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Different types of hobbies, different types of interests, different types of passions, and so we all have a common habit is flipping our phones with headsets and watching our favorite YouTube channel. Sometimes we get interested and addicted to that channel, which makes us wait eagerly each week for them to post their new videos. But have you ever wondered how much would they earn, when you see them for 1 minute? Or maybe you probably think that they do it for free as their passion and for fame. But that is how they actually start, but when they start growing, they start earning.

Are you a person who loves changing your YouTube habit to earn money? Then, you are in the right place, in this section, you’ll learn how you can make money by posting your videos on YouTube

What should you focus on Youtube?

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The second most visited website in the world is YouTube. Creating a channel is not that difficult but making it successful needs more work to do. Being a creator is not that hard and you don’t need any complex devices and accessories like high-end cameras. If you have good lighting, the smartphone you use, with rich content is more than enough with few editing skills to upload your edited videos. There are some YouTubers who don’t show their faces, but still, their videos get views due to their worthy content. So to become a YouTube creator, you neither need to show your face nor any high-end devices.

Moreover, you should build your own audience, the more you focus on having a specific audience, the more you can make it reach.

The gender, age range, geographical location, and engagement time of your audience should be closely watched so that you can understand the strategy of improving it. If you have a better understanding of the audience you have, you’ll be able to work better with the brands.

How much does one video make per view?

You need 1000 subscribers with 4000 watch hours to start earning directly. Once you reach it, YouTube helps the creators to monetize the channel by applying to YouTube Partner’s program and through ads, memberships, and subscriptions. According to sources, a YouTuber makes $0.01 to $0.03 per view, and this will depend on the factors on the number of views, number of clicks, video length, ad blockers, and quality of the ad. For every 1000 ad views, the advertisers will pay a certain rate, where YouTube takes 45% and the rest is given to the creator.

How much money does one YouTube video make?


To get paid, you should at least reach a balance of $100 or more from the views, which means you need 20000 views. The number of views, and the number of Google ads displayed in their video decide the amount of money for a video. A YouTube video with 1,000,000 views can make $5000 of money on average and there are creators who make more or less depending on the quality, click rate, and other factors.

Bringing money can be done in two ways, either by cost per click or by cost per thousand views. You can earn money from every 1000 views you have and with the cost per click, you can earn based on the number of people who click the ad placed on the page or video. When displaying ads, Google will give you 68% of the revenue to display AdSense, where for example, you’ll receive $680 if your video generates $1000 from AdSense.

In what ways can you make money?

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You can not only earn by ad placements but you can earn money in other ways too.

You can earn through selling merchandise. There are so many products to sell such as coffee mugs, snapbacks, key tags, t-shirts. You can create apparel or shop for your fans to make them purchase products. Some creators who have a large fan base will create a brand and sell things. This will increase your exposure through your online brand and personality to the offline world and create a bond with your fans.

You can be an influencer and work with brands to earn money, as brands will invest more in influencer marketing by spending the large budgets of advertising on the influencers who have won a large audience. So if you negotiate with the right deals then you can get a massive opportunity in earning money. Depending on your audience demographic, content quality, profitability, and uniqueness, a better deal can be negotiated.

So start your channel, choose your audience and make your money.

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