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When you are with an idea or at a stage to do a job, the first thing you think about is a degree. According to Census Bureau’s Current population survey, as of 2021, 37.9% of adults aged 25, held a bachelor’s degree. The main intention is to get a high-paying job. But on the other hand, people who do not have a degree have to work hard with a lot of stress to get a good-paying job. What if I say that there are low stress jobs that pay well without a degree? Sounds too good right? 

The world is full of stress and people are running around to finish their work before the clock strikes. It is just a few minutes at night you can get to relax a bit. Working hard and the amount of stress you take home doesn’t multiply your earnings. With so much stress in our lives, we need jobs that will let us live in peace without having to worry about dealing with too much responsibility. 

And so luckily, there are plenty of jobs as you expect. Certain jobs will allow you to enjoy your life without having to bear the difficulty of owning an empty wallet at the end of the month. Low stress jobs that pay well without a degree exist due to high-quality requirements, talent, and demand. 

What is it like to have a stress-free job without degree? 

Employers may need a job applicant to have some work experience with two or more years. But however finding a job without a degree is really hard, because most of the jobs are difficult, stressful, and needs a large amount of manpower. This is why people prefer to get a degree and work. 

The fact is that stress-free jobs without degrees allow you to live a peaceful life, but are not fashionable. Everyone seeks a job that gives them respect and admiration, no matter how hard and stressful the job is. When you tell your friends that you work at a huge multinational company, you are seen high. Just by saying the name of the employer, you get your respect, even if you are not proud of saying it. 

But when we look at the low stress jobs, we need to sacrifice the desire of having a prestigious job and find out options that will allow us to live a happier and low-stress life.  When you do so, it will make a living without too much hassle. 

What are exactly low stress jobs? 

A low stress job will provide employees with flexible working hours and allow them to go after their interests. Although it is hard to find low stress jobs that pay well without a degree, you can find them easily in this article. 

Low-stress and high-paying jobs will rank high in job satisfaction and have a high salary when compared to other jobs in the market. You will get to spend plenty of time engaging in your leisure activities while earning a high income. 

These jobs not only pay well but also provide a comfortable work environment. The reason that certain jobs are listed in this category is because of the supply and demand factor.   You may find many jobs that many people do not seek due to various reasons like compulsory level of experience,  exceptional talent, and high qualifications.  When a job contains much responsibility the carrier pressure will be built and you will not be able to handle them.

But the low stress high paying jobs usually have limited responsibilities and need a highly skilled individual to concentrate on just one thing at a time.  For example, a photographer will have no real stress while taking photos in the wild lands,  and on the other hand, he will feel relaxed doing it and gets paid.  But in a corporate environment, you will have to deal with deadlines in presentations to exhibit to the board of directors and impress them. 

Continue reading to find out the top low stress jobs that pay well without a degree, and lead a better life.

What are the top low stress jobs that pay well without a degree? 

Massage therapists

massage therapists

Why massage therapist job is considered to be low stress job that pays well without a degree? It is one of the jobs that have the most demand in healthcare. This job has a growth of 32.20% by 2022. Massage therapists provide treatments to clients in need of relaxation or relief from pain. 

You will enjoy flexible work schedules and will enjoy working in a relaxing environment with beautiful spas, fitness centers, or hotels. If you are self-employed, you can freelance and attend to your clients from the comfort of their homes. 

You will be able to understand the physical aspect of the human body to provide the perfect healing touch. To do this you need to complete post-secondary education in order to get the certifications to work as a licensed massage therapist. This certification will lead you to have a high-paying job, well above $75k a year and so as an annual wage you will get $47, 350, and the highest earners ger $79,150 per year. 

While enjoying a job with minimal stress, you will amass loyal clients over time to allow you to enjoy a reliable stream of income.


Many don’t find photography a good job.  Photographer’s job is to take pictures, capture videos, and create illustrations for purposes like selling products and recording memories. They do it to show the message or the story they want to convey through the images. 

Photographers can be of many types like wedding photographers, event photographers, freelance photographers, photojournalists, commercial photographers, and so on.  

To become a photographer you need to have a good sense of timing, composition, and lighting.  With all these, you will be able to capture the images you want.  This will also help you to be creative enough and come up with interesting ways of showing your subject.

It is actually and low stress job that deserves to be at the top of the list. If you think that you have the ability to see the beauty in everything, then this job suits you well. There is no need for formal education if you have the talent.  But you need to have some training in art and design.   Most of them start their career as assistants to experienced photographers. And to represent yourself in front of clients, you must have strong communication and computer skills. With the experience of working as an assistant, you can develop your own style. This is one of the high-paying jobs without a degree when it is worth considering.


