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Cleopatra's eggs

I watched Rawson Marshall Thurber’s star-studded action-comedy movie “Red Notice” which had arrived on Netflix. It is a movie based on the treasure hunt with Gal Gadot, Dwayne Johnson, and Ryan Reynolds as they try to steal an artifact that is something extremely valuable in the world.

This artifact is an Egyptian treasure, known as Cleopatra’s eggs which serve to set and keep the plot in motion. But the in-depth description of this Egyptian treasure has triggered the curiosity in my mind to know whether these bejeweled eggs are true. So I read many articles and did a small research to find the truth behind them. They seem to be based on some real lost treasures and here I share the exact reality I have found.  

What is Cleopatra’s egg?

The movie starts with an opening, summarizing the tragic story of Cleopatra’s eggs. Mark Antony has gifted 3 eggs adorned with jewels to the Egyptian queen Cleopatra on their wedding night. At the end of the Ptolemic Dynasty’s rule over ancient Egypt, these eggs got lost by time, after the deaths of Cleopatra and Antony. It was believed to be a myth until 1907 when a farmer dug up two eggs in Cairo.

One of the two eggs is kept in the museum of Rome and the other in a private collection but the third egg remains a mystery and so a worldwide hunt began to find it out. In the Red Notice movie, the hunt continues in the storyline giving importance to historical details. 

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Who is Cleopatra? 

Cleopatra is one of the best women in the world who was known for her beauty, intelligence, and love affairs. She got control of Egypt in 51 BC after the death of her father and initially ruled with her brother.  She was the lover of Julius Caesar and the wife of Mark Antony.

When she and Antony got defeated in the battle of Actium, she chose to suicide by encouraging the snake to bite her rather than being humiliated. She was famous for actively influencing the politics of Rome at a crucial period and she came to represent as no other woman did at that time. She had lived in a highly literate age and can never be forgotten. 

We have already written about Cleopatra and if you want, you can read it to know more information on how bold she is and her characteristics.

Are Cleopatra’s Eggs Real?

The story of Cleopatra’s eggs looks more convincing making everyone believe it’s true. Although the movie takes care of the historical details behind Cleopatra’s eggs, it is not real. It was an entirely made-up story by the film’s writer and director Rawson Marshall Thurber which even made most of the cast and crew believe it as true. One of the Red Notice producers and the president of Dwayne Jonhson’s seven bucks production Hiram Garcia revealed that Cleopatra’s eggs were fictional and it was made up for the story. 

Although the story of Antony’s gift to Cleopatra is not true, the idea is based on a few real historical mysteries. There were famous eggs in history that depicts the giant artifacts of great wealth and power.  The actual shape of the object in Red notice is not in the design of the Egyptians instead they look like the famous imperial legs or the Fabergé eggs which were produced for the Russian tsars (an emperor of Russia before 1917) in the year between 1885 and 1916. 

In 1885, Tsar Alexander III of Russia ordered Peter Carl Fabergé to create a jeweled egg as an Easter gift for his wife. The result was so pleasing and so it began as an annual tradition to create the bejeweled eggs and continued until the end of the Romanov’s three-century reign. There were a total of 50 eggs crafted with precious metals like gold, platinum, and silver, and they are displayed in the private collections.

Faberge egg Rome 05

But some of the eggs remain missing, where few were recovered and for instance, the 3rd imperial egg wish was gifted to Alexander III and his wife on easter in 1887, was built upon a stand made of a golden lion covered in sapphires. It went missing in the 1920s and was rediscovered in 2013, placed in a private collection now. 

Other than the Fabergé eggs, there are other influences on the object used in Red Notice. In the great pyramid of Khufu on the plains of Giza, there is a hidden chamber in the upper regions. Findings through mapping of the pyramid show the hidden chamber in the structure but it is impossible to discover because damages can happen if discovered to the oldest manmade structure which is considered as one of the seven wonders of the world. Maybe the hidden chamber might have Cleopatra’s eggs or her tomb, but it is only an assumption to date. 

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