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In some horror movies, you would have come across dolls that have been haunted with terrifying looks. And watching them will make you avoid dolls completely from your way because they look scary and looks like Haunted dolls. 

And in fact, the fear of dolls does have a proper name, pediophobia. Annabelle and Chucky are some of the movies that hit the big screen using haunted dolls. But even before these movies, people showed mistrust of a few specific dolls. These thoughts did not come without a cause.

Dolls with their stare and human physique fit the haunted features and beyond that, myriad cultural rituals and folklore to dolls have been attached. Here are a few haunted dolls that have gained international fame for being so terrifying. 

Are haunted dolls real? 

haunted dolls

A doll looks lifelike, and our brain cannot figure out if it is a human or a toy, and this creates a sense of unease and as the doll moves further it turns to fear. We feel like the object that brought joy is now terrifying. But beyond psychology, there is also a supernatural connection with dolls, where they have historically served as links to the spirit world and afterlife, as well as conducts of magic.

Throughout history, dolls have been connected to house spirits, and are most likely to have residual haunting attachments. Throughout the ages, it is found that most people have likely owned one at some point. There are even islands that have dolls hanged and look scarier. 

Dolls replicate people and they are representative of human beings. They substitute for a living person in a child’s play. As a result, it is said that people invest a lot of emotional energy in dolls. So dolls are believed to have energetic links to the living, they can be used in sympathetic magic. Therefore what is done to the doll will be done to the person. 

The more objects are handled, the more they can absorb psychic and emotional energy from people,  which builds up enough to create a haunting residue. As a result, this can be experienced by others after the doll has passed to new owners.

People who have haunted dolls often experience unpleasant and unsettling things. It includes disembodied voices, dolls seeming to change position or location on their own, and outbreaks of other phenomena in a household.

The real scary haunted dolls 

Real life Haunted dolls


This is recognized as “Joliet the Haunted and Cursed Doll”. It is a possessed doll, that has remained in the protection of one family for over four generations. This is currently owned by a lady that goes named Anna who claims that the doll has been in the possession of her family for over a century. There are four souls trapped inside the body of the doll and they are actually linked to her family tree and this is why she keeps the doll with her.  

It always carries the spooky ability to cry at night sounding a lot like a baby that has just woken up. Sometimes there will be a chorus of four different babies. 

Anna believes that she knows the four souls that are trapped inside the doll’s body because they are actually linked to her family tree. This close bond with the trapped spirits is the reason behind her wanting to keep the doll.

It all began when Anna’s great-grandmother was carrying her second child.  She received the doll from a friend as a gift.  The friend who gave the doll had a dark and hidden personality and she didn’t really like Anna’s great-grandmother.  This woman was so jealous and twisted inside and this negativity created the doll with a dark force. 

The great-grandmother gave birth to a lovely little boy but three days later the boy tragically died and the cause of death was not explainable. It is believed that the dead sons somehow entered the doll, and the great-grandmother would listen to him crying through the doll in the depth of night.  As she firmly believed that it contained her son’s soul,  she couldn’t get rid of the doll.  When she died, she passed the doll on to a daughter to keep it safe,  but it turned out to be another deadly move. 

The same tragedy happened for at least four generations.  Every female member of Anna’s direct family tree would have two children, a boy, and a girl, and the baby boy would always die just three days after the birth. 

Even Anna lost her son,  three days after he was born and she believes his soul is added to the doll. The strange thing is that the cries of the doll can only be heard by female members of Anna’s family.

Suzy doll

This was one of the case files of Lorraine Warren

In 1983, Heather, the youngest daughter of Linda and Gerry Platt celebrated her birthday party. Her Aunt Robin brought something very special as a gift for Heather.  It was a giant doll that look just like Heather and Aunt Robin told her that its name was Suzy doll. 

That night, Heather’s parents were awakened by the sound of growling, and a dark shadow that seemed to come down the street into their home. Suzy the doll moved about the house on her own and the objects around the kitchen which were even too heavy for the children to carry.

She use to pull the hair out of the sleeping kids’ heads. Gerry and his wife knew something was strange about the doll but then one day Gerry was attacked.  The family contacted Lorraine Warren’s number. She went there making the house into a  dark presence in the family set in a circle.  During the process,  they heard scratching on the walls and felt a cold breeze. 

Heather suddenly started to scream and Lorraine told the family to get an exorcist. A trained exorcist father Mckenna conducted the rituals and the growling became prominent.  The family left the house and got rid of Suzy by throwing her in the garbage bin.


