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Sell without selling? You may find it strange and confusing on this phrase. Nobody liked being sold to and they never appreciate the hidden motives of a business trying to sell. 

To any business, selling is critical. And if you don’t sell, your business won’t thrive and you will break. Most of the time, people don’t even know you, and all you try to do is convince them to buy your product. 

Sometimes the fact is that the item you are selling is not going to be on top of everyone’s priority list. Even if it is at the top, there is no hard way to sell them. And selling your product and services should not be a struggle. 

In this article let us see some tips to help you master how to sell without selling. 

Why Do People Hate Being Sold?

Do not just sell anything

Before we look at the tips to sell without selling, it is important to know why people hate being sold. 

The last time someone tried selling a product to you, it felt like a bad idea to buy them from the moment they started to speak. It is the same when you try to sell products to people with outdated marketing techniques. 

People do not want to be sold whatever the product is, but they look for solutions. They just browse around and if there is something they need, they consider buying them. But when a salesperson tries to get them to buy something, they get agitated and do not want another salesperson to come back to them. Therefore this idea is not going to work. 

Tips to sell without selling

Give reasons to like you

When you do social media marketing, people will not like to listen to talking about yourself. But you can make them listen. Before even you talk about yourself, you need to talk about things your audience care about. Educate them with topics you are an expert in and let them share their thoughts. If you do this, then will be willing to listen when you talk about yourself. 

If your audience is going to know that you are an expert in whatever you do, then you will be able to demonstrate your expertise and build relationships with your customers. For example, if you are a beautician, and offer tips on how you can do your skincare, like using a moisturizer for dry skin, your audience is going to like it and will appreciate you for educating them about the things they’re interested in. Also the next time, they are going to look for a beautician, they will think of you first to get more tips. 

Talk about how everyone else is using

It is common that when everyone does something, we are more likely to do it ourselves. To determine our actions, we look at the people to make sure, when everyone is buying a new iPhone, we are more likely to buy one. This is the reason why advertisers inform us that their product is the fastest-growing or the largest-selling. 

When they say this, there is no need of convincing the customers directly that it is a good product, instead, your customers will know that everyone around is using it so it must be good. It is because of the mindset that says, if everyone is doing it then it must be right because there is less chance that everyone will go wrong. 

Not everyone is like that, but the majority ninety-five percent of people look up to others to determine their actions because if we don’t like to be different we want to be like everyone else. 

So what you need to do is to talk about all the great benefits of the product. More than the benefits, you need to talk about how everyone else is using it so that it will have a stronger effect. 

The scarcity of the product 

The scarcity of the product

People want to have more of what is less available. You are going to a clothing shop and there you see a t-shirt and remember your neighbor wearing it. So you might not want to buy it because it is somewhat common. So this is why people love things that are unique. 

Simply because they are scarce, the customers will feel a sense of loss if we don’t get what’s less available. The loss has a large role in human decision-making. People seem to be more motivated by the thought of losing something than by the thought of gaining something of equal value. 

It will be easier to convince people by stating what they might lose if they do not buy a good phone, instead of saying what you would gain from it. So as people do not want to lose the good thing, they will intend to buy. 

When a customer is informed that a certain product is in short supply and say them that if they don’t get it now they will have to wait for another six months for the next stock to arrive or if you give them a particular period of time that the products are only sold, it will make your customer feel that they will lose something if it doesn’t acquire your product or service and it can significantly push him to make the purchase. 

Focus on branding

When you’re focusing on selling your product it is not branding, but it is doing sales. This is something most people don’t realize.

You need to have clarity for your brand which means you will have a clearly defined intention on what you do, why you do it, and who you do it for. You need to know, without a doubt, your mission and message and should be able to communicate that to your audience well.

It means that you have found your focus and purpose and are intentionally pursuing that with all your heart and hustle. Without intention, you will end up doing things you don’t really need to be doing instead of moving forward. 

You need to do to find more purpose and clarity for your business, and you can use your newfound focus to build your business with even more intention. 

