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What really happened to the Bermuda Triangle Cruise? No convincing answer yet, but when people think about Bermuda, all that comes to their mind is strange disappearances forever, alien abductions, and ghostly sightings, and whenever we think of going there, we get a little nervous. 

Many ships and planes over the centuries have been reported to have mysteriously disappeared in the region. And Bermuda triangle, also known as Devil’s Triangle, has been blamed for the disappearance of thousands of people in the past decades. 

We have already talked about the unsolved mystery of the Bermuda triangle, but in this section, we will be discussing more in detail the Bermuda Triangle cruise disappearances, the theories, and what you should about before taking a cruise in the Bermuda Triangle. 

The Bermuda Triangle 

bermuda triangle storms

The Bermuda Triangle is also known as the Devil’s triangle which has been known for causing many strange disappearances and a number of wrecks over years. There are so many conspiracy theories and stories about this place, and the superstition continues and so people refuse to travel around it. 

It is an area of the Atlantic Ocean that does not necessarily have an agreed-upon boundary, but it is considered to be the area bounded by the southeastern coast of the U.S., Bermuda, and the islands of Cuba, Hispaniola, Jamaica, and Puerto Rico. It makes anywhere between 500,000 and 1.5 million square miles which are in the shape of a triangle. 

Although it cannot be accurately said how many Bermuda triangle cruises have disappeared, it is estimated that around 50 ships have gone missing. 

The disappearance of the Bermuda Triangle Cruise 

Ellen Austin

Ellen Austin was a 210 feet long ship weighing over 1,800 tons and in 1881, it was going to New York from London. Captain Bake saw an unidentified small ship traveling next to them. 

For 2 days, he tried to make contact with the boat but received no response. Then he with his crew stepped on the sailboat and found no human signs but was loaded with supplies. So he decided to bring the ship to shore along with them. He sent a paid crew to bring the ship to land. And everything was normal for two days. 

But suddenly a storm struck and the paths of both ships got separated, and it got lost. Captain Bake tried to find that ship for days but one day, he saw it sailing mysteriously again, and to his surprise, there were no humans. 

He again tried to bring it back to the land by sending the paid crew once again.  But pay too suffer the same fate.  Some people say that they have spotted the unidentified ship and a lot of locals believe that they see a pirate ship sailing through the route from London to Florida and they have heard screaming sounds from the ship. 

The urban legends say that in the year 1701,  a pirate ship was sailing through the area of the Bermuda Triangle.  A giant squid considered a mythical creature called “Garggantos” was seen.  Then the spirit of the ship started sailing through the routes of the Bermuda Triangle, and whoever stepped on the ship was consumed by the monster. 

Travelers have drowned and the  Spirit of the Pirates have warned them not to go further.  And so it is said that the ship Captain Bake saw was the pirate ship.  Many operations were taken and in the year 1822,  a ship was taken out from the wastelands of the Bermuda Triangle with 21 dead people. 

Mary Celeste

This was discovered on 4th December 1872 when the ship was found stranded on the sea days after starting its journey from New York to Genoa, Italy. Everything was fine, but the crew was missing. 

Seven crew members with Captain Benjamin Briggs, his wife, and their two-year-old daughter were in the ship with loaded raw alcohol. But after days, Mary Celeste was found by a passing British ship called Dei Gratia. It was under partial sail in the Atlantic, off the Azores Islands, the ship was with no crew abroad, and the lifeboat was also missing.

Nine of the barrels in the cargo were empty and there was a sword on the deck no trace of the people aboard the vessel or the missing lifeboat has ever been found.

Theories about this mystery of Mary Celeste also included the chances of a criminal conspiracy, alien abduction, and even an attack by a giant squid. Many thought that it was due to an undersea earthquake behind the accident, while few suggested an accidental foraying of the vessel into the Bermuda Triangle.

But why would a perfectly skilled crew on a good weather day, with their ship entirely uncompromised, abandon it and then never surface again?

Carroll A Deering

Carrol A Deering in Bermuda triangle

This is suspected to be another Bermuda triangle cruise. This was the Carroll A. Deering mystery of the 20th century. It was on January 31, 1921, when Carroll A. Deering was found on the treacherous rocks of Hatteras Diamond Shoals, North Carolina. 

After days of effort, the investigation team from Barbados reached it in the rough sea. They found a deserted ship, but the crew members, personal belongings, logbooks, ship navigational equipment, and life rafts were missing. 

During the same time period of the disappearance of Carroll A. Deering, a few other vessels also disappeared in the Bermuda triangle area but nothing could bring anyone any closer to solving this mystery. Nine vessels disappeared during this period from the same region but none of them was ever heard from again.


A cabin cruiser named witchcraft left Miami with her captain Dan Burack and his friend, Father Patrick Horgan on December 22, 1967. After reaching just one mile from offshore, the captain called the coast guard and stated that his ship had hit something, but there was no damage.

