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If you have the plan to grow your fashion business? There are a few tips and lessons you need to get from the most successful and famous shirt brands. Comparing what you are doing or planning to do in your fashion business with them can offer some ideas and approaches you might have not considered before. They can be an inspiration. 

To get a good starting point, don’t look at what these brands are doing now, instead look at how they started out. So let’s see how famous shirt brands were created and what you need to learn in order to get a successful business. 

How hard is it to create famous shirt brands? 

shirt brands popular in the world

In the past, it was so easy to do branding with a simple logo, splash of color, and with catchy tagline. But today, it is not the same, because consumers expect stories about passion, courage, and goodwill. If brands fail to meet the requirements, they will be left in the dust but those that do would be rewarded quickly with a boost in social media standing. 

There are many rewards who have found huge success using approaches before anyone knew what it was, even long before social media was born. The power of originality and passion is their continuity in success. 

How have famous shirt brands achieved success? 


In recent years, H&M has become one of the most popular shirt brands. It is a large European retailer that has specialized in fashion design and used to sell well-known brand shirts. The success of this clothing brand can be defined by where people have begun to say H&M instead of their favorite shirt brand. 

Their unique strategies have helped H&M in reaching such a prestigious position along with creative marketing strategies and a unique business model. In the past, people had to save up for months to buy fashionable clothing for special occasions. But H&M had a simple business concept to serve mostly the middle class by producing quality fashion at the best price.

H&M store to produce quality shirts

They ensured daily shipments in over 60 different markets to the company stores and this daily collection attracted customers to the stores. They started collaborating in 2004 and have even collaborated with luxury fashion houses like Versace, Karl Lagerfeld, and Balmain.

They understood fashion enthusiasts become crazy when high-end fashion met high-street prices. They made sure that there is something in store for everyone. H&M has a unique promotion strategy with advertising, sales promotion, and internet promotion, helping the brand to be exposed globally.


Burberry shirt company was founded in the year 1856. It produces and sells high-end clothing for men and women in over 600 retail locations worldwide. This brand is best known for its trench coat, designed to keep British soldiers warm in cold climates during WWII. 

It maintains its uniqueness by frequently using Roman numerals to label Burberry shirts. A one-of-a-kind collar stiffener is employed to prevent wrinkles while maintaining the collar’s shape.  for decades, the brand has defined elegance and class. But Burberry wasn’t always a high-status brand coveted by the working class and the wealthy alike.

At first, it focused on outfitting people for the outdoors. They invented the weatherproof fabric that would end up not only transforming his company but fashion. Burberry is recognized to be the biggest and most important brand in the UK.

Even though known all over the world, the iconic brand is particularly beloved in the U.K. and is often considered a British brand. Burberry’s close association with British identity is a clever marketing tactic to generate sales. 


Armani is a well-known shirt manufacturer including a collection of only men’s shirts. The Armani contains a website with recent updates, news, and stock concerns. High necklines, clean collars, and sharply cut breast pockets have long served as the standard against which all other dress shirts are judged.

Its offerings have been positioned as an Italian fashion-savvy brand that breaks the stereotypes and lead the stylish fashion industry through its trendy fashionable apparel & accessories. It uses value-based positioning strategies to position itself as a luxury brand.

The brand had over 200 stores worldwide by the end of the 1990s with annual sales of $2 billion. And now it has more than 2,000 stores around the world. Famous celebrities such as Michelle Pfeiffer and Richard Gere have often flaunted their Armani pieces. The materials range greatly and Clothes are often made from silk, cotton, wool,  cashmere, linen, viscose, and polyamide. It mixes luxurious materials such as linen, cashmere, wool, and silk with some synthetic materials such as viscose and polyester.

Even the bags display differing qualities and it is the only line that uses leather in their bags. 


Shawn Stussy, the founder of the iconic Stussy brand started as a surfboard shaper who wanted to sell some boards. In that effort, he printed t-shirts with the same signature he placed on his surfboards and made his way to his first surfboard trade show. This turned out to be a hit but it was the t-shirts that everyone wanted. 

Throughout its history, the brand has chosen to ignore marketing relying instead on the influence and recognition of its fans, both big and small. Everyone else was already promoting it for them through word of mouth. 

The initial demand drove Stussy’s signature uniqueness for his t-shirts. The ongoing demand and consistent recognition of the brand as an icon of streetwear happened because Stussy did what many other brands had yet to discover. 

Stussy found its niche in casual streetwear, consistently stood true to its brand, and never followed flashy trends. The unique signature, unique designs, and laidback attitudes of its first supporters are still rocked by the Stussy apparel. 