Based on this real haunted doll, the movie Conjuring was taken. But the real Annabelle doll was actually a normal-looking Raggedy Ann Doll and is not creepy. 

The Annabelle doll was given to Donna, who was a student nurse as a birthday gift by her mother. It was bought second-hand from a hobby store. At first, Donna who lived with her friend Annie was delighted to receive the gift, but it soon became a source of great fear when it made only very small movements at first it was thought that it was put down by Donna and Angie accidentally moving her. 

Annabelle the haunted doll in movie

But then it ended up on the floor instead of on the chair. The movements started to increase, and the doll started to move more where she sometimes ended up on the couch instead of on Donna’s bed, or outside Annie’s door immediately after she was returned to Donna’s room.

Donna’s close friend Lou was very nervous about the doll, believing that she was evil, or possessed and that something needed to be done about it. But Donna and Annie didn’t believe so and still believed that perhaps they were to blame for the movements of the doll. The girls then started to find notes around their apartment, written on parchment paper, and neither of the two girls had ever used parchment paper before. The notes most commonly said things like “Help Lou” and “Help us”.

Donna came home from work one day and found the doll in her usual spot on her bed, but she had blood on her hands, which was coming from the doll itself. The girls call in some help in the form of a medium to find out just what was going on with this doll before things got worse.

Lou was the one who was attacked by Annabelle before the Warrens were called in and he was the one that she saw her true self. It was found that the land on which Annie’s apartment complex was built used to be a field. And a young girl, aged around seven years old, was found dead there many years before. 

When the doll came into their apartment, Annabelle’s spirit was still in the area in which she’d died, and because she was fond of the doll, her spirit became one with it. 


Peggy is a haunted doll,  that looks fairly mundane with blue eyes and blonded Bob. She is known to make you sick. She was owned by a British investigator Jayne Harris of haunted dolls.  It was reported that the doll caused nausea,  headaches, dizziness, and sometimes heart attacks in those who simply saw her photo.  Those who have seen her in person might even go mad. 

The Previous owners said that the boy was causing bad dreams and so it came into the possession of Harris.  The mediums who visited the doll claimed that she was inhabited by a spirit.  It was believed that the spirit is a woman from 1946 London who died of an illness ailing her chest.

Harris had a notebook written about her, but in order to avoid having too much information out there about her, she made the notebook go missing during a séance. 

She then was acquired by Zak Bagans of Ghost Adventures who display dolls at his haunted Museum in Las Vegas. He said that Peggy affected him more than any other doll when a typewriter began typing on its own during a séance with Peggy. 

To view Peggy at his museum, he requires visitors to sign a waiver which is either a great safety measure or a brilliant publicity stunt. 


This is one of the haunted dolls that looks creepy. It is a little boy in a sailor suit with a careworn face. His nub of a nose looks like a pair of pinholes and is covered in brown nicks, like scars, 

His eyes are beady and black and he wears a malevolent smirk. He holds his own toy, a dog with garish, popping eyes and a too-big tongue lolling crazily out of its mouth. 

He is 117 years old and lives at the Fort East Martello Museum in Key West, Florida, in a new display case. The museum still gets regular reports of evils attributed to the doll.

Robert the haunted doll

This doll was given as a gift by a maid to a 4 years old boy in 1905. He loved it so much that he named it after himself and built the doll its own house in the home’s turret. He also made sure that his doll had everything it needed including toys, furniture, and its own teddy bear. 

But the adults in the boy’s life and people from outside the home began to notice that something wasn’t right with the doll where sometimes even people walking along the street in front of the family’s Eaton Street home claimed to see the doll move from one side of a window to another. The doll moved by itself around the house and would change its facial expression as if it was listening to the conversations happening in the room.

They also claimed that when their son was alone in his room, they could hear him conversing with the doll, and the doll responding in a completely different voice. 

Robert remained part of his owner’s life even after he married his wife, Anne. She prompted her husband to keep it in his painting room upstairs in their home. After Gene’s death, Robert was relegated to a locked trunk.

The Otto home was later purchased by Myrtle Reuter, and she became the caretaker of the creepy doll. Visitors to the home reported hearing footsteps and giggling while Reuter owned the doll. It was common for Robert to move from room to room in the large home. Today, Robert and his teddy bear are housed in a glass case at the Fort East Martello Museum on the other side of the island. 

Visitors who have taken his picture without permission claim to have experienced terrible misfortune and Robert is surrounded by letters of apology and admiration.

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