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Serial killers became a common thing from the past till now, but they always give panic and horrible feelings to many of us. And such a serial killer is Alexander Spesivtsez and is still believed to be alive. He is Russia’s most evil serial killer, also a cannibal who killed and ate people. He was believed to be the most brutal and dangerous killer ever in Russia. He was recognized as the Siberian Ripper and the Novokuznetsk monster. People do not want him to be freed and wish that he would be behind the bars forever. 

Missing cases of street kids

In 1996, the Siberian city of Novokuznetsk was falling. After the recent fall of the Soviet Union, people were not benefitting from the capitalist system that was implemented. Most of the people were struggling to work and had a life of poverty. As a result, homeless kids were roaming in the streets while parents were working for long hours. They began missing and were thought they might have fallen prey to human traffickers, but their investigation failed. 

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At first, they ignored the missing cases but it became a serious issue when during the summer, women were washing their rugs in the Aba river found a human head floating in the river. Later the people started seeing decomposed arms and heads regularly washed up in the banks. And then it was found that these remains belong to children between the age of 3 to 14. They finally found that these remains were children who were raised near a school. 

They suspected that this kind of activity would have been done by some person who would have been mentally affected. So they searched for records of all nearby mental health institutions. Finally, in Oryol Special Psychiatric hospital in Russia, they found reports of a person who fit the profile perfectly.  

The past life of Alexander Spesivtsev

Alexander Spesivtsev

Alexander Spesivtsev was born on March 1st, 1970 in Novokuznetsk. He was born as an underweight infant and remained sick throughout his childhood. Therefore he faced constant bullying. His home life is also terrible because of his father who was an abusive alcoholic and he use to beat Alexander and his mother Lyudmila and his older sister. Later he left the family and went away. 

Alexander was growing sick, and aggressive. He painted the walls of his building with inappropriate words and pictures. He was aggressive to his classmate, but his mother was supporting him and never paid attention to his actions. And so he was sure, that his mother would protect him no matter what. His mother was working as a manager at school but later she was fired because she had stolen plumbing equipment. She use to bring home some photographs of corpses because he would look at them for hours. 

After he was grown up, in 1991, he met his girlfriend Evgenia Guselnikova. They had a romantic relationship but it ended up quickly. He got lost control and beat her over an argument and she said that the relationship is going to be over. He got angry, beat her hard, and locked her in the apartment. Her parents turned him over to the police finding her in serious condition. Unfortunately, the doctors were not able to save her. Her body was covered with wounds and it was hard for doctors to determine the actual cause of death. 

The Russian court found him to be mentally ill, and so he was sent for treatment in Orel’s psychiatric facility. He was diagnosed with Schizophrenia and two years later he returned home. There were no notes about his discharge and it is still believed that he is in the psychiatric facility.

He was angry at the whole world and wanted to revenge. He engaged in petty theft and sold loose cigarettes for money. 

He socialized with homeless people and discussed politics with them.  He didn’t like the democracy in the country that was implemented and he blamed the Russian people for supporting democracy.  He was angry at the victims of this system who are the homeless and unsupervised children and he thought that they need to be cleaned up. 

The series of murders


In 1996  Alexander Spesivtsev decided to start cleaning the homeless people,  where he encountered 6 boys playing in a vacant lot saying that he would pay them if they help him burglarize an apartment.  He took them into his apartment and once the boys were inside he stabbed and killed them.  He piled their bodies for 4 days in the bedroom. His mother chopped them up and loaded the pieces in a bucket. she put them in the Aba River. 

A few days later, he took two girls with a business offer to sell soap,  but he killed them and his mother help to dump their bodies.  His bloodlust was increasing and the bodies started piling up fast that the mother could not dispose of them.  So they began to cook them in soups and stews and ate them. The scraps were given to the dog. 

The number of missing children was rising and the vacant lot was not able to be identified without DNA,  because it was too expensive for most police departments.  In late September, three more girls went missing. They were in age between 13 to 15.  These girls were not homeless so the police discovered by investigating.  They found that a woman had approached the girls to take the bags and leave her.

Alexander Spesivtsev killed Nastya immediately and the other two girls were tortured for months. He chained them, raped, fed the human, and forced them to carve the corpses. He physically and morally destroyed the girls. The neighbors heard screams and groans and thought that it was him screaming due to his mental issues. 

A plumber who was working at the apartment called the police saying that he need to enter the apartment to unclog the drain, and the people living there didn’t let him in. The police went and kicked the door and saw a stench of rotten flesh, walls covered in blood, meats, and organs all over the place and the dog was chewing a human bone. 

One of the three girls was in the bathroom, laying on the blood. It was Olga. They found 80 pieces of clothes and found pictures of naked victims.   The girl was taken immediately for treatment with a broken arm and multiple wounds in the chest. She described everything that happened in the place. She said that she was made to eat her friend’s lifeless body. 


As soon as the police began kicking the door, he climbed out the window to escape. They couldn’t save Olga and so she died. They arrested the mother and three days later they arrested him.  They found his diary,  saying that he murdered 19 people, according to to the blood and clothing they believed that you have murdered 80 people.  His mother took the police to various sites showing dumped bodies.  She was found guilty and was sentenced to 15 years in prison and was released in 2008,  serving only for 13 years, and she went on to live with her daughter in a village. 

And Alexander Spesivtsev was given imprisonment.  He underwent a psychiatric examination and was sent to an asylum hospital. 

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