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At least once in life, you might have heard stories where people say that they saw a strange figure rushing through the door. Is it a ghost? The real ghost is a huge topic of debate in today’s society. The most asked question will be ‘Are ghosts and demons real?’

Some believe that there is no way for real ghosts to exist while some believe that spirits show up in their lives. A survey that was conducted in 2019, says that four out of 10 people in the United States think that ghosts are real. 

So here we will discuss are ghosts and demons real,  the real-life ghosts incidents, and what science says about ghosts.  

What makes people believe in ghosts? 

If you are a person who believes in ghosts, it is fine because it’s not just you but cultures all around the world believe in ghosts and demons that survive death to live in their domain. 

Millions of people are interested in ghosts, and so they watch ghost movies and read ghost stories in books.  They find it to be more than entertainment.  The idea that a dead person remains with us in spirit comes from a very long time, and you can find them in several stories.  The belief in ghosts is a part of the related paranormal belief including life after death, near-death experiences, and communication with the spirit.

ghosts and demons

Believing in the existence of ghosts makes some people comfortable because they do want to believe that their beloved one who is dead, remains with them as a spirit in the world in times of need. People have tried to communicate with spirits for ages.  You can even find ghost clubs which is dedicated to searching for ghost evidence. 

Moreover, they are ghost investigators who visit houses that are haunted by ghosts and do exorcisms to get rid of them. 

Things that make people believe in ghosts and demons

Commonly, you would have heard about ghosts in photographs, or you might have experienced seeing them yourself.  Over the years many photographs have been taken where the ghost has shown in the picture.  Many people do not notice the ghost at that time but it will show up when you print the photos.

When looking at the photos,  people will try to disagree with a photo saying that it would be an attempt at recreating the picture.  And later they will find that the photo cannot be recreated. Also when seeing the prints of the photos,  people will sometimes discover a person in the photo who is no longer living.

Other than photographs, haunted houses make people believe in the existence of ghosts. Are ghosts and demons real?  If it is not then there would be no haunted houses in the world.  Across America, there are houses where experts have proven to have paranormal activities happening. 

You can find some of the most haunted places in the city and behind them that would be fascinating and frightful stories. And people would have witnessed mysterious experiences in such places.

The stories of ghosts even have a cultural background which includes nationality to religion, and they shape the way we sense the world.  The belief and non-belief of ghosts and demons depend on them. In the U.S, there are two types of ghosts, friendly and familial ghosts, who would be a family member, and the other is the haunting spirit.

A huge percent of the U.S. Population indeed believes in ghosts due to such things. 

Are ghosts and demons real? 

Let us go through some of the real-life ghost stories to find out the truth. 

The ghost of Jane Churm

The ghost of Jane Churm

On November 19, 1995, Shelton 2 Wem Town Hall in England caught on fire.  When the fire Fighters were fighting the fire,  a man called Tony O’Rahilly decided to take a few photos.  He took photos and then he noticed that in one of the pictures he took, he found a  clear image of a little girl who was standing in the fire. 

But the thing was no one on the scene noticed a girl standing in the fire,  and none of them remembered her.  But through the picture,  people say that it would be the little girl Jane Churm.   What the problem was there is no chance for her to stand in the incident because she had died in 1677 in a fire accident that destroyed many homes in the town. 

And they believe that this had to be the spirit of Jane that was seen in the photograph. To the question Are ghosts and demons real? This somewhat proves to people that it is. 

Jean Harlow House 

There is a craftsman-style house, high on the hill above Los Angeles, California which was built in 1930.  It was once the home to one of Hollywood’s biggest stars.  This house looks like a fairy tale movie set but the story inside the house is the opposite.

This is one of the places that questions ‘Are ghosts and demons real?’ 

The owners were actress Jean Harlow and her husband,  a movie producer named Paul Bern.  They got married 2 months before the tragedy happened. On September 5th, 1932, Paul Bern was found dead while standing in front of the mirror with a single gunshot that was wound to the head and a 38 caliber revolver in his hand. 

The house staff discovered the body and it was ultimately ruled a suicide by the police.  After his death, Jean moved out,  but unfortunately, she died a few years later when she was 26. 

It didn’t stop from there.  In 1963 a celebrity hairstylist named Jay Sebring bought the house and he lived there with his girlfriend Sharon Tate,  but then she left him.  They were still friends and remained. But then they both were murdered by the Charles Manson Cult. Tate was the same age as Harlow when she passed. 

When investigating, their friends of Tate told them that she was talking about creepy occurrences in the home, and even in interviews, she had mentioned them. Once she was sleeping in the bedroom alone,  she found a creepy little man and got freaked out and ran out of the room where she saw a hanging shadowy corpse with the throat slit halfway. 

Over the years two other people had died in the swimming pool.

