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Disclaimer: This content is to make you aware of the type of serial killers in society and the importance of giving attention to your children. 

Jeffrey Dahmer

There are many famous American serial killers, and among them, Jeffrey Dahmer belongs to be one of the top serial killers. He is known as a Cannibal and was responsible for 17 murders of boys. He got arrested in 1991 and was found that he preserved the body parts and assaulted the victims even after they were dead. He was so young when he did those murders.  Did Jeffrey Dahmer eat people? What made him do so? The timeline of Dahmer’s murders will be the most shocking ever committed in modern history. 

A person called Tracy Edwards was spotted by the Milwaukee, Wisconsin police running down the street with handcuffs.  When they investigated him,  he told the police that Dahmer threatened to kill him. Police officers took him back to his apartment of Dahmer, and there Dahmer calmly explained to them, that the matter was a misunderstanding.  But the police found a few Polaroid photos of dismembered bodies and arrested him.  They fully searched the apartment and found a lot of horrors. 

The apartment was filled with human remains.  There were several heads in the refrigerator, skulls on top, and gallons containing several bodies decomposed in chemicals. There was evidence that said that Dahmer had been eating some of his victims.

The Neighbours told the detectives that they have noticed an awful smell coming from the apartment and when asked, he use to say that it is expired meat. The forensic examination found 11 victims and later Dahmer confessed to 17 murders in all. 

Who is Jeffrey Dahmer? 

Jeffery Dahmer was born on May 21, 1960, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He was born to Lionel and Joyce Dahmer. He was a happy child and was energetic. But at the age of 4, there they did surgery to correct a double hernia and this changed the boy. He became introverted when his younger brother was born and during the moves of his family. He became a person who got disengaged, tensed, and unsociable. 

He broke down when his parents divorced. And the murderous thoughts came into action after this incident. 

Jeffrey Dahmer serial killer

He went to Ohio State University but then dropped out after one-quarter term because of his uncontrollable alcohol consumption. His father insisted Dahmer to join the Army and Dahmer enlisted in late December 1978 and was posted to Germany. His drinking problem continued and in early 1981, the Army discharged him. 

Dahmer returned home and due to an arrest for disorderly conduct made his father sent Dahmer to live with his grandmother in Wisconsin. And his drinking increased, and he was arrested for indecent exposure. In 1986, he was arrested for behaving indecently in front of two boys and received a one-year probationary sentence

Dahmer was accused of murdering 17 men between 1978 to 1991. He chose his victims carefully like men who use to travel or criminals so that when they disappear, they will be less noticed. He took them to his house promising to give them money and sex and then he used to strangle them to death. He engaged in sex with the bodies and kept the body parts and photos. 

His first murder was after graduating high school in June 1978. He picked up a hitchhiker named Steven Hicks and took him home to his parent’s house. He made the young man drunk and when Hicks tried to leave, he killed him. He dismembered the corpse and packed the body parts in plastic bags and buried them behind his parent’s home. He exhumed the remains and crushed the bones and scattered them across. 

In September 1987, he took his second victim, Steven Tuomi. They went to a hotel room and drank. When Dahmer awoke he found Tuomi dead. He had no memory of what happened the previous night and so he bought a suitcase and transported the body to his grandmother’s basement. He dismembered the body, masturbated on the corpse, and then disposed of the body. 

The grandmother got tired of his late nights and drunkenness and forced him to move out of the premises, but she never knew what her grandson was doing at the basement.

Jeffrey Dahmer apartment

Dahmer was arrested for an incident at his job, where he drugged and sexually fondled a 13-year-old boy. He was given a sentence of five years probation. But he was released two months early from the work program and moved into a Milwaukee apartment in May of 1990. 

In the year 1991, he started killing people and got attached to the idea of turning his victims into Zombies. He used many different techniques, like drilling holes in skulls and injecting boiling water or hydrochloric acid into their brains. On one occasion, a victim escaped from him and made it out on the streets asking for help. But Dahmer convinced the police saying that the young man is his intoxicated boyfriend, and the officers handed him back.

Although Jeffrey Dahmer was successful in killing his victims, he got caught because of his 18th victim, Edward. And was arrested on July 22nd, 1991. 

Did Jeffrey Dahmer eat people?

Did Jeffrey Dahmer eat people?

He is known for killing people but did Jeffrey Dahmer eat people?

Yes, he is a cannibalism, as he admitted that he ate his victims. He not only ate them but tried to make them sex zombies. He confessed to murdering 17 young men and admitted that he ate them as well. But the exact number he ate is unknown. He thought of eating half of his victims to bring the number somewhere between 10 to 15. 

His final days

During his time in prison, he wished for his own death. He read the bible and declared himself as a born-again Christian and was ready for his final judgment. He was attacked twice by his inmates, wherein in the first attack he was left with wounds, and in the second attack, on November 28th, 1994 he died on the way to hospital from severe head trauma. 

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