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Disclaimer: This content is to make you aware of the type of serial killers in society and the importance of giving attention to your children.

Can you believe that Albert Fish xray showed something astonishing and proved him to be a weird man you would have heard of? He is one of the perfect examples of inhumanity and was a serial killer who killed a number of crimes. 

Finding out about the crimes he committed full of rage and the taunting letter he sent to the families of the victims will make you wonder how a person could be so cruel. So who is this man and what was found in Albert Fish xray? What made him do the crimes? 

Keep scrolling to know more about the story of Albert Fish serial killer. 

Who is Albert fish?

Albert fish serial killer

He is one of America’s most gruesome serial killers and he was recognized as the human version of the Boogie Man. He is known by many names like the gray man, the Brooklyn Vampire, the Werewolf of Wysteria, and the Moon Maniac. He not only killed children but also ate them similar to Jeffrey Dahmer

He is claimed to have killed more than 400 victims but he was only convicted to have killed a 10-year-old Gracie Budd. After his arrest, he admitted to molesting and torturing many children and claimed that he killed them. But that was not proved and was not sure whether they were true. 

He was a gentle-looking man who appeared to be kind and trustworthy, but it was in front of the victims, that the monster inside him was revealed. He murdered for his own pleasures. It was the murder of Grace Budd that made Albert Fish face his death. 

What did Albert fish xray reveal? 

Albert fish xray

When Albert fish was arrested they found 29 needles and pins in his body between the rectum and scrotum. He took pleasure in inserting and removing them from his body. He began to insert them too far into his body. He claimed that he liked pain no matter how it occurs. 

Albert Fish story of early life

Albert Fish fully known as Hamilton Howard Albert Fish was born on May 19, 1870. He was born to Randall, 75 years old father, and Ellen, his mother who was 43 years younger than her husband.

He was the youngest of 4 children. He got tired of other children calling him Ham and Eggs when he was a child and so he took on the name Albert. 

When Albert was 5 years old, his father passed away and her mother was not able to take care of the children. So she decided to put her children in an orphanage until she find a way to support them on her own. 

It was the Orphanage that shaped Albert Fish into a gruesome man. At the orphanage, he was subjected to beatings by other boys and the staff without mercy. Instead of feeling the physical pain as suffering, Albert came to realize that the pain gave him some sort of sexual pleasure. 

Through the midway of beating, he would enjoy the pleasure, and this brought torment to the older boys. He spent four years in the orphanage and when he was nine years old, his mother got a government job and she was able to take her children back.

But it was too late for Fish, as the experience in the orphanage affected him physically and mentally.

At the age of 12, he formed a relationship with a telegraph boy. This boy introduced some disgusting practices of Urolagania and Coprophagia, which means the consumption of human waste. During the weekends he use to spend his time out the local bathing rooms watching the boys getting undressed. 

Women would place ads seeking marriage proposals, and Albert use to answer the mails with vulgar and obscene letters to them. In the past life of Albert proved that he was through a mental illness.

Albert Fish serial killer started to torture

In 1890, the 20-year-old Fish moved to New York City and there his crimes against children began. He worked there as a prostitute and it was during this time he started to molest the young boys. 

He became increasingly curious about the pain of others and he started to lure boys from their homes and torture them using his favorite weapon, a nail-studded paddle. 

His mother arranged a marriage for him. He got married to Anna Mary Hoffman who was 9 years younger than him and he fathered 6 children with her. He worked as a house painter to live a normal and respectful life. 

But he did not stop his gruesome behavior and continued to molest children. One of his male lovers took him to a wax museum and through him, Albert became obsessed with mutilation related to intercourse and this drove him to attempt fulfilling his sick fantasies. 

In 1910,  he committed his first mutilation in Wilmington, Delaware and he met and formed a sadomasochistic relationship with a young 19 years old, a man named Thomas Kedden. Albert took advantage of the young man and forced him into a relationship. 

He took the boy to an old farmhouse and there he kept him and tortured him for two weeks. By the end of two weeks, Albert tied him up and cut off his body part. He got pleasure in finding the scream of the boy and the look he gave him. 

Albert fish planned to kill the boy, cut him, and take it to his home. But the plan was spoiled. He got feared that the meat would spoil, so he poured peroxide over, handed a $10 bill, and kissed him goodbye while fleeing from the scene. After that, he never knew what happened to the boy.

The increase in his mental illness 

By 1917, he was having difficulty hiding his symptoms of severe mental illness. This made his wife leave him for another man. When he came home after work, he found out his wife was gone, his home empty and the children were depending solely on him. 

But later, Anna and her lover returned home asking for a place to stay. Albert said that she could stay but her lover to leave. But then one day Fish discovered him hiding out in the attic and Anna was sneaking food up to him. After discovering this, both Anna and her lover fled and the children never saw their mother again.