Low stress jobs that pay well without a degree.

Are you good at dancing?  Then this job is for you.  Choreographers’ job is to create a new dance routine and lead rehearsal performances.  It is a fun job and stress-free because dancing makes people relaxed and happy.  So doing it as a job will definitely be enjoyable.  Choreographers usually direct the stage presentations.  Many of them start as dancers and then rise to become professional choreographers.

Another advantage of becoming a choreographer is, that they gradually take over the spotlight from actors and actresses and quickly become celebrities.  This is an exciting profession full of fun,  adventures, excitement, and money. 

You do not need to have a high degree to become a choreographer,  but there are still some choreographers who choose to complete their post-secondary education and enroll in colleges and universities to get their bachelor’s and master’s degrees in dance. 

There are many courses that work in a variety of dance styles,  and plenty of dance studios you can join to launch a carrier in the field.  This is one of the easy jobs that pay well without experience and is among the high-paying jobs. 

The average annual salary of a choreographer is $52,000 while the highest earners would get more than $101,250 per year. 

Flight attendants

One of the most important people on an airplane is the flight attendant,  while it is one of the low-stress jobs that pay well without a degree.  The job of a flight attendant is to make sure that everyone is safe and comfortable. they used to direct travelers on where to store their luggage,  clearing the doubts about the airline policies,  and how to buckle themselves when the plane is taking off and landing. 

flight attendant

Another advantage of being a flight attendant is you would get to travel the world and stay in hotels they provide.  It’s just that you get free vacations. So there is no doubt that is a stress-free job.  They will even give you meal allowances so that you can eat well while giving you a good salary.  A flight attendant who has worked with Airlines earns much as $80K. 

The job growth from 2020 to 2030  is expected to be 30%,  and in a year you will find annual average earnings of 59.05%.  This job requires helping others, so you need to have excellent communication skills for the passengers to feel easy when discussing the issues.  More than these skills,  if you have customer service experience it will be more helpful because in this job you need to provide grid services.

Having a degree for the job is not necessary,  some employers will prefer applicants to have degrees Sach Hospitality Management, or business administration so that you will be able to handle client concerns better and organize company operations respectively. 

Computer support specialist

The name of the job, computer support specialist might make you feel that you need a higher education to do this.  But it is one of the stress-free jobs where someone who provides help and information is technically a new technology for a specific organization. They need to make sure the work is running smoothly, productively, and efficiently on the technical side.

They may be responsible for training on how to use new software and provide them with necessary technical health.  There is no need for formal education to become a computer support specialist, but you need to have a firm knowledge of Software and Hardware.  Moreover, you need to have an understanding of the processes in the organization’s business. 

Computer support specialists will also require creativity because they will often be the ones,  who come up with new ways for employees to use technology at work.  This will lead to happy workers and better results for the organization. 

You need to get a lot of training on the job at the entry level but it is worth having some related experience and knowledge to apply for this job.  You need to be aware of how computers work and the major operating systems they have.  If you are having experience with networking it is better because most of your work will take place on the computer network. 

High job growth is expected in the field, and it is definitely worth looking into it if you won’t have a stress-free job with a degree.

Travel agents 

Travel agent

Have you ever wondered of becoming a travel agent?  It is one of the low stress jobs that pay well without a degree.  The role of a travel agent tips includes planning and selling transportation while giving company to the customers.  It is a fun job because the travel agents help people to plan, choose and arrange their holidays.  They work to a budget set by whoever is planning the holiday,  and provide advice and opinions on where to go and at what time to go. 

If you want to become a travel agent you need to have knowledge of travel dates, destinations, Modes of transport, the accommodations, and the cost.  It also includes selling tour packages to travel clients. 

It is not compulsory for you to have a degree to do this job.  But it is better if you have a high school diploma and good computer and communication skills.  You need to be commercially aware,  with verbal communication skills, good interpersonal skills, and numerical ability. 

Moreover, you should be fluent in foreign languages and it is better if you have personal travel experience.  The mean annual wage for a travel agent is $46,650  per year,  and the high earners get $73,360 per year.


Choosing a job from this list will give you great advantages and plenty of growth opportunities.  It won’t take you years to enter the workforce,  and most of them will not take you longer than a couple of months to get into the field.  As long as you prove that you can deliver great work,  you will be stable in your stress-free jobs. 

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