Stussy kept tight control over the brand’s distribution and availability. It still offers exclusive releases only available at Stussy boutiques. He supplied new products in limited batches and kept the demand growing and kept his brand outside of major retailers. The sheer size of the brand has pushed it into several large retailers. 


Versace famous shirt brand company

This is an iconic Italian fashion house and this is probably the first thing that comes to mind when people consider shirt brand names. This brand is unique because they are handcrafted in Italy using Italian fabrics and techniques. There are hand-laid collars and cuffs in every shirt rather than cheap plastic-covered buttons. 

To keep the quality of each shirt clean and tightly fitted, the shirts are washed with horsehair brushes and professionally steamed. It has been a symbol of luxury fashion, class, and refined taste. Moreover, it became famous because celebrities choose to wear Versace clothing and accessories on the red carpet and so it received worldwide recognition. 

Many innovative pieces of clothing were invented. And the origin and southern Italian heritage and many of his designs and recurring motifs were inspired by ancient Greco-Roman times and art.  The logo of the company was made with inspiration from Italy’s ancient history. 

Life is good

The Life is Good brand was started by the brothers Bert and John Jacobs in 1994 with $78 dollars. They had only 48 t-shirts that featured a stick figure named Jake. And now it is a $100 million business. Presently, the Life is Good brand can be found in over 4,500 stores in 30 countries. 

They intended to spread good vibes, and it originally kept the brothers without sinking in the years prior to Life is Good. They made the decision to not rely on traditional advertising but instead rely on other means. They increased brand awareness with the commitment to raise money for charitable purposes. 

They aligned the Life is Good brand with the conviction that exists in everyone, and it helped the brand to endlessly expand brand’s potential to do good. Life is Good donates a portion of every purchase to a cause and it made to feel that every purchase is a small badge of honor. 

Fans proudly wear the Life is Good brand as walking advertisements to their friends and family everywhere. The brand backs the cause in a way that requires all participants to rally supporters and this made anyone who didn’t know about Life is Good certainly know it now. The powerful message behind Life is Good has attracted many influencers, creating even more opportunities to amplify the brand.

How to start a successful shirt brand? 

Use a catchy tagline

The one thing that you can do is to create a differentiation factor for your brand and this can be done with a tagline or slogan. This would help the customers to connect emotionally with you. 

If you target a male audience who loves to travel, you can think of ideas to connect them, which for example, can be a link between independence and travel. Find out great taglines that are catchy and also add a different dimension to your core brand. 

This is as important as working out brand name ideas for the success of your clothing brand. Your brand name is critical for any fashion marketing strategy.

Focus on styling

Shirts usually come in a number of styles, colors, and patterns. Shirt sleeves may be short or long, capped, or yoked. Additionally, it features pockets and decorative trim. The sticker design to be placed on the shirt or packet also adds a feather to your brand. Focus on your unique style to stand out from the crowd.


styling and quality shirts

This is the most important because the quality of the product reflects the brand and there are some standards of the t-shirt industry that include proper fit and sizing, types of stitches, number of stitches per inch, and appropriate needles.

A comfortable fabric should be used comfortable and the shirt must also be loose enough to without breaking the seam. Assuring people that the shirts have been tested for durability can help increase sales. The brand must ensure prime quality to the customers to convert them from visitors to potential buyers.

Use Social Media

Social media is important in marketing their brands. But if you do not know how to use social media management effectively, there comes a problem. As a marketing tool, the best way to approach social media is to consider it as a storytelling medium. It is better to start a clothing line with the brand story.

Build a strong brand story and think of ways to tell that story on your social media channels. Every post, tweet, share, or like has to align with your brand story and should express the personality of your fashion brand in one way or the other. 

Express your clothing design ideas on your social media in the form of a story. Formulate the brand story as a series of expressive ideas and make sure that these should have the same kind of unique personality as your clothing designs.


famous shirt brands

Sales can be generated by advertising as it creates an identity for the brand and the products. You need to make sure that your brand represents the way you exactly want it to on. You can find a lot of t-shirt branding platforms available and will find heavy competition among them. 

But it is through marketing you can make other people think about you and your company, your product or your service, what your brand looks like from your logos to your color choices, and much more.

Final thoughts

Starting a t-shirt can seem complicated but you have the advantage of getting started with very low capital and building it further. You can see the famous Shirt brands and how they actually started small and are now big in the market. 

The competition level is high so building a million-dollar t-shirt empire needs an effective business plan along with incredible and unique t-shirt design ideas. It is not possible to avoid your competitors in terms of sales tactics, pricing, and design varieties. And so you can generate more innovative ideas to manufacture your own t-shirt. 

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