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There are so many deaths and murders happening around the world. But not all murders are solved and they still remain a mystery for years. One such mystery is the terrible story of  Franklin Floyd and Sharon marshall, which included many tortures and deaths. This story has many unexpected twists and turns and seems to be unbelievable. This is actually the story about a sick child molestor who killed the victims

Sharon Marshall is a brilliant student 

Sharon Marshall

In 1986, Sharon Marshall was living with a man called Franklin Floyd. She was studying in high school and was a brilliant student. She attended school and earned a full aerospace engineering scholarship at the Georgia Institute of Technology. In 1987, when she and Frank were living in Phoenix, Arizona, she started dating Gregory Higgs and as a result, she got pregnant. She did not inform Higgs and so they left the place before the baby was born. She gave birth to a child on April 12th, 1988 in Tampo Florida, and named him Michael Gregory Marshall. 

The disappearance of Cheryl Commesso


She ended up working as an exotic dancer in the club to earn her income, as Frank was a painter and mostly he would not go for work. In 1989, Sharon had a co-worker called Cheryl Ann Commesso.

One day both Franklin Floyd and Cheryl had a heated argument outside the club, where he accused Cheryl of reporting Sharon for misreporting her income. Floyd even caused a bruise on Cheryl’s face. She left the house with packed bags and told her relatives that she will see them in the following week. 

After this argument, no one ever heard about Cheryl again. The reason for the disappearance of Cheryl was suspected, to be Frank Floyd. In the same year, Floyd told the neighbor that he was going on a vacation but both Frank and Sharon fled to Oklahoma and changed their names.

And Floyd burnt their old trailer home. Sharon and Floyd got married in New Orleans, even though they had a huge difference in age. 

The death of Sharon Marshall

But then in 1990, Sharon was killed in a hit-and-run accident. Floyd put their 2-year-old son Michael Hughes into child care. Michale was having limited muscle control, weird behaviors, and didn’t speak much. They compared the DNA with Floyd and found that he was not Michael’s Biological father. When Floyd tried to get custody of Michael, he was denied, because 

The name Frank Delano Floyd got revealed and it was the time his criminal reports were found. 

Franklin Floyd reality revealed

In 1962, when Franklin Floyd was 19 years old he was accused of sexually molesting a 4-year-old girl in Georgia.  But within one year he escaped from the state prison. The next day he was trying to rob a bank and was arrested again. He served 10 years in prison and was released on parole. But then again he tried to kidnap a woman near the gas station and got caught again. 

Franklin Floyd

In 1974, he changed his name to Brandom Williams. He met a divorced woman called Sandy Chipman who was living with her 3 daughters and a son. They got married and within a few days, his wife was jailed for writing bad checks. She left her children under the care of Floyd.

But he gave them for adoption in different places and fled to Oklahoma City. When Sandy Chipman got released she couldn’t find anyone in the house, and so she started searching for them. She was able to find her two daughters but couldn’t find her 3rd daughter and her baby boy. 

Frank was prisoned again, and investigations were conducted. And then they realized that Sharon Marshall is one of the daughters of Sandy Chipman. Frank kidnapped her with him and her real name was Suzanne Marie Sevakis. He told everyone that he is her stepfather and he has rescued her from her unfit mother. She was made to choose exotic dancing by Floyd because then it would be easier to hide her identity as an independent contractor and it would be hard for Sharon to escape from the abusive relationship. He raised her by physically and sexually abusing her. 

The reason behind Sharon Marshall’s death 

Sharon was in the name of Tonya Dawn Hughes when she was working in the club. A stripper encouraged her to leave Floyd, by Sharon was scared to leave, because Floyd might kill her and her son if she tries to leave. But by 1990, she was 21 years old and then she got the courage to leave Floyd. But it was the time she was found dead on the side of the run. 

Kidnapping of Michael


Sharon Marshall’s son Michael was adopted by a family. So Floyd tried to kidnap Michael. He went to the school where Michael was studying and he forced the principal at a gunpoint and took Michael with him. He handcuffed the principal to a tree in a wooded area and left him. 

The truck Floyd used was found by a man with photos of physical abuse and sexual abuse of the 4-year-old Suzanne, and there were photos of a beaten body of a woman which is Cheryl and it is suspected that she was murdered in the truck owned by Floyd. 

At a point, Floyd got caught, but the boy was not found. Floyd didn’t say the location of where Michael is. But then he said that he shot Michael in the head twice. In 1995, they found a bone of a girl in Florida and it was proven to be Cheryl’s bone.

Franklin’s past days 

The reasons for these murders are still unknown but he was a sick molestor who grew up in a children’s home where he was raped and abused. He joined the army but was discharged when they realized that he was just 16. He was shot by the police in the stomach when he was trying to steal from the sears.

He got his first job at Atlanta International Airport by then he was there only for a few months as he had to leave it and go to prison for kidnapping and molesting a little girl. The son of sandy Chipman was grown up and in 2019 he recognized himself as a possible match for the missing infant and in 2020 DNA tests confirmed it.   

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