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Imagine traveling by train that would never bring you back. How do you feel? would you feel scared? This might seem like a crazy question that has no chance to happen in real life. But if you think so, then you are wrong. The lost ghost train mystery is a real incident that is said to have happened in Italy. 

Zanetti train

This article is about one of the great mysterious stories. The Zanetti train got lost. It was just like the passengers of Titanic that set off for its first and last cruise that never reached the destination.  The difference is that no one knows what happened to the train. 

Is the mystery solved? What really happened to the Zanetti train? Is it a true story? Read to know. 

The story of the lost ghost train

The Zanetti train

On July 14th, 1911, A rail company called Zanetti offered a free trial ride for the Italians from Rome. The train had luxuries and was designed with compartments and considered the latest luxuries and was built as a brand new train with the latest technology which was available during that time. 

In order to promote and advertise it, the management of Zanetti invited 104 people to run the trial.  The passengers were given a chance to travel free from the starting station to the end station and again return back to the starting station.  This was done to make the train popular among wealthy people and to earn more income through feedback and experience.

When they were traveling the passengers were fed with food and liquor and they traveled enjoying the scenic beauty of nature and having their meals and drinks.

The train had to travel through the Lombardy tunnel which is one of the longest rail tunnels constructed in that period. It stopped at every station,  and from then onwards it continued its journey.  

Zanetti train disappeared inside the tunnel

The train then entered the tunnel which was half a mile long (1km). But that was when the mystery of the lost ghost train begins. It entered the tunnel but it never came out from it.  The people at the next station were waiting for a long time for the train to arrive but had no sight of it.

People saw the train going inside the tunnel, but they never saw it coming out. And it was found that the train disappeared.  


The Zanetti company had no idea what happened to the train. They launched an investigation to track the train. Railway workers and police officers searched every square foot but found no trace of the train. 

The tunnel itself was just a long tube and there was nowhere to go but to the other side, yet there was neither a train nor any signs of a crash there. Everyone was shocked to find that an entire train disappeared without a trace. 

All the data from signal and intermediate stations were collected but found no signs. The Zanetti company failed to produce a conclusive explanation of what really happened to the train.

The two surviving passengers 

Two passengers came forward to claim that they were on the train and before the train disappeared, both of the passengers jumped off the train.  The passenger list also proved the presence of the train. 

They claimed that they saw black smoke out of nowhere and white fog. The train slowed when nearing the entrance of the tunnel, and the fog covered the train.  The two men panicked and jumped to the ground.  One of the survivors told that he heard an unclear coming sound and saw the milky white fog on the train like a wave.

He was in the third compartment and saw that the first compartment was already inside the tunnel.  And so he got scared and jumped off the train.  Meanwhile, he saw another passenger jumping off the ground.  

But then they didn’t remember anything else.  Both of them were examined by a psychiatrist,  and they found that after the incident the two passengers were struggling with sleeping troubles and stress disorders. The information they got from the passengers did not provide any evidence of where the ghost train got lost.

The absolute chiller on the missing train as it left no evidence. The thing is cases related to it were also erased. There was only local news about the lost train and its passengers with many respected locals of Italy, and they were also removed suddenly.

The officials decided to close the tunnel for rail traffic and during World war 2, the tunnel was bombarded and closed forever. 

The Twist about the lost train 

No one could come up with a sound explanation for this strange disappearance. Dozens had witnessed the train leaving the station in Rome and entering the tunnel, but nobody saw it come out.

But that was not the last time we’d hear about the mysterious train.

After the case was closed. 

The records of medieval monks from modena claim that they saw 3 car train with people.  

lost ghost train

But at the time there were only horses used as the fastest means of transport.  Railroads were not even invented.  

The passengers on the train were clean-shaven and dressed in black. This ghost train was found roaming in Germany,  Italy, and Romania. And they thought that it is the work of evil forces. Although it feels like a made-up story by the medieval monks, it was not said without proof. 

Their report was kept in the records of Casta Solea, stored by the Sadjino family. The twist is one of the survivors of the train had the name Sadjino. 

The train in Mexico

Another incident was reported in the report. The Zanetti passengers were seen in Mexico in the year 1840. The psychiatrist in the local hospital left a note saying that a group of 104 Italians was admitted in a hysterical state.

The nurse and the treating doctors were surprised and they could not make out how all the admitted persons claimed the same thing. 

