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Do aliens exist? Do you believe in aliens? Are there aliens on earth? These questions still remain unanswered because the evidence is not that strong to prove them right. Although there are sightings of flying objects that are unidentified, modern science still doesn’t have any strong proof to say that aliens exist. In the things that are heard of aliens and UFOs, 97% are fake information but the remaining 3% is still believed due to some incidents that seem to be shocking and crazy. So in this section, let’s see about aliens’ existence and the answer to the questions that are not proven yet. 

Who are Aliens?

Aliens are unexplainable but believed to be less or more advanced than life on earth. They are claimed to have a hypothetical life that has possibilities to exist outside the earth. They could be ranged from simple forms to intelligent or sapient beings. 

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This is research going on for years, and the eyewitnesses of aliens’ appearance are reported for years. This topic has always been an interest in the works of science. But there is no evidence that alien life has visited earth. But the understandings and developments of the universe support the idea due to various reasons. 

The alien’s existence is said through the UFOs ( unidentified flying objects), which are flying objects that are not identified. Many have witnessed saying that they have seen UFOs, that are more advanced and fast, and so they conclude it to be the creations of aliens. 

Are there aliens on earth? 

Many incidents report the existence of aliens on earth but only a few are proved to be true. 

October 27th, 1954 on an autumn day in Florence, the Florentina club was playing a football match against their local rivals Pistoiese. There were about 10,000 people in the stadium cheering the players. Suddenly the whole stadium went silent and the people were no longer watching the match but were looking at the sky. The players too stopped playing the game and started starring at the sky. An object like a saucer was flying in the sky slowly and everyone was shocked and astonished wondering what it is. And suddenly it disappeared from the scene. 10000 people had seen this and many described it from the viewpoint of how they saw it.

On the next day, it was published in local media and spread as news and this incident went viral. Modern science says that they might have seen a balloon or an object that would have been sent by the armed force for research. But there was no evidence for it to be. Can the 10000 people mistake the object they saw? 

Another famous incident happened in the Rendlesham forest of Suffolk which is an area for cyclists, walkers, and campers. It is 4000 acres of land and the forest was cleared for construction of RAF Woodbridge which is a former air force. And so it was used by airfield during the second world war and damaged aircraft would land at Woodbridge.

This was used and under the control of the United States airforce. In 1980, at around 3 am, a security patrol, close to the east gate saw some lights and they thought that it was an aircraft that is coming towards the land. But when they went nearby, it was actually a glowing and metallic appearance of color light. Police arrived at the scene at 4 am and said it was the light from the lighthouse. 

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Later in the morning, the servicemen saw 3 impressions of the floor which made a triangle. There were also burn marks and broken branches, but it was also opposed as it would have been animal prints. 

Later they took the reading of radiations and detected a small burst distance away. According to some they said that they saw 3 lights spotted in the sky, while some oppose it to be the lights of the lighthouse? So due to no strong evidence, they are opposed for some reasons. 

In a restricted flying space, in the US, more than 144 times, it was noted about some objects flying are hard to identify. After so many researches, a report was submitted with 5 possibilities and one of the possibilities consisted of the theory to be aliens. The report said that there might be chances of existence for something that could be beyond humans. So in each incident, they don’t exactly say the existence of aliens but reports that there are chances for such things to be present.

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