The coast guard set off immediately to help and reached witchcraft in as many as 19 minutes alone but to nothing. The area of the ship’s location was completely deserted, with no signs of any ship having been stranded or even present there previously.

This particular cruiser was virtually unsinkable, because of the numerous life-saving devices that were presented aboard, including life jackets, lifeboats, flares, distress signal devices, etc. But none of them was used, and the ship was gone. Over the next few days, The coast guard officials searched hundreds of square miles of the ocean but found nothing. The ship is gone and what remains is only the speculation that can be done assuming it to be a Bermuda triangle cruise mystery. 

What you should know when taking Bermuda Triangle Cruise?

Bermuda Triangle cruise

Deepest place

The Bermuda Triangle is one of the deepest places on earth where it is found that the ocean goes from the less deep continental shelf to an extremely deep drop-off. On average in the middle of the triangle, it has a depth of 19,000 feet below sea level and it drops off into trenches that are 27,000 feet deep. It is known for its deepest cracks found in the ocean. 

This deepness might be a reason why many ships would have gone down in the triangle and disappeared without a trace.

Frequent Rough and unexpected storms

One thing that is a bit stressful when you take the Bermuda Triangle cruise is that the area of the Bermuda Triangle is known for extremely violent and unexpected storms that can be built and vanish quickly. And so it is also called Hurricane Alley, for being a location with deadly tropical storms and hurricanes.

This is found that the clouds above the Bermuda Triangle tend to form a strange hexagonal formation and create air currents that reach up to 170 miles per hour. Although the storms exist for a short period and vanish quickly, it would still be dangerous to get caught in them, because the storms produce enormous waves destroying even the largest ships. 

The methane gas

Beneath the ocean floor, due to the decomposing sea organisms, large concentrations of methane gas have been discovered by scientists. It is thought to get collected and if one of them bursts, without a warning, the gas would surge up. 

If a ship is in the area of a break-off, the water could become less concentrated and a ship would sink and sediment the rupture could quickly cover the vessel and makes it undetectable to the human eye. 

Water Tornadoes

water tornadoes Bermuda triangle

Bermuda Triangle cruises should be alert because it is one of the stormiest places on earth with storms that form unexpectedly. And tornadoes in the water are a frequent occurrence in this area. It is a spinning column of humid air that typically forms over temperate water. 

They are associated with thunderstorms and can form on the outskirts of storms or even during relatively good weather. These water spouts are concerning indeed if you come across one on your Bermuda triangle cruise vacation. 

Compasses don’t point to magnetic north

The Bermuda triangle is one of the few places in the world where the compass does not point to magnetic north but points to true north, which is somewhere in the direction of the middle of the Northwest Territories in Canada, and the north pole is somewhere in North Greenland. 

When it comes to a compass, this is only a variance of a few degrees but when you travel in the depths of the Bermuda Triangle, it will cause the sailors to go from the intended route. This may have been the reason for so many boats to have gotten lost in the Bermuda Triangle.

No official map

In general, Maps offer great support to the boat traffic helping the boats to navigate through open Waters.

But if you want to take on the Bermuda Triangle Cruise,  you will find no actual official map of it even though you know the idea of where the triangle is located. So it would be a problem for cruise-goers as they have no accurate information about the borders of the triangle. Therefore there are possibilities for the sailors to venture inside. 

One of the reasons why there is no official map might be that the government of adjacent countries does not want to admit the triangle, due to the mysteries, myths, and stories surrounding it. 

The recent disappearance of planes

The recent disappearance of planes in Bermuda triangle

Bermuda Triangle is filled with strange disappearances of several planes and ships in the past, and it seems like a long time back.  But the truth is there are disappearances that have happened in the recent past.  It was on May 15th, 2017, a plane left Puerto Rico.  The weather was a normal sunny day and there was no sight of bad weather.  But the plane hit an altitude of 24,000  feet and got completely vanished all radio signals getting lost.

The next day some debris was found, but the passengers and pilot were never found. And no one understood why the plane went down at such a high altitude. 

The devil’s triangle

The Bermuda Triangle is also known as The Devil’s Triangle. For those who are taking a Caribbean cruise, hearing this name will give them a sense of fear. This name is given due to the disappearing ships and crew, vanishing of planes, stories of lost cities, and UFO sightings. 

Final thoughts

The Bermuda triangle cruise seems to be somewhat dangerous while listening to all those mysteries, myths, and stories. There are many conspiracy theories involved for all the strange disappearances happening in the locations. Moreover, there is no official map to exactly point the borders of the triangle. So before taking a Bermuda triangle cruise, you need to make sure to consider some of the above points. 

A number of ships and aircraft have disappeared under eerily mysterious circumstances. And there are instances where the Bermuda Triangle-bound cruise ship has promised its passengers a full refund if they disappear during a trip to that region of the northern Atlantic Ocean, but it confuses whom they will refund. 

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