Do not just sell anything 

Sell quality in sell without selling strategy

It is easy to have a habit of talking about what you’re selling more than why you’re selling it. But people will care about what a service can do for them, more than care about the general services that are available. When you are providing a service, think about why should your clients care about your service. If you get an answer, it will likely give you some guidance on how you can market to your clients.

Do not fall into this trap and you need to make sure that you are focusing on the “why” and talking about the transformation that clients can expect in your marketing content. 

Demonstrate a value 

In conversation, there is value. So adding incredible value is crucial. You cannot add value by coaching, teaching, mentoring, or training on how awesome someone is, but it is through asking thought-provoking questions and adding something to their world. 

Through such questions, one can reanalyze their position and think about where one wants to go. when you help them by really helping them, it makes them think that you are the logical choice to do business with. 

You need to understand the power and expertise that you will be able to bring to the table when someone wants to talk with you. They would know that you have value and can help them. 

A client’s decision point is formed when you put them in an excellent position to choose which way to move forward. If what you bring to the table is extraordinary, then you could be seen coming from a place of power. 

The more simple the decision that they can make, the faster the sale. By creating a simple decision for them, you can help your prospect which allows them to proceed. Being able to uncover the pain points and problems so they can see your solution is the best part of selling with trust and value.

People will be more than happy to invest in getting the product, programs, or service you have when they trust you and see the value you bring, It’s time to close the sale and serve the client in a clean, clear, and powerhouse way.

Spend money on influencers

When running a business, find out people who control the attention. You can pay them to promote your products now as part of your influencer marketing strategy. People will listen to someone they have been knowing through following than a business trying to sell them their product. When their trusted influencer recommends a product they will be willing to buy it. 

Hire hungry interns to work for free or for low pay to DM influencers all day and map out which influencers are underpriced and which ones aren’t. So that they will help your sales to generate and most of their followers will turn out to be your customers. 

Useful tips to guide on how to do sales 

Initiate change 

sell without selling strategy

More often sales managers become locked into a specific process, but you need to remember that the processes don’t win deals but it is the people who do it. 

Changing your sales team’s behavior is the first step to recognizing where you’re falling short. If your buyers have had a bad experience or your close rate is extremely low, you can still find ways to improve those areas. So you need to initiate a change and start training yourself and your salespeople to sell with humanity. 

Believe in your product and service

Believe in your product or service because authenticity and sincerity need to be obvious. If not,  Customers will sense and read your body language and know you could care less and just want their money. 


More than you speak to potential clients, make sure that you listen to them. Focus on asking open-ended questions and listen to their response. So you may notice, that they talk themselves into why they may need or want what you’re offering. The way only builds a rapport with clients as well as also helps them see that you’re coming from a place of service, listening can be more powerful. 

Understand the buyer’s needs

When you invest more time to understand what’s important to the buyer, you can make quick decisions. When you understand the buyers’ needs, it would be heard and understood that you have priorities for the buyers’ needs. But you might have a hard time understanding the needs of the buyer and their decisions. 

If you would be able to relate to that feeling, you can measure faster and more predictably. 

Sell quality

Give reasons to like you

Customers wanted good salesmanship to be involved in doing the right thing. So if you sell low-quality products then you are not going to fulfill their expectations. People look for things that are well-made and of good quality as well as at an affordable price. If you want to sell a similar product as your competitor but at a cheaper price, you need to show them why your product has more value than theirs.

Put customers before the sale

When you do bad, pushy sales, people get dissatisfied. Now, there are more companies to choose from and it is easy to find new places by going online you can do business. Cause there are many people out there selling what they want for cheaper prices, they don’t even have to buy from you. So you need to compete with them by giving them quality and good customer service without focusing too much on only sales. 

Final thoughts

Selling is crucial thing for a business and a salesman’s job is to sell. But customers do not like being sold and they deny sales that are forced on them. And so avoiding all those traditional sales methods, and adopting new techniques like selling without selling will help to generate more sales. 

You need to follow strategies in order to stand out in the crowd from your competitors.

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