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Youtube channel not growing

One of the absolute killer ways to make money online while building your personal brand is through YouTube. There are hundreds of people starting a YouTube channel, but at some point, most of the people feel like their Youtube channel not growing. 

You see a successful Youtuber earning a lot of money through his videos and then you might have intended to start a youtube channel on your own. But it is not that easy to do and be successful. 

If you have started a channel and you’re struggling to grow it, you might wonder, if the platform is overfilled with Youtubers and it is already late. But that is not the fact. There are many who have hundreds to thousands of subscribers and to do that,  there are a lot of things that can make it difficult to grow your channel. 

So here are a few things that you should consider to find out why your youtube channel not growing. 

Reasons for youtube channel not growing

Youtube is a small business idea, and there are all sorts of things that can hold your channel back.  Some of them mainly focus is maybe your videos aren’t ranking well on Youtube. Others can be more underlying fundamental type things that are about your content strategy and it can cause people to not really engage with your content. 

Here are a few reasons why your YouTube channel is not growing. 

Fail to retain audiences 

This simply means that you may have failed to hold audiences on your Channel. For example, if a person comes to watch a video on YouTube and feels that it is boring, he or she will get off immediately. 

On YouTube, it is the watch time that is seen when deciding if the video is worth recommending to other users.  If people spend more time on your video, The watch time increases and will lead to pushing the video top in search results. 

To get more watch time you need to focus on two things.  The first thing is the average view duration.  Your video should be at least 3 to 4 minutes.  And you should craft better thumbnails and titles. 

Make sure to give an interesting introduction because it is during the first 30 seconds hundreds of people will decide to whether continue watching or click away from the video. Remember to tease the juiciest part of your video without giving away all the details.

Also do not make long videos continuously that is going to take most of the time of your audience. Instead, make videos that are at least 5 minutes long and go over 10 minutes long if it feels natural. Just do not drag the videos without an interesting concept. 

You need to retain your viewers with the best that you can because it will make the videos get recommended to more people. 

Your videos are not valuable 

valuable videos for youtube audience

If you found that your YouTube channel is not performing well it could be because your videos are not providing enough value to your viewers. 

To be valued you have to create videos that can be both entertaining and educating at the same time.  Maybe you do not know what kind of videos you should provide to your viewers.  If so,  do not hesitate to ask your viewers for opinions about how your video can deliver more value to them. 

It is also okay to take one step back and review your YouTube content strategy. You need to be hundred percent clear on who your ideal YouTube subscribers are.  It is all the better if you can connect with them on a human level through your videos. 

You can include unique phrases, intro songs, and gestures to identify yourself to the audience.  Think about how you can include them in your videos to differentiate your channel from the rest. 

The titles don’t fulfill the videos

People come to YouTube to watch something to chill and take a break from things that are going on in their lives.  So it is important for you to provide with something for them that is worth the limited resources they spend with you. 

Therefore,  your titles should be focused on the outcomes of the videos.  Sometimes there are people who make attractive titles but in the video, it would be something else. This makes people click away from the channel. 

Find out titles that could be more likely to click. 

For example, a title that says  “Hiking with my dog” will make people click less. 

But a title that says “Tips for a safe hiking with your dog” will gain more clicks. 

This is because people will like to learn how to take their dogs safely hiking instead of just watching a video.  This also will ensure that the dog is taken hiking in a safe way. 

Therefore try to provide people with content and title that will be useful for them.

You do not know your audience

This might be another reason why your Youtube channel not growing. You get your YouTube subscribers but you do not know what type of audiences are they and what they really want from you. 

It is really important to understand who your videos are made for and create videos relevant to their interests to quickly attract new subscribers. When starting a Youtube channel, your main goal is to build an audience of subscribers who share many common interests, so you can always know what the majority of your viewers are interested in and record videos that will appeal to them.

If you understand your audience’s common interests, you will be more likely to attract even more of them as subscribers. You can go through the comment section on what they are expecting. 

