lot of upgrades, is still known to have many haunted stories. 

There are numerous rumors about the former owner of the hotel Harvey Parker. People have been seeing him on the 10th floor. Moreover, the elevator mysteriously stops on the 3rd floor, as well as a boatload of another report. 

Omni Parker haunted house

Harvey Parker founded this building in 1855. He was the hotel overseer and resident. He was well-known for his interaction with guests and provided pleasant accommodations. He died in 1884. 

People have reported seeing a bearded gentleman dressed from the colonial era on the 10th floor and once at the end of a guest’s bed in Room 1012. He looked concerned sitting there staring back at the young woman. He wanted to know if the guests were enjoying their stay. 

Guests have also witnessed orbs of light hovering down the 10th-floor hallways and then mysteriously vanishing. Even the 3rd floor had gone through paranormal activity where Room 303 guests saw strange shadows throughout the room and they saw bathtub water just turn on randomly by itself. 

So the management turned this room into a storage closet for unspecified reasons. But there are speculations that a guest might have committed suicide in the room but no one is sure about it. 

The elevator would regularly stop on the 3rd floor without pushing the button or when no one was around. Actress Charlotte Cushman died on the 3rd floor in 1876. Throughout the 3rd floor, guests have also described the sound of rocking chairs creaking late at night even though there are none.

Charlesgate Hotel in Boston

The Charlesgate Hotel is located in the Back bay on the corner of Beacon Street and Charlesgate East. This place attracts people for its beautiful building soaring above the trees, the architectural details, and the colorful facade. 

But this is a haunted hostel in Boston because of the mystery and many strange incidents occurring. These strange incidents made the building to be one of Boston’s haunted places. 

This building is known for a ghost girl called Emma. During the early days after construction, it is said that a young girl lived in the hotel.  One day she was playing with a ball in the hallway and the ball rolled down to open Elevator Shaft and Emma was chasing it.  But then she lost her balance and fell down the shaft to her death. 

Since her death, she has been spotted by many residents wandering the halls.  They have noticed her aimlessly searching for the ball and she walks up and down the hallways.  It is sad that she cannot shake the need for her favorite possession that led her to her early death. 

A string of suicides has taken place. Westwood Windram took up residency in the hotel in 1908 and he suffered from severe insomnia and took extreme measures to relieve it. One night he shot himself in the head while his wife was in the next room. 

There were multiple murders and suicides in the Charlesgate and it was sold several times before being purchased by Emerson College.  There is a story about a Mafia purchasing it in the 1900s and executing people during and after the Great Depression and three individuals who were shot in the elevator. Then in the 1940s, Boston University purchased the building for a female dormitory and during the 1960s,  there were a series of student suicides in the building and the students claimed seeing ghosts of these individuals roaming the halls. 

These tortured souls seem to find it likely unable to escape the tragedy that took their lives. Many of them stay in the Charlesgate, frustrated with their fates. 

Lizzie Borden’s House

Lizza Borden House

This house is ranked in the top 10 haunted houses in Boston. Back on August 4, 1892, the bodies of Lizzie’s father and stepmother were found in the Fall River, Massachusetts. 

Lizzie’s father, Andrew Borden, had been killed by a hatchet to the head, and his body was found on a sofa in the living room while her stepmother was also killed with a hatchet and was found in an upstairs bedroom.

It was found that they have been killed by Lizzie Borden. She was born July 19th, 1860 in Fall River, Massachusetts to Sarah Anthony and Andrew Jackson Borden. Her father struggled financially for much of his life and then found success in the manufacture and sale of furniture and caskets. 

He became a successful property developer and the director of multiple textile mills and owned commercial property. Borden and her older sister Emma received a relatively religious upbringing and were members of plenty of religious groups in the area.

Andrew Borden married Abby Gray three years after her mother Sarah’s death. Lizzie believed that Abby had married her father Andrew for his wealth only. The two girls rarely ate meals with their parents, and tensions were beginning to grow larger for months before the murders. 

Andrew had been giving gifts of real estate to Abby’s family while leaving Emma and Lizzie with nothing. The sisters demanded property and were given the home in which they were already living. John Morse, the brother of deceased Sarah Borden visited Andrew to discuss business matters. It was speculated that the conversation was about a property transfer that had gone wrong. 

And all those tensions caused Lizzie to kill her parents. The home is haunted and guests have experienced limbs or ears being pulled and they have seen figures moving about in the rooms. A woman in a nightgown is often seen in the Andrew and Abby Suite. 

The manager, Jared’s parents happened to be caretakers of the Lizzie Borden house in the 1990s. He has seen the door moving on its own and the shadow figure moving in the basement. The new owner when sleeping in the Bridget Sullivan room found that the wind-up cat toy on the chest started to play on its own. 

Once he stayed alone in the house and heard voices, footsteps, and furniture move. Then, one night, he felt a presence enter the side room he was staying in, surround him, touches his leg, and pull on the comforter. 

Now it has turned into a bed and breakfast place for visitors. 

Final thoughts

Haunted Houses in Boston is known for a lot of mysterious stories leading to ghost appearances. Every place has a story on why it has been haunted. People experience terrifying incidents and find it scary to visit those places. 

If you are a person who is interested in finding ghosts, then you can visit these haunted houses in Boston and see whether you experience them too. 

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