It was then his self-harm grew. He started to press more and more needles into his groin and enjoyed himself hitting with a nail-studded wooden paddle. 

He started to have hallucinations of hearing voices and claimed that he was receiving messages from the Apostle John. He began to teach his own children about the strange sadomasochist games. 

Then he started to develop an obsession with cannibalism and started to consume human flesh. He began to eat raw meat and invited his children to share.  He was evaluated by psychiatric hospitals numerous times and each time he was declared sane and released into society. 

The murders of Albert

In 1919, he began to stab young men who were handicapped or African American. He paid children to help him catch other children so he could torture them. The murders he did was not verified with actual proof, and it was his statement after his arrest claiming the hundreds of murders he did. 

By 1924,  Albert fish was suffering from full-on psychosis.  He believed the god is commanding him to torture and murder the children. 

In July 1924,  fish spotted the young Beatrice Kiel alone on the farm and thought of luring her.  But her mother noticed him and chased him off saving her girl. The same night he returned to the farm and slept in the barn but was discovered by Hans Kiel,  the father of Beatrice. 

He targeted Cyril Quinn, a young boy who he had been molesting.  He offered the boys lunch to lure the boys into his home. While waiting for lunch, the boys grabbed the bed of fish.  The mattress overturned and they were shocked to find a knife, cleaver, and handsaw. 

The boys played home in fear and the  Mission of fish consuming them failed. 

The murder of Grace Budd

Grace Budd

Albert fish found out advertisements in local papers put out by families looking for someone to perform housework, or young men looking for work themselves.  In 1928, it was through one of these advertisements, he found the young Grace Budd. 

It was not  Grace Budd the main target of Albert, but her older brother Edward Budd. The family was struggling financially and they wanted to find employment to earn some money. He answered the ad by showing up at the bud family home.  He portrayed himself as a sweet old man looking for help around his home and Bud’s family never suspected him to be a psychopath.

He introduced himself with a fake name called Frank Howard, who was a long island farmer willing to pay $15 per week for Edward Budd. The family was happy and sent Edward while Fish was planning to tie Edward up,  kill him, and consume him.

Kimat arrangements to return a week later for Edward.  He returned to the budding family and there he met little Grace. He became so captivated by her and changed his plans.  Instead of Edward, he started to target the young girl.

He made up a story about a birthday party of his niece and wanted to take Grace Budd.  The parents agreed and Grace Budd left with Albert Fish and never returned.  In search of the girl, the police arrested the superintended Charles Edward Pope and he spent 108 days in jail and was found to be not guilty of the crime against her. 

Albert Fish was caught

Grace’s parents received an anonymous letter about the disappearance of the little grace. Fish had taken Gace dressed to his house. In the letter, he had mentioned that he was hiding upstairs naked to not get the blood on his clothing,  while Grace was picking wildflowers in the yard. 

He called her inside,  and then she screamed looking at him and before she could flee, he grabbed her.  He said that he stripped her naked and she kicked, bite, and scratched him.  He choked her to death and cut her into small pieces to take the meat,  cook, and eat it.  It took him nine days to eat the entire body. 

Through the paper he used to write,  they found Albert to be responsible for the crime.  It was a piece of stationery from the New York private Chauffeur’s Benevolent Association.  The police inquired about the company and found that the paper had been left behind by a janitor from the company at a  rooming house.  In the same house lived a man,  and it was Albert fish. 

Through that, they found the kidnapper, and the fish confessed and revealed the details of what he had done to Grace Budd and the other children.  Three children were concretely proven to be his victims because the ones he targeted were disabled people and others who had no families. 

Other victims 

albert fish victims

After being arrested, he admitted to a few other killings. He met Francis McDonnell, then 9 years old. He never returned home after spending time with his friends. After a few days, they found the body hanging from a tree. 

He was dead after being assaulted and strangled. McDonnell’s friends reported seeing the man with a thick gray mustache and shaggy gray hair, and so earned the name “The Gray man”.

He also confessed to killing 4-year-old Billy Gaffney in a letter to his lawyer. Billy disappeared while playing with a neighbor in Brooklyn on February 11, 1927. The neighbor boy was a 3-year-old, described him as the Boogeyman, a slender, elderly man with gray hair and a mustache. 

The murders were gruesome similar to the murder of Grace Budd. 

His trial and execution

The trial lasted for 11 days and he was found guilty and was put to death via electrocution. It was  Fish that helped the executioner to place the electrodes on his body. After Fish was put to death, the Lawyer stated the final words of Albert.

He didn’t want to read it as it was the most filthy and he was recognized to be one of the worst killers. 

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