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Welcome to Mystery Friday. Most of you would have watched the horror movie ‘The Conjuring’. It is one of the best horror movies that haunted most of us. But the most haunting part is when realizing it is a movie based on a true story. A book was also published by the girl who lived and experienced them, but more than depending on the book, the movie was shot based on the case files of the supernatural investigators’ Ed Warren and Lorrain Warren.

They both are husband and wife and known to be the most famous paranormal experts in the United States, because of their ability to communicate with spirits and demons. And they mentioned that this story is one of the most haunted experiences they ever had.

Conjuring is a true story

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It is a farmhouse in Harrisville, Rhode Island known as an isolated place where only a few people existed. And it is found to be a 200 acre land with a large space. In the 1970s, the Perron family including Roger Perron, Carolyn, and their 5 daughters moved to the house by paying a cheap amount for the house. The Family was happy with the house and they thought it would be a good place to raise their five daughters.

Roger Perron was an atheist who doesn’t believe in the existence of deities and on the other hand Carolyn is a person with so much interest in history. They all had a good time in the house and most of the time Roger had to leave the place for his job. The family got disturbed by notorious activities taking place in the house, such as missing brooms, scraping sounds of the kettle in the kitchen, and a pile of dirt in the middle of the cleaned house. And the daughters claimed that they find spirits in the house and that they are harmless.

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Once when Carolyn was lying on the sofa and she woke up to find a circular patch in her legs caused by a sewing needle. Carolyn started researching the history of the house and found that there were 8 generations living in the house and many of them have died under horrible circumstances. And then she found about a woman called Bathsheba Sherman who is a worshipper of Satan and it is believed that she suicided in the attic at her old age. Bathsheba was married to Judson Sherman and they had a son called Herbet.L.Sherman.

It is believed by the people that they had 3 children before but no one survived after a specific age (died after the age of 7). Sheba was portrayed as a witch by many people and she was suspected when an infant died in her care and when examined it was because of the wound caused by a large sewing needle impaled in the child’s skull. And it is said that she sacrificed the infant as an offering to the devil. She died on May 25, 1885.

Andrea Perron the eldest daughter of the house said that she considered herself as the mistress of the house and disliked the mother replacing her position. Strange happenings in the house increased and so Ed and Lorrain Warren were invited to investigate. They tried communicating with the spirits in the house and conducted séance. But they realized that Carolyn was possessed by the spirit and she got mentally affected. They also said that she started speaking different languages that didn’t even exist in the world. Roger blamed the Warrens for the condition of his wife and sent them away from the house. And they were not able to leave the house because of their debts and financial instability.

But after 10 years they in 1980 they were able to move from the house. The story is believed to be true for some but still a mystery to many people, on whether the events really happened in the house or is it because of a psychological effect.

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