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As of January 2nd, 2022 Starbucks had opened 34,317 stores across the world,  and over 17000  stores in the US. Everyone would have heard about Starbucks at some point in life, no matter whether they like coffee or not. But have you ever wondered why is Starbucks so popular?  It is a brand worth more than 13 billion dollars and stands far above its closest competitors.  So how did Starbucks become capable of doing so?

In 1971,  the company in  Seattle Washington had freshly roasted coffee beans and espresso-based drinks. These products had an uncertain future at that time, but Starbucks was able to become the biggest coffee chain in the world.  So what makes it unique? and why is Starbucks so popular and how does it plan to stay up at the top? 

When Starbucks was started?

In 1971,  at the local diner, a mug of black drip coffee costs a quarter. Espresso is a weird Italian drink you would have barely heard of.  Most people across the United States consumed coffee as a daily grind.  During that time, there were 3 people named Gordon Bowker, Jerry Baldwin, and Zev Siegl with little business experience, and cash became friends during their college years.  They worked together on several projects like screenplays radio broadcasts,  and documentary films but failed in them. 

When Starbucks was started?

Three of them met over lunch and had a cup of coffee and felt the taste really bad.  They spoke about how far one had to travel to find the gourmet beans.  And this conversation popped the idea of selling coffee beans. They started it with a five thousand dollar bank loan and an iconic mermaid logo. At first, Starbucks only sold roasted coffee beans and equipment to find restaurants and espresso bars.  In 1982 the number of stores was multiplied by 4.

For 14 years they did not sell coffee by the cup, but then Howard Schultz hired as a marketing director made a crucial change.  In 1983 he believed the future of coffee to be espresso-based drinks, after finding out about its success on travel to Milan. 

He came up with the idea for Starbucks to include espresso bars in the stores.  But the founders saw limited success in other stores that had espresso bars and were not convinced with the plan. But then, when Bowker sold his stakes, Schultz bought it, and under him, Starbucks grew rapidly in the following years. 

It had 46 stores in the Pacific Northwest and Midwest by 1989. In 1992, it went public and 2 years later, the brand bought a small Boston-based rival called the Coffee connection and got the right to sell the iconic Frappuccino

Starbuck story started with bad coffee, and reached thousands of stores on six continents and 74 countries, serving more than 90 million customers per week. 

Why Starbucks is so popular? 

It became one of the largest coffee chains in the world and there are many reasons why Starbucks became so popular. 


The main reason for the popularity of Starbucks it’s because of its unique specialty drinks.  For sure you will not find this specific drink in any normal shops.  They offer drinks varying with Seasons and they have special iconic drinks like pumpkin spice latte.  They also have a great marketing team to advertise their products worldwide. 

Its popularity has grown in recent years with trendy drink offerings like peppermint mocha Latte and unicorn frappuccino.  They have created an incredible line of summer drinks like iced green tea lemonade.

Focus on consumers 

A reason why is Starbucks so popular is that the company has created a culture based on consumer-focused.  So that you will find it easy to customize the order according to the consumers. They have created a line of products that fits the personality and taste depending on a variety of customers, no matter whether they are young or old. 

Starbuck store

Starbuck store

Apart from providing a good coffee, it has an array of things to offer. One can prepare coffee like them at home with the products by Starbucks. They sell many things like coffee beans, coffee cups, coffee makers, and coffee thermos to keep the customer engaged. 

The social media presence of Starbucks provides users with amazing discounts and deals on various items they sell. They take care of each customer and bring them a lot of repeat business to make them loyal customers. 

The brand Starbucks 

Starbucks has positioned its brand successfully as a luxury that almost everyone can afford. It ensures that the products are recognized as some kind of reward. It is highlighted due to its attractive decor, Italian names, and high prices. 

People enjoy and feel the taste of food and the drinks of Starbucks due to the brand and the packaging.

Third place 

Third place 

Starbucks has created an environment for people to go inside with their laptops and other devices. They are also provided with internet and are so-known as the third-place environment. People find it as a place to relax, work, hang out and use the internet. Everyone is treated equally and respectfully. 

It has created almost a hangout spot for people and for those who enjoy being around others. 

The Starbucks cups

The Starbucks cups

It is not the same as other restaurants and coffee shops when giving cups. They use Italian names for almost all the drink sizes and this is a reason why is Starbucks so popular. The cups are designed uniquely for Starbucks with a white background and green image. 

Moreover, they put your name on your Starbucks cup when you place your order and will call your name when the drink is ready. This created a huge fan base and customers feel more connected to the brand. 

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