Unattractive thumbnails

Creative thumbnails for youtube videos

People usually scroll down and some videos will catch up their attention creating an urge to click on the video.

It is the thumbnail that people see first and make them stop scrolling. But if you have boring thumbnails people won’t be interested in watching your video. Custom thumbnails are almost a MUST for a successful YouTube video.

Thumbnails that show a person performs better than those videos that don’t. Short shots of people always work well. It is proven that if the thumbnail shows a person looking directly into the viewer’s eyes, it will work even better.

To make your thumbnail stand out, use bright and contrasting colors, especially the color yellow in your thumbnail can get you more YouTube clicks and views. This is due to psychology. 

Work on a specific thumbnail style that is repeated in all your videos for the viewers to quickly identify the videos. This will make you look more consistent and professional. Each of them must be different, but plainly you can define colors or design standards that unify the style.

Your niche is too narrow

It is important to know and understand your audience to have a great start. But too many narrow niches can make you have limited concepts and make your audience bored in finding similar content. So the best way is to expand sometimes. 

It is not easy to reach a large audience, especially if your audience is so niched, there will not be enough people interested in watching your video.

YouTube maps out any topic imaginable into a global interests map and every time you watch a video, YouTube looks up all matching topics within its interest map and increases your personal interest counter by plus 1.

For example, if you watch a video about how to make the perfect pizza, YouTube might add you to the “cooking”, “vegan cooking”, and “pizza” audience groups. The more videos you watch within a specific category, the more videos YouTube will recommend to you from the same category. 

But if a video does not fit into any existing topic categories, it will be classified as “other” until YouTube realizes that a new topic has been created. If most of your videos fall into this category, YouTube won’t link any audience groups to your channel.

This is one of the reasons for the youtube channel not growing. 

So you need to start your YouTube channel by dipping into at least a few already-existing audiences. Try to find keywords people explore so youtube can create a lookalike audience based on your viewers. Then YouTube will organically promote your YouTube videos to similar people, even those that don’t have an audience category yet.

Your videos do not get to the point

YouTube’s most important ranking factor for videos is watch time which means the amount of time someone spends watching your videos.

For example, if your video is 20 minutes and someone watches it for 10 minutes, then your watch time was 10 minutes or 50% of your video.

A low watch time usually results in YouTube classifying your video as low-quality. As a result, these videos will not be recommended to new audiences or existing subscribers.

In a video, it is the first 60 seconds of each of your videos. So if you want to increase your watch time, you have to make sure that the first minute of your video gets to the point fast. If you make too much fluff talk or at the beginning at all costs, your audience will click away. 

Make sure to do a small video intro that is no more than 5 to 10 seconds max. Summarize what your video is about and the top three lessons within the first 10 seconds of your video for the best results.

Poor video quality

Good lighting videos to upload in Youtube

If people think that the videos don’t look as good as those of professional YouTubers. Although you have a better camera, it can due to bad lighting, your videos might feel not be of good quality. 

When you are recording in a low-light environment, you need to boost up your camera with its ISO settings which cause a lot of noise, and usually wash out colors. Record your videos with the most color-accurate, free light source available like the sunlight. 

But if there is bad weather, high outside noise, and low/high temperatures, it is best to invest in a good portable light source. 

You are not consistent

When starting a YouTube channel, you need to commit and publish at least 1 video per week. The YouTube algorithm takes into account the amount of watch time that your channel overall has gotten. 

This is why YouTubers keep getting bigger and bigger. The watch time should be gotten as soon as possible. If you stop publishing your videos often your entire channel will slow down. The first 24 hours you post your video, it gets the most views. 

After those first 24 hours, your video starts to get fewer and fewer views and will be replaced by other newer videos that are being published. If you get a lot of views in those first 24 hours, the algorithm will recommend that video for longer.

So it is important for you to keep your channel updated constantly to keep growing steadily. If you don’t publish more videos, you don’t grow. Moreover, you will start losing subscribers if you take several months between videos.

How to grow your Youtube channel faster? 

YouTube channel

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