The story of Peggy Hodgson

In the mid-1990s, Peggy Hodgson was a mother of four. She had a happy life with her children. But then things began to be worse. 

They found an invisible force that began to throw the things in the house including the toys, cutlery, and plates around the house.  The family found the objects beginning to appear and disappear right before their eyes and they found strange knocking sounds to be heard. 

Peggy Hodgson’s 12-year-old daughter became possessed by an evil spirit on several occasions.  The actions of her daughter and the strange occurrence in the house had no explanation that can be related to the world, but the only explanation they had was the encounter with ghosts.  Researchers investigated the experience of this family and claimed that the house was haunted.

Ghost of deer island 

The Deer island ghost

Deer island is the closest to the Mississippi coast and is easily visible from beaches. Nine different rare and endangered species live on the island.  

For thousands of years, humans have visited and lived on the island.  Ancient American Indians would come here to hunt, gather, and fish even long before the birth of Christ. In 1717 and 1905,  the French arrived and an amusement park was operated. 

But suddenly everything changed after Hurricane Camille which destroyed the structures of man-made and the people who were living there workforce to relocate to the mainland because the water swept over the island.  An artificial Reef for spilled to protect deer Island from erosion.

The first known appearance of the deer Island ghost goes back 100 years.  It was mentioned by Mr.Tony who is remembered as one of the Biloxi’s and the Mississippi Coast’s best spokesman. He explained the dating of the ghost time to the early 1800s. 

Two fishermen who landed on the island at night made a campfire on the sand.  They make coffee and prepare food.  But suddenly the Palmetto bushes began to create much noise and they thought it was wild hogs.  The fisherman did not pay attention to the bushes, but then they glared around and found a  skeleton standing erect without a skull.   They got completely shocked and moved back some feet.  But the headless ghost began to follow making the men stampede to the boat. 

They reached their boat and made off to the sea leaving all the equipment on the island. 

There is a back story to this Island. A pirate ship landed inside the bay of Biloxi near Deer Island.  They buried their stolen loot and started another expedition.  The leader asked who wants to guard the treasure. An inexperienced pirate said that he would without realizing the great mistake.  He died away when one of the chief lieutenants cut the man’s head off and threw his headless body. And this is the skeleton body that appears later in life to protect the buried treasure whenever it seems to be in danger. 

The science and logic of ghosts

real life ghosts

In one of the research, many participants were not sure whether they encountered a ghost and remained uncertain whether they are possible to have happened. This is because they did not see something that exactly approximated the image of a ghost, but instead, they were convinced of experiencing something mysterious, strange,  and extraordinary.

One thing is the personal experiences that say are ghosts and Demons real.  Scientific evidence is something different.  When investigating ghosts the difficulty is that there is not one definition that is universally agreed upon on what is a ghost. 

It is believed that the Spirits of the Dead for whatever reason you might have got lost on the way to the other side, while some claim that the ghost is telepathic entities that are projected into the world from the minds. 

Mental health 

The research was published highlighting that sleep deprivation, anxiety, epilepsy, and other neurological issues can give rise to the fear of ghosts in an individual.  The psychiatrist believes that paranormal activities are reported mostly by mentally ill patients possibly as a result of suffering from one of the above-mentioned issues. 

Around 30% of mental health patients are found to have reported experiencing some paranormal phenomenon at least once in their lifetime during the night. 

Personal loss 

People claim that they will often meet their late family members or beloved ones. Is it true? Did they see or hear from their deceased loved ones? 

It was observed scientifically and called wishful psychosis which is short-term madness of the mind,  during which a person does not want to accept reality and starts imagining the presence of a dead person. Loneliness, attachment, and childhood trauma can be factors that can lead individuals to believe in ghosts and Demons.  The brain creates these imaginary characters to cope with the feelings of loneliness and loss. 

Why the existence of ghosts is hard to agree with?

Are ghosts and demons real 

You might find so many unsolved murders.  If the ghost is the spirit of those who have been dead, and since they can communicate with psychic mediums the police will be able to identify with the help of the communication. So there is no logical reason to claim the existing ghosts. 

The ghost Hunters use many methods to detect the presence of the spirits. The ghost Hunters claim to be scientific cause they use High-Tech scientific equipment such as electromagnetic field detectors, infrared cameras, and sensitive microphones  But none of the equipment has ever shown the detected ghost. 

Some researchers claim that we don’t have the right technology to find and detect the spirit.  But it is believed that if the ghost exists and cannot be scientifically recorded a detected,  then it should also not be recorded in the photos, videos, audio, and other recordings.  And if there are such records then they might not be ghosts. 

Final thoughts 

From the above explanation, we can find many contradictory theories that make the mystery remain unanswering ‘are the ghosts and demons real?’  

It is people’s way of seeing ghosts and demons, and it needs hard evidence to prove both the facts of whether the ghosts exist or not. 

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