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Every problem needs a solution, and it is you, who should find it. You have to find solutions for your own problems in life. If you have already found out your solutions for the problems you encounter in life or if you are going on that path, then maybe starting a small business will also be one of the solutions. So if you are really looking for one, we are here to suggest some business in recent trends and in the recent growing market.

Do not start a business depending on someone’s recommendations, instead start what you like to do, start with your passion, and carry out something that looks suitable for you. So here are a few small business ideas for you to consider. 

Small business ideas

Before looking at the businesses, first, you should understand the difference between a hobby, job, and business. A hobby is an activity that you do for pleasure, so you choose to do something that makes you feel happy and relaxed. Many use their hobby to start their career, which turns to a job when they start making money from it, and then it becomes a business where later you step out and make it run without you becoming an entrepreneur. So below are some business ideas, which are similar to your hobby. Try selecting what suits you the best. 



This is a home-based small business job that includes tracking expenses and income, payroll processing, and preparing tax returns for business clients. This needs little cash and it is easy to start. If you want to earn a little extra money and wanted to support yourself and your family then bookkeeping will be a better business.

Many businesses need a bookkeeper to avoid errors in order to avoid penalties, save time, and pay less tax. Moreover, bookkeepers can give a better analysis of the business. Therefore this job somehow has some demand in 2021. 

To start this, you need the skills to understand the difference between a cash flow projection, profit/loss statement, and balance sheet. If you have a good computer, fast internet, and some bookkeeping certifications, then you can carry this job. You can charge $22 per hour for a normal business and for large businesses you can demand $30 per hour. You can market yourself through localized Facebook ads to get your job. 

Video editor 

This is one of the top growing small businesses which has a high demand due to the increasing of youtube channels and other video channels. Overall employment of video editors is said to grow by 29 percent from 2020 to 2030 and it is much faster when compared to the other average occupations.

This is a job of editing and joining the segments of video and audio footage, VFX, music, graphics, and various others. Many businesses need a video editor because it is central to types of video production, music videos, tv shows, commercials, news, documentaries, social media, and more. 

video editor

To start this you need to be professional in final cut pro, and adobe premiere so that on average you can earn $16 to $18 per hour and if you have advanced skills, then you can charge $35 to $50 per hour. All you need is a fast computer, graphics, and an external hard drive. You need to have a strong understanding of both storytelling and aesthetics because you should see in your mind’s eye on how the final result should look like to an audience to tell the story visually. 



This is one of the favorite jobs for many people. This business mostly grows by word of mouth and it is said to have increased demand by 17 % from 2020 to 2030. But still, everyone has become a photographer now because it is a hobby and a popular profession as cameras became more affordable and consumer-friendly, and almost every smartphone has got the features of a great camera.

But that doesn’t mean that you should not go into this job. You need to have a little hard work to set yourself unique from the normal photographers.

Presently there is more demand for family photography and portraits so if this is your niche then it is easier for you to get into this quickly due to its constant demand in the changing years. Create a Facebook page and tag your recent clients, so that it will show up in their friend’s newsfeed and can ask them their reviews on your Facebook business page. 

Youtube manager 


Youtube is a growing platform and many are entering into this to earn money. So a youtube manager has a demand to manage the channel by uploading, editing, and deleting the videos while managing comments. They also need to check the analytics of the channel and edit the account information.

So if you want to be one, then you need to have a deep knowledge of the youtube studio and be detail-oriented. So start your business with a fast computer, fiber optic internet, and an external hard drive. You can earn $33 per hour if it is a small channel, or $75 if it is a big one. 

Healthy meal delivery

meal delivery

This is a profitable business and even with lower monthly sales, you can make a comfortable living. If you have a passion for cooking then this business suits you very well. This is profitable for many reasons. The top consumers of meal prep are the millennials and gen X populations, comprising 63.7% buyers and adding up to the population controlling over their monetary decisions.

And secondly, the consumers will belong to high-income families with an average income up to $80,000, so doing this will possibly make you a good earning. And to do this you should consider preparing a nutritious meal and have a food preparing certificate. 

All you need to consider is a kitchen and transportation. So that you can charge $8 to $9 for each meal so that you can make about $100 to $200 each day easily. 

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