They were dressed in strange clothes and said that they were traveling from Rome by Zanetti train. All the patients were behaving strangely and so the doctors and nurses did not take them seriously. 

Among them, one of the passengers had a cigarette box with a future date of 1907 in it. This was kept in the Mexican museum. But no records of the patients were found. 

The shocking thing was the train with 106 passengers out of which two passengers jumped out making the count 104 and landed up in a mentally de-arranged state in 1840 claiming that they were the passengers of the Zanetti train. 

Report of another incident

On October 29th, 1955, the train was said to have appeared in a village in Ukraine not far from Zavalichi. It was described as a  3-year-old fashion train. 

The train was seen by the signalman called Pyotr Ustimenko who described it as a moving train with no sound towards Gasfort Mountain and said that the movement of the train was not in the schedule. He saw curtains, open doors, and an empty driver’s cabin. 

Ustimenko had never seen a train like that before, but he knew it was old, definitely a pre-war model. The description he gave matched the Zanetti train.  

It’s unlikely that a signalman from a remote town in the USSR would know anything about an Italian train lost at the beginning of the 20th century.

What really happened? 

The lost train time travelled

Another interesting thing about the sighting is,  at the end of the 19th century, there was an Italian cemetery built on Gasfort Mountain near Sevastopol. There about 2,000 Italian soldiers who died during the Crimean War were buried. Later over the former cemetery, a railroad from Balaklava was constructed. 

As it was no longer used, it was then destroyed after the revolution of 1917. 

Some believe all the railroads in the world form a sort of connected web that has its own magnetic field. The trains serve as electric conductors between the earth’s natural magnetic field and the artificial one. The conflict between the two forces creates fractures in time with endless holes. 

This explanation is based on Einstein’s theory of relativity and Minkowski’s definition of distance.

These fractures are called “chronal holes.” 

Sometime before the Zanetti train left the station, there had been an earthquake where the tracks were. It’s believed the crust fracture that appeared under Lombardy Mountain, created a time anomaly at the entrance to the tunnel. 

The train became the link necessary to dig through time and space, and it fell from its time vector where it belonged and could move to other times. So, in layman’s terms, it is said to have traveled through time. 


Fortean enthusiasts who accepted this as a true story have suggested that the train and its passengers and crew experienced some sort of interdimensional travel and/or time travel. But no actual evidence exists to support the story. 

There is no known Italian railway company with the name Zanetti and most online sources found when searching for the name are specifically about the incident.

Another issue with the story is the inconsistent details. The part of the story referring to Mexico City is often set in vastly different time periods depending on the source, including as far back as 1845 rather than the 1940s.

All the eyewitnesses that have seen the missing train say that the train they saw suddenly appeared in front of them with no rail tracks and that it simply floated. There were three compartments in the parade, windows shut with curtains, and no driver in the locomotive engine. 

Was it a ghostly event, or is that train stuck in a time loop and moving back and forth in time? 

No one knows. 

No scientist came up with any clear explanation of what happened to the Zanetti train or whether it really entered into a time journey and was lost in time and the train keeps on appearing in different eras disappearing and reappearing again,

Is it a real case of time travel? or did it get stuck in any time loop? No one can claim anything without any scientific evidence supporting the conclusion about the missing train.

Rest assured that this is not something to worry about happening to you because it is just an urban legend. This got so popular that paranormal enthusiasts devoted years to finding proof of the Zanetti train’s existence. As time went on, more names and details were added to the legend. 

When looking for the rail company Zanetti, Casta Solea, the Sadjino family, or a signalman named Pyotr Ustimenko, it is said to find links to different versions of this legend.

Final thoughts

It was discovered so far that people were curious to know where the myth ended and where reality began. 

Having said that of a Zanetti railway company that built trains in Italy, there have not found any trace of. It is the same with the Ukrainian newspaper “Glory of Sevastopol”  as well as with the chairman of the commission for the study of anomalous phenomena at the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Vasily Leshchaty. 

The well-known Mexican psychiatrist, José Saxino, about Captain Borghese, the Kasta-Sole estate, and the Sadzhino family is also the same story.

Not to mention the tunnel and the medieval chronicles that were destroyed. The only certain things are that Gogol’s skull has disappeared, the atrocities of the war, and that, in many countries and at different times, there are those who see the Zanetti Rome-Milan train that disappeared during its maiden voyage on 14 July. 1911 bringing with him 104 people no one ever wanted to know about.

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