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restaurant tricks

You enter into a restaurant, feeling relaxed and calm with dim lights and slow music. You get the delicious aroma of the food and the atmosphere soothes us into comfort. We settle and relax for the restaurant to do their work. But do you know that in everything a restaurant owner does to make you give such a comfortable and relaxing mindset, there is a restaurant trick to make you spend more?  We would have not realized it, but every single setup, even the simple things will be taken into considerations to make it a restaurant trick to make you spend more money. The menu card, lights, music, boxes, boards, and various others are there for a reason. 

So let’s take a look at how restaurants use psychology to make their customers spend more money.  

Restaurant tricks

  1. Colors 

What is the first thing you will see when you enter a restaurant? Probably it will be the color. Even before you enter, you get attracted to the style and color of the restaurant that makes you step inside. They make the customers happy, increasing the table turnover, and boosting the appetite.

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They probably use warm colors like orange, red, or yellow, where the color red increases the heart rate of the customer making them hungry and they eat quickly and leave increasing the rate of table turnover. Orange and yellow make people cheerful and happy so that people will feel less guilty for eating deserts and other unhealthy foods. Brown makes repeated customers and blue makes people thirsty. 

  1. Music

You find out music playing in the restaurant but you would not give much attention to it. But music plays an important role in making you eat more. The type of music will impact your eating speed. If it is a busy lunch that depends on turning tables quickly to make a profit they will use up-tempo tunes and keep you in your seats to sell wine or dessert in fine dining restaurants, they will use low-key music.

They use different music depending on the time of the day. A slow tempo will make the people spend more time while the upbeat restaurant music will make them eat faster and order more foods and drinks. When in an aura, loud music they will buy more drinks which costs a lot more than food items. 

  1. Lighting
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Bright and dim light will affect the speed at which people eat. The restaurants that use up-tempo tunes will use bright and aggressive lights to make you come in and out of the door faster. Fine dining will use mellow lighting to get you into a relaxed mood to spend more time at the restaurant.

  1. Reading pattern

Another restaurant trick is designing the menus. To make people eat more, they start with the menu card. When you open the menu, the first thing he sees is the top right section and then the bottom left. So they put the most expensive stuff in the top right catching your eye.

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So when you look at those most expensive dishes, you will find the other items cheaper in comparison. They don’t want us to think about spending money. If a dish costs $10.00, you’ll find it as $10 because they’ll remove the zeros so that you won’t think that you are spending more. 

  1. A friendly server

This is one of the best restaurant tricks because the best servers are the salespeople. These waiters will proactively prime you to yield to temptation. They will help you rationalize something that you already want. When they do it, you’ll just feel that the server has taken care of you very well so that you will probably spend more than you’d intended by giving an extra-big tip. 

  1. Highlighting
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Decorative boxes and boards will catch your eye and you go through the menu, there are high chances that you will look at those decorative and vivid colors. Restaurants owners will highlight the things they need you to see. They do this, by inserting a photo of the dish, a graphic or illustration, a shaded or colored box to attract the people. 

  1. Limited options

When restaurants have limited options for you, they will have a great advantage. And so this is one of the effective restaurant tricks. When they give so many options, the customers will get confused about what to select. But limited options will make them select the food quickly. Because it offers better visibility of the entire brand’s offering and it will be appealing visually. 

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