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Think differently

We may have got advice to think differently.  Even in businesses,  innovations play a major role to beat the competitors and gain an advantage.   In order to survive in an industry, we need to have game-changing ideas and it is important to think outside the box.  Although we know the concept of thinking differently,  most of us are not aware of how to think differently. 

It is not only about thinking about ideas,  but it is about executing.  The greatest entrepreneurs of all time did not come with different ideas in the first place.  But they understood the potential of ideas and use them to bring them to practice.  So before,  executing ideas we need to learn the way to do it.

There are many people with different ideas and they think that the ideas they have may be a game-changer,  that can make them successful.  But the truth is that successful entrepreneurs,  did not focus on the process of thinking ideas,   instead, they focused and how to implement them in practice and give them life. 

In this section, you can learn some methods where are you can practically evaluate your ideas and understand which one has the potential to change the world and make you successful. 

Doug Deitz ways in the concept of think differently 

  1. Frame the challenge

As the first step,  you need to find the problem.  When thinking of executing your ideas you need to consider customer desirability.  If your customer’s disability fails,  no matter how brilliant your work is,  there will be no use for it. 

MRI scanner

Doug Dietz worked on a project of Designing the MRI machine,  by spending two and a half years.  MRI scanner is a machine that is used to take pictures inside the body without any X-rays.  It is a large hollow tube that is open at both ends.  It is a life-saving machine that was created with the help of technology. After completing the machine, Doug Dietz got an opportunity to see it installed in the hospitals. 

He said that the scanner is submitted for an international design excellence award.  He was prepared and excited to find how it works. He stepped out to see a patient getting a scan.  It was a little young girl who was tightly holding a parents’ hand.  She was looking really scared to lay and move into the machine. The girl sniffles and Doug heard the parents saying her to be brave. 

  1. Organize what you know 
kids scared

So when you find the problem, you need to analyze it and search for solutions. After researching and reviewing the materials, you need to take time to think through the challenges. The best options, the feasibility and you need room to come up with several solutions. 

Doug analyzed the solution when he saw the technicians call for an anesthesiologist and then Doug learned that the kids are scared and do not prefer to lie still for a longer time. 80% of pediatric patients are made to sleep. They postponed the scan if they are no anesthesiologists, and this worried the parents. And then Doug realized the kids were scared about the machine. 

He made conversations with pediatricians and technicians to learn the psychology of the children. After finding the problem, Doug felt a  failure to let down the patience.  he could have quit the job, or resigned.  But instead, he chose to make a change.  MRI scanner is mandatory,  and designing it completely will cost a lot. He searched for fresh perspectives with a different approach. 

He was trying to embrace new methods that would help him to make the MRI  scanner less frightening for young children. He observed and talked to the users existing products and services to understand the needs of consumers.  Continued experimenting is concepts and went through the human-centered design process with people in different roles and industries.

  1. Implement solutions with change

To do this,  you need to have a good strategy with a feasible plan to respond to the challenges and consider the consequences that can occur. Doug didn’t make any changes to the complex technology instead transformed the MRI scanner to suit the kids. He made it like an adventure story with colorful stickers. He created a script for machine operators to lead those young patients to make them feel like they go through an adventure. 

He made it like a pirate ship and the operators tells the kids that they will be sailing in the pirate ship to the other side of the room. They also made it look like a cylindrical spaceship transporting the patients. The operator encourages the children to closely listen to the moments. They had a terrifying sound “BOOM BOOM-BOOM”. 

This redesigning made the children excited to lay inside the MRI scanner and they were happy about it. So making the patient’s sleep got reduced and the hospital staffs were happy because they used fewer anesthesiologists to scan patients each day. The cost decreased with no involvement of the economy, no additional medical assistance was required. The efficiency increased with no involvement of engineering. 

  1. Keep things in perspective. 

When you have something mandatory and go through an undesired experience, it will lead to innovation. For example, there will be a huge cue to buy a movie ticket. And so now they have made it more accessible to book online. 

So you need to know that there is a difference between the way you look at things and the way your customers look at things. So you need to learn to see things from the customers’ perspective. For example, the adults and Doug Deitz saw the MRI scanner as an advancement of technology and as a lifesaver. But in the eyes of Kids, it looked horrible. So Doug’s effort of looking at the Machine from the kids’ perspective helped him to solve the problem. Moreover, instead of seeing things, start observing. 

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