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What do you think is the right age to make money? Is it 25? Or is it 30? There are so many teenagers who have proved that age doesn’t matter to make money. So how to make money as a teen? We know that earning money as a teenager will be like a battle but you too have things to pay for, like buying your clothes, food, supporting your family, and going out with friends. Forget about the traditional way of making money, look at the present-day opportunity to make quick money. You will find unlimited possibilities. 

make money as a teen

Life gets more expensive and you might find ways to make money for your expenses. We are not going to talk about ordinary jobs but let’s focus on which will work best for you. So here are a few ideas on how to make money as a teen? 

Why do you want to make money as a teen? 

It is not only about spending on entertainment, food, and clothes. But it is an opportunity for you to save money. When you make an effort to keep up your money, over time it will be added growing your money to new heights. Although it may seem like a small amount, you might be able to turn these earnings as savings to your retirement or to fund for your educational purposes. 

How to make money as a teen?

What are the best-paying jobs for teens? Take a few minutes to find out what would suit you the best and choose the right one. 

Sell your old things


Do you have things that you never use or never wanted to use? If yes, then sell them. Because the things that you don’t find useful can be valuable for someone else. Selling is easier nowadays where you can easily post something up on social media and one of your friends or followers might buy it. It can be books, clothes, jewelry, video games, toys, and many others. 

Other than social media, you can try selling them on other platforms. Do research on eBay, Facebook marketplace, Craiglist, and any other to see how people are selling things so that you can price your product competitively. 

Create social media content

Teenagers are ruling social media, and so this is one of the best platforms to make money. It doesn’t matter whether it is Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, or TikTok, you can find various opportunities for content creators nowadays. Although there is a lot of competition here, it doesn’t mean that you should not give it a try. If you enjoy creating content then do it, so that you’ll learn new skills, and have fun. 

You can try writing, articles, post, guides, and blogs and the perfect platforms for these types of content can be LinkedIn and Facebook where you can post a whole piece, link, or a short snippet. Or you can try creating good images or videos as it increases engagement and this is easy because you can create with a camera or your smartphone and snap pictures. 

Print on t-shirts

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New trends come from time to time, and so you can print them on the t-shirts. Other than that there are sports teams and clubs. Every sport and other organization needs apparel. You can go to an athletic director and ask how much it will cost for sports equipment. Ask them how much they pay for their clothes and tell them that you will find a supplier who will do it in a cheaper way. So if they agree, then you can do it and make money. 

Become a tutor

If you are best at a certain skill, then try to take advantage of it. You can teach them to people who want it and charge them for it. This will provide a good amount of money and you will be able to gain great experiences. It can be school subjects, especially maths because a lot of people struggle to learn it, drawing, dance, instruments, and various others.

You need to find out what would suit you, and find people who need to learn that skill. You can advertise around your school, neighborhood, social media, and other online platforms. Once you start doing it, you can get into high-paying online tutoring jobs. 

Wash cars

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If you are in a residential area where everyone owns cars, then it is easy for you to make money. You can go door to door and ask the owners if they would be interested to have you clean their car. It will be a time-saving thing for them, and they would be fine with it if they haven’t had their car washed. To do this task, you can find the relevant materials around your own house. You can carry them door to door and ask people if they